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Chapter Two

The two brothers clashed, making orange sparks fly out around them. Gaara's star shaped eyes bore into deep purple orbs, trying to strike fear into his opponent. No such luck. Kankuro pushed him backwards into the wall, creating a large dent. Gaara sprang forward, bowling his brother over only to see a wooden face that was unfamiliar to him.Huh?

A long blade suddenly shot out of its arm, narrowly missing Gaara. The later jumped back swiftly, surprised from the surprise attack. He countered by sending his sand at full speed, trapping his victim in a large glomp of it. He smirked. Once in the sand coffin, it was nearly impossible to get out.

Kankuro knew this attack all to well. Sand coffin. He relaxed, his eyes glowing eerily on the darkness. The mound of sand burst open with the puppeteer standing in the middle with a triumphant smirk. Gaara gaped, but quickly recovered from the shock and charged Kankuro. He suddenly froze.

"WH-What?!" he exclaimed.

"Puppet capture technique," Kankuro replied in monotone.

Puppet capture technique?

It is one of Cheve's attacks. She is a puppet demon.

I see…it would make sense, since Kankuro already specializes with puppets…

Gaara snapped out of his mini conversation when he noticed Kankuro was right next to him.

"To bad, little brother of Kankuro," a feminine voice dripped in poisoned honey said.

Gaara struggled, but to no avail. Kankuro's eyes suddenly turned back, and he stepped away from Gaara with a look of hurt on his face. Gaara stared at him quizzically. His brother took another step away, and then was gone with a swirl of sand. Gaara felt his limbs free, and his eyes turned back to normal.

Why…did he just leave like that?

I do not know, maybe he's gonna go destroy the village…

You sure are encouraging.

Thank you almighty host.

Gaara stretched his arm out as it felt rather stiff. A water bottle was thrust at his face, and he barely caught it. Looking up in puzzlement he found himself staring into green eyes.

"K…Kankuro?" Gaara asked, stunned.

"Yeah…are you okay?" the puppeteer.

"I am fine but…why…"

"I, that…I er…she was going to kill you."

"I know."

"I couldn't stand it so…yeah, anyway, we should go back home."

"But what about?"

"Don't tellanyone. Got that?"

Gaara nodded. Why wouldn't he want anyone to know? A light bulb went on. He himself remembered how he had been abused by the villagers for having a demon. Kankuro must be having trouble excepting that fact…

Temari practically glomped Kankuro when the two brothers returned.

"You dumbo! Aren't you supposed to be a jounin?!" she accused.

"Lay off will ya! You know I suck at dispelling Genjutsu!" Kankuro countered.

"Genjutsu? I see…"

"Man I'm exhausted. Those stupid-"

"Hey! No foul language Temari said with a finger raised.

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