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Chapter One

Seto Kaiba was about to fire everyone that worked at Kaiba Corp. because he was so stressed out and his temper was ready to cause his head to blow up and if it wasn't for Mokuba everyone would be looking for another job. "Seto why don't you get out of here for a little while and just go for a walk around the park and just relax for a while then come back and everything will be just fine."

Seto just walked out and as he left the building he couldn't believe how much better he felt and so he just started walking till he entered the Park and as he was walking around in the peace and quiet he noticed a young lady limping over on the other side of the path and as she tried to sit down she let out a small cry and then she sat down and it looked like she was holding her arm as if it were hurt. As he got nearer to the young lady he really got the strangest feeling that he knew this young lady and then she raised her head and as the hood of her sweatshirt moved he saw that it was Tea Gardner.

Seto went over to see if she needed any help and as he stood there looking down at her and she had her head hung he said "Gardner are you alright?"

Tea didn't look up but she said in a very faint voice "Not now Seto please just go away." She took a deep breath and then she let out a small sound like it hurt to breath and then he said "What the hell happened to you?"

Tea then looked up at him and he noticed that her eyes were both black and her nose had been bleeding and tears were running down her face and then he took out his cell phone and called Roland and said "Come to the east side of the park and pick me up please."

Tea then started to get up but she sat back down and then she started coughing and she coughed up some blood and then he knew from experience that she had some internal bleeding and he place his hand on her shoulder and as she flinched he whispered "It's alright, I won't hurt you I'm only going to get you some medical care so please don't move around to much."

Roland got there and as he got out of the limo he noticed that the young lady looked like she had been beaten up and he walked over and introduced himself and then he told her to put her arm around his shoulder and then he carefully picked her up and gently placed her on the back seat and then after Seto sat down Roland got behind the wheel and drove to Kaiba Corp. to the Hospital and as he carried her inside Seto went to find a doctor. Roland placed her on the gurney and as they wheeled her into the emergency room Seto and Roland sat down to wait to find out how Tea was.

The doctor came out and walked over to where Seto and Roland were and he said "The young lady that you brought in has been abused. She has two broken ribs, her arm is broken in two places and we were able to stop the internal bleeding but the worse part it all is that she's been recently been raped both vaginal and rectally and we've tested her for not only pregnancy but for sexually transmitted diseases. I am going to keep her over night and her parents need to be notified about her condition."

Seto then asked if he could see her and the doctor said "Yes, come with me and I'll take you back to where she is." Seto looked at Roland and so he went with Seto and as they entered the room Tea looked at them and she began to cry. Seto asked if he could talk to her alone and then doctor left the room. Seto walked over to the bed and then he said "Tea you need to tell me who did this to you because the doctor wants to call you parents and have them come and get you."

Tea started crying a little harder and then Roland walked over and he said "Honey please stop before you make the bleeding start again. If you don't want you parents to know then just let me know and I'll make sure that your parents don't find you till you can tell us what really happened."

Tea nodded her head and then Roland looked at Seto and he said "Stay here with her, I've got someone to call and when I get back we're going to be taking her out of here and to someplace where she'll be safe." Then Roland walked out of the room and Seto pulled up a chair and he sat down and he reached for her hand and Tea placed her hand in his and they sat there holding hands not saying one word.

Roland came back and Solomon and a man he never seen before and Roland said "Tea we're getting you the hell out of here and someplace where your parents can't find you till we can get this all straightened out so please place your arm around my shoulder again and lets get out of here." He made sure that they took her IV with them knowing that when they got her to where they were going they would make sure that she got medical care and she would get all the care she really needs.

Roland carried her out of the room and as he placed her onto the wheelchair and started pushing her towards the elevator Solomon and the other man followed them and as the door opened and they were in the parking garage of the hospital and Roland pushed her to a strange looking car and then as the stranger opened the door and Roland picked up Tea he said "This is my younger brother and he along with Solomon are going to take good care of you and if you want to tell us what happened they will contact me and Seto and I will come and we can talk." Then he gently put her on the back seat and as Solomon got in on the other side and Roland's brother got behind the wheel Roland said "Take damn good care of her and make sure that no one ever touches her ever again." The stranger shook hands with Roland and then he said "Yes big brother." And they both started to laugh and then Roland and Seto went to the limo and back to Kaiba Corp.

As Roland was driving Seto asked "Is she going to be alright?"

Roland then said "Son, my brother will guard her with his very life if he has to. Yes she'll be just fine." Then Roland drove back to Kaiba Corp and Seto went back to his Office and Roland promised to keep him updated as to how Tea was doing.

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