Romeo and Juliet: Konoha High school Play

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Pairings: SasuHina, NaruIno, and maybe some others

Genre: romance/comedy/drama/ some action maybe

Author note: I don't own Naruto or SasuHina. Also my first story so please don't flame me too much. Also in this story Sasuke's clan has not been murdered; and Naruto is evil in here.

Chapter 12 (final)

It had now been three months since the Romeo & Juliet play was performed, meaning it was now summer vacation for the Konoha High students. The play went on with Hinata as Juliet and Sasuke as Romeo; as Yashiro Todaiji planned. Except none of the actors nor director thought that the play would be as successful as it was.

The play was actually such success, inside and outside of Konoha, that Sasuke's fan girls quadrupled (if possible more). Even Hinata got a lot of popularity too, which was unfortunate for her because she really didn't like the idea of being the center of attention in public. Somehow Naruto got popular, but that was probably because he was substituting for that French ambassador in the play; since the guy who was supposed to be the French ambassador didn't want to dance with Hinata ever again.

But anyway, Hinata was sitting outside her front porch and beside Neji at the moment. The weather was really hot in the Summer so she was wearing a purple short sleeved shirt, light blue short pants, and was fanning herself with a fan. Hinata decided to sit next to Neji to block out any boy interviewers or fans. Of course, Neji was happy to have a chance to 'protect' her from boy interviewers and fans, but of course he still went overboard. (oh well)

But it was quiet and really hot (as said early). So Hinata flopped down on her back onto the floor, and she said out loud, "Why does Japan have to have such hot summers as these."

Neji just glanced at her and said, "Don't blame Japan blame global-warming and you using the blow dryer so long after you take a bath in the morning."

Hinata just sighed and began to fan herself to reduce the extreme heat enforced on her. While Neji was barking at the mailman… again. Then Sasuke's voice came up and said, "Either that or the heat is attracted to your hotness like all the other guys."

Hinata sat right up immediately when she heard Sasuke's voice. There he was just standing right in front of the Hyuga's porch. Sasuke was wearing a no sleeve navy blue shirt, and short white jeans; in other words Hinata thought he looked hotter then the weather (actually no but close to there). Hinata then asked blushing, "Why are y-you h-here S-S-S-Sasuke?!"

Sasuke walked right over to Hinata, soon he was right in front, and was staring down at her. Also as Sasuke slowly inched his head down to Hinata's, and all she could think was, "Eek, Sasuke! Neji is right over there!"

But then Sasuke just knocked his head softly against Hinata's head (disappointed?). Then Sasuke placed his hand onto the top of her head, and then said, "Ino and Naruto want to go on a double date with us to the movie called 'Chuck & Larry' or something."

Hinata was surprised that Sasuke was finally deciding to try to date each other. Since during the three months that the play was performed, neither Sasuke nor Hinata decided to call the shots to finally become boyfriend and girlfriend. Hinata glanced at Neji, who was staring at them at the corner of his eye, and said, "I-I don't know…"

She looked up at Sasuke, who was smiled brightly which really confused her. Then he said, "Don't worry about your bodyguard over there. He and I have finally set aside our differences and made our own club!"

Then Hinata asked hesitantly, "Wh-what kind of club?"

Sasuke smirked as Neji walked over and then stood beside him, he was also smiling. Then both of them pulled sunglasses from their back pockets in unison, and slipped them on. "The club that will do what ever it takes to keep all boys away from Hinata!"

Hinata just stared at them feeling just dumbfounded that they would make such a club! Then all of a sudden a male voice came up and said, "Hey, I have a package for Hinata Hyuga!"

They all turned around to see a boy in a with a package in his hand. All of a sudden Hinata heard chirping and when she glanced at Sasuke's hand, which had blue chakra coming out of it like lightning. Then Sasuke charged toward the boy and blasted him out into the sky. Hinata's jaw dropped as Neji patted Sasuke on the back and said, "Great job!"

Hinata then stood up, walked toward the both of them, and smacked them both her fan. "You guys are such idiots!" Hinata yelled as she continued to hit them with the fan, "Sooner or later I won't be able to any packages or fan mail!"

Hinata continued to hit them, until Yashiro's voice came up, and said laughing, "Well, aren't you all better then any movie I've directed!"

Hinata stop beating Sasuke and Neji, to turn around to see Kabuto and Yashiro standing side by side next to the tree at the front yard. Neji then glared at Kabuto and said grudgingly, "So what the h--- do you want you cheating bastard?"

Yashiro then responded angrily, "Get f--- out of here if you're going to say that to my husband!"

Neji quickly ran into the Hyuga mansion, Hinata already knew that he was kind of scared of the 'almighty' Yashiro. Hinata sighed and asked Yashiro, "So do you want some beer to drink?"

Yashiro then said cheerfully, "Beer, oh hot dog!"

Then Kabuto nudged Yashiro's shoulder with his shoulder, and she said, "I mean uh… n-no thanks."

Hinata looked at Sasuke and saw that his jaw had dropped too. So they both asked in unison, "Who are you and what did you do to Yashiro Todaiji?"

Yashiro struggled a laugh, and said patting her stomach, "Actually I'm expecting something to come out my tummy."

Sasuke quickly grabbed Hinata protectively and exclaimed, "Watch Hinata, she's going to vomit due to all the beer she drank!"

"No, you f------ idiotic a-------! I'm having a f------ baby!" Yashiro shrieked, "How in the hell did those f----- s--- fall for a f------ b----- like you, you cockatiel bastard!"

It was the first time that Hinata had ever heard Yashiro use such a colorful vocabulary. "Wait… did Yashiro say she was going to have a baby?!" Hinata thought feeling twice as stupefied as when Yashiro began cursing.

Sasuke let go of Hinata and then said slyly, "Wow, Kabuto…. You finally took advantage of Yashiro while she was drunk, huh?"

Kabuto began to turn red, and Yashiro just slapped Sasuke on the head. While Sasuke rubbed the spot that Yashiro hit, Hinata asked, "So why are you here and when is the baby coming?"

"Months, probably," Kabuto said, he was still a bit red.

Yashiro then rubbed her head, and said, "We came here to ask you guys a favor."

Sasuke made a groan, but Yashiro kept a stern face, which probably meant that it was important. Hinata gulped and said, "Okay, tell us what you want…"

"Well, I want to try to make a movie come out at the same time as when the baby is born," Yashiro said calmly, "So to make it really special I want two of my best actors staring as the main characters."

Hinata gulped and asked, "You mean us? What's the movie about?"

Yashiro smiled and said, "It's about you and Sasuke's when you two got into my play, and the adventures you guys had during and behind the scene of the Romeo and Juliet play."

Hinata then asked shocked, "Y-you made a movie a-about us?"

Yashiro nodded, Kabuto smiled, and put his hand onto Yashiro's shoulder, pulling her close to his chest. Yashiro's hand brushed across her stomach, she turned to look at Kabuto in the eyes. They stared at each other so lovingly that Hinata thought she saw roses in the background. In other words Hinata was touched at the love the couple shared. "So what are you planning on calling the movie?" Sasuke asked.

Yashiro broke her glance with Kabuto to look at the sky, as if she was deep in thought about the name. "Well… I was kind of thinking…" Yashiro said, "'The Adventures Of Two Idiots In Love' ."

"HELL NO!" Hinata and Sasuke yelled in unison.

Yashiro just laughed as Hinata thought, "Man, with or without beer Yashiro is still Yashiro!"

"Okay, then how about 'Romeo & Juliet Play: At Konoha High School?" Yashiro asked.

Hinata nodded in approval, but Sasuke just said, "Maybe…"

Yashiro smiled, grabbed Kabuto's hand, and said while they turned around, "Okay, then I'll you guys when and where the rehearsals will be!"

Hinata sighed, and then Sasuke put his hand onto her shoulder. Hinata turned to look at Sasuke, he looked her in the eyes, and then she began to blush her heart out. "So why don't we get going to our double date princess?" Sasuke asked.

"What, when did I say I was going to go?" Hinata yelled.

Sasuke then tapped his head onto Hinata's, and asked, "You want to go, right?"

Hinata sighed, Sasuke was and is her best friend so he knows her better then anyone. But Hinata knew Sasuke just as well, meaning no was not an answer unless you were Itachi. So she just turned the other way and nodded.

Sasuke then grabbed her hand and dragged her off with him. When she finally began walking with him, it was quiet… too quiet for comfort. So to break it Hinata said, "Um… You know Yashiro isn't the first person to ask me to act in someone's movie."

Sasuke stopped in front of her, and asked, "Really what kind of movies?"

"Uh… romance mostly…" Hinata said hesitantly, as she thought to herself, "Maybe I shouldn't have said that…."

Sasuke let go her hand go, turned around, and looked at Hinata sternly. "Romance as in hot guys acting in it?" Sasuke asked.

Hinata then said, "Yeah, I guess…"

She then saw the jealousy flood into Sasuke's eyes, and decided to get back at him for once for always teasing her. "Yeah, they were so good looking that I was even thinking of going out with them," Hinata teased, "Or make-out with them in the movies I was hired in, so that is good too."

Sasuke began to look really angry, which made Hinata realize that she should have dropped the subject or not have said that. All of a sudden Sasuke grabbed both of Hinata's shoulders and violently pressed her against the wall behind her. "I forbid you to ever kiss or date anyone from now on!" Sasuke yelled, "You're mine and no one else can have you, got it?!"

Hinata began to get very scared of Sasuke's sudden outburst; he began to remind her of when Naruto tried to take advantage of her. Then Sasuke's face began to zoom in on Hinata's, making her nervous and scared. "No!" Hinata screamed, as she closed her eyes, and subconsciously pushed Sasuke away.

Hinata eyes were closed until she heard a loud 'thump'. When she opened them she saw Sasuke on the ground with his bangs covering his expression. He got up, folded his arms, and turned his back at her. Hinata then tried to say, "S-Sasuke I-I-I'm s-s-sorr…,"

Sasuke intervened by saying, "Ino and Naruto are waiting for us we should hurry."

He began to walk quickly off, so Hinata had to run to catch up with him. They kept very quiet again, but this time it was really uncomfortable. Hinata knew Sasuke was upset when she got a few glimpse of his face, and began to feel extremely bad.

After five minutes of this Hinata saw Naruto right ahead of them. Naruto seemed to have seem to have seen them too, so he began to wave, and shout their names energetically. As soon Hinata and Sasuke got to where Naruto was, Naruto gave her a very tight embrace. Hinata just patted his back, and turned to Sasuke to see his reaction. Sasuke just looked the other way which really took a sting to Hinata's heart. So she pushed Naruto away, and asked, "So where is Ino?"

"She isn't here yet," Naruto said slyly, "Which means… why don't you and I ditch Sasuke, and then…"

All of a sudden a fist rammed into Naruto face, making him crashed into the wall. Hinata turned to see Ino, who was facing Naruto, and screaming, "You dirty pervert, I turn my back for ten seconds and I say this?!"

Naruto then began grovel at Ino's feet begging for her forgiveness. Hinata just stood their, and thought to herself, "Who knows what kind of power Ino has on Naruto… especially with violence…"

Ino then sighed, and Naruto and Ino walked over to Hinata and Sasuke. Sasuke then mumbled, "Is a double date really a good idea? I mean what if Naruto tries to…"

Ino smirked and said in response, "Don't worry I have it all planned out."

Hinata and Sasuke glanced at each other and then stared back at Ino. She signaled Naruto with her right hand to come closer. He did so and then Ino quickly pulled something out of her pocket. Then she tied something onto Naruto's neck, and spun him around to face Hinata and Sasuke. "I now have made it in a way Naruto can't cheat on me!" Ino exclaimed happily, as she pointed to a collar on Naruto's neck.

Hinata was on the verge of laughing out loud. "So how exactly does this help? I mean just cause you put a collar on him doesn't mean you tamed him," Sasuke said dully.

Ino lifted her index finger at Sasuke and waved it. She then used that hand to reach into her pocket and got out a remote. She pushed the button and then Naruto jolted violently, as if he had been shocked or struck by lightning. "When did I say this was a regular collar?" Ino said happily.

"A-a shock collar?" Hinata asked mortified, "Aren't those illegal?"

"For non-ninja people, not for nine-tailed demon ninja boys," Ino retorted.

Sasuke then began laughing and said, "Forget the date let's grab popcorn and watch you shock him all day!"

Naruto then whined, "No, no, no, no! I'll be good for once, Ino! So let's get the date on with!"

Ino smirked and grabbed Naruto's hand happily. Hinata tried to do the same with Sasuke but he put his hands into his pocket; he was still upset right now. Hinata frowned and knew there was only thing she could do to get back his forgiveness. "Um… Ino can we meet you at the theater I need a moment with Sasuke," Hinata said hesitantly.

Ino nodded understandingly and then dragged Naruto away with her. When they were out of sight Hinata turned to Sasuke. Sasuke's eyes widened a second but he turned away. "If you have something to say, say it already…" Sasuke mumbled, hurting Hinata internal as he kept his back turned at her.

Then Hinata walked up to Sasuke, inhaled, and said, "You can kiss me if you really want…"

Sasuke turned around instantly, and asked sounding really shocked, "Wh-wha what did you say?"

Hinata felt herself begin to turn red, but she looked straight into Sasuke's eyes. "I-I didn't mean to make you mad earlier and in truth…" Hinata said as she averted her eyes to the ground and back at him.

"…In truth I only want to kiss you and be with you so…" Hinata mumbled.

So Hinata closed her eyes, lifted her head to his, so Sasuke could kiss her. But for a couple seconds nothing happened, which really confused her. Then all of a sudden she felt two hands lift her up into the air. She opened her eyes to see that Sasuke had lifted her off the ground, and best of all Sasuke was smiling. "You know something… I'm beginning to think you really are an angel," Sasuke said happily, "Sent from heaven to me!"

Hinata's eyes widened at Sasuke's sudden warm smile. Her heart began beating like crazy, and Hinata felt like it was going to burst any moment now. So she put both her hands on Sasuke's shoulders, and kissed him on the head. When she lifted her head up to see his expression, and she clearly see he was blushing and he was surprised. She smiled and said, "Thank you, for everything!"

Sasuke smile back, pulled Hinata down, and then hugged her. Hinata hugged back happily, and felt disappointed Sasuke let her go. "We should get going," Sasuke said.

Hinata sighed and nodded. Then Sasuke grabbed her hand and then pulled her in for a kiss. Hinata then thought there were fireworks in the background as she melted into the kiss. Then when they broke apart, Sasuke said, "I've been wanting to kiss you all day, you know that?"

Hinata then asked, "Then why didn't you when I let you?"

Sasuke smirked and said, "Cause you look cute when you're surprised and stupefied!"

Hinata felt like hitting Sasuke again, but instead she said, "Why don't we race to the movie theater? Loser has to pay for everything."

Sasuke then answered, "Okay, why not?"

Hinata then pushed him away and sped off. As sped off she heard Sasuke yell, "Hey that's cheating!"

"I didn't set any rules except to win!" Hinata laughed as she continued to run, "And the early birds always gets the worm!"

It took Hinata only three minutes before she saw the theater just ahead of her. But just when she thought she was going to win, she began hearing footsteps closing in on her. Hinata turned her head around but continued top run. That's when she saw that Sasuke was catching up fast. She began to run faster but she had a feeling that big money was going to coming out of her check.

"I'm catching up to you!" Sasuke teased and then started laughing.

Hinata then felt herself slowing down, and she thought to herself, "Oh no!"

"What happens if we get into a tie?" Sasuke hollered.

Hinata kept running but said, "I guess then we'll have to split the checks some how!"

Everything was passing by so quickly she didn't know where she was going anymore. All of a sudden she felt to arms wrap around her, and she stopped running. She turned to see that the arms belonged to Sasuke. He smirked and said, "So how about that we both won!"

Hinata looked and saw that the theater was right in front of her. Which meant if she kept running there was a good probability she would have slammed into the wall. Then she turned around to look at Sasuke, who was smiling. He then said shall we get going?"

Hinata smirked and nodded in response. She turned around and hugged him tight, thanking god for letting Sasuke be her first kiss. Then Hinata and Sasuke said in unison, "I love you!"

After that the they all lived happily ever after. With Hinata and Sasuke getting together and adventure, romance, and lot's of comedy to follow them through out their lives together.

The End of Romeo and Juliet: Konoha High school Play

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