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Chapter Twelve

At the party Mai, Serenity and Ishizu all were talking to Tea about what she would love her wedding gown to look like and as Tea said "I would love it to resemble the gowns that woman wore in the Victorian Era, you know with the empire bust line with the dress flowing to the floor. I want it to have some embroidery on the cuffs of the sleeves and I'd love for it to be a soft egg shell color."

Mai's eyes lit up and she said "I know just the gown you've described, I saw it in a window of a bridal shop when Valon and I was in New York a year ago and I know a lady here in Domino who can make that exact dress for a third of the cost."

Tea's eyes filled with tears as she heard what Mai had said and she asked "Would this woman have the time to make such a beautiful gown for me?"

Ishizu smiled at Serenity and then she said to Tea "Oh I think she can do it for you."

Tea looked from Mai to Ishizu and then to Serenity and back again and she said "Alright what's the punch line?"

Serenity smiled and she said "Tea, Mai is a fashion designer and she can do miracles with less notice then she had now."

Tea looked at Mai and she said "I guess I've been out of the loop for to long, I'm sorry that I didn't know that you design clothes."

Mai hugged Tea and she said "Hey, don't worry what I need from you are your measurements and then I'll sketch what you said you wanted your gown to look like and in about two weeks I'll have it done and I'll have you come over and you can try it on so I can see if I have to do any alterations."

Seto was trying to listen to what Joey was saying, but all he saw Tea grab Mai and then she let out a small happy yelp and he smiled because she was really enjoying herself. And that's all he really wanted for her.

"Hey, Seto did you hear a word I just said?" Joey asked him.

Seto looked at Joey and he said "I apologize but my minds somewhere else right now."

Joey laughed out loud as he saw who Seto was looking at and he said "She's come such a long way, hasn't she?"

Seto looked back at Joey and he said "She really has and I love her more and more each day."

After everyone had gone home and the staff was cleaning up Seto took Tea by the hand and they went outside and he pulled her into his arms and he asked her "Did you enjoy yourself today?"

Tea tiptoed up and kissed him on the lips and as she ran her tongue along his lips he opened his mouth and their tongues started playing tongue hockey and when they had to break off the kiss to get a breath of air, she said "Does that answer your question?"

Seto smiled down at her with an impish grin and she squealed and took off running with him on her heels. Roland clicked his fingers and Helga and Mokuba went over to where he stood and they all smiled and even giggled as they watched both Seto and Tea acting like teenagers and the love that was around them was so pure and it brought tears to their eyes. Mokie said "It's good to see Seto laugh again and I love to hear Tea's laughter too."

Helga put her arm around Mokuba's shoulder and she said "I agree with you my little imp; it's good to see both of them really laugh." Then she grabbed Mokie and gave him a big kiss and he yelled "Roland help me, she's going to smother me with kisses."

Roland laughed out loud and Mokuba got away and ran to his room. As he and Helga stood there watching both Seto and Tea she said "They both really are soul mates as well as lovers aren't they?"

Roland pulled her into his arms as he kissed her cheek and he said "Yes they really are, almost like us." She giggled and then she smacked him with the dish towel she was holding and she said "Alright get back to work and leave them alone."

He laughed as he went to help one of the men dismantle the big tables as Helga looked outside one more time and then she closed her eyes and whispered "She's going to be alright and it's all because of your love for your daughter, you raised her with love and it shows."

As they walked inside Seto asked her "What were you and the other ladies talking about?"

Tea smiled at him and then she said "Mai is a dress designer and she's going to design a wedding gown for me and I couldn't believe that my dreams are coming true."

Seto held her and then he said "Our dreams are coming true and I can hardly wait to make you my wife." He kissed her and she ran up the stairs to her room and as she closed the door she smiled and spun around in circles and she whispered "Mommy I'm getting married in a few days and I wish you could be here with me but I know that you'll be standing beside me and you'll be happy for us."

Today Mai called and needed Tea to come and try on the gown to see if she'll have to do any alterations. As Tea first put on the gown and she looked into the full length mirror and she couldn't believe how she looked so beautiful in the gown and as tears ran down her face she walked out and Mai smiled at her and she said "It's perfect the way it is, you look like a princess standing there in that gown."

So as Tea and Mai sat there talking Tea said "We're going to be married in the back yard and there is a gazebo and that's where we'll be married at."

Mai then said "Why don't I keep the gown here till just before the wedding and that way Seto won't see you till you walk down the aisle." Tea smiled and said "Thanks for all that you've done and how much do I owe you for the gown?"

Mai smiled and then she kissed Tea on the cheek and she said "I want to give you that gown for a wedding present."

As the landscaping men were getting the back yard in order and they repainted the gazebo and then the florist came and they decorated the gazebo with white carnations because they were Tea and her mom's favorite flowers. Then they erected the giant tent over the area where all the guests would be sitting and Helga and her staff along with Tea's help had fixed all the food for the reception and when all of this was ready, tomorrow was the day of the wedding.

As both Seto and Tea woke up and stretched they both smiled because they knew that today they would finally be joined together in a marriage that was destined to happen from the first. So they each got up and showered and dressed and as they both left their rooms to go down to breakfast Seto stopped at her room and as she came out he smiled down at her and he kissed her good morning and they joined hands and went to the kitchen to enjoy another meal with their family.

Finally it was time for both of them to get ready for their wedding and as Roland answered the knock he smiled as he saw Mai standing there and she said "I have the bride's gown." He smiled at her and then he said top of the stairs third door to your right."

Mai then knocked on Tea's door and as she opened the door she squealed as she found Mai standing there with her gown in a zippered bag and as Mai said "Let's get you ready for your big day."

With Mai's help Tea was dressed in her dream gown and as Mai was fixing her hair she said "I'm so happy because today I'm going to marry the one man who really loves me."

Mai stood behind her and then she kissed her cheek and she said "You have finally found the one man that you love and I'm still looking but I don't think I'll ever find someone who can put up with me." Tea smiled at her in the mirror and then she said "Hey, I use to think that after the rapes but there he stood and he held me as I cried and he didn't go away when things got really dark for me, so don't ever give up hope."

Soon all the guests all arrived and as they all sat waiting for the wedding to start they all visited with each other and then finally the wedding march began and as they all stood up they saw Roland with Tea beside him as they walked down the aisle to the gazebo where Seto and the Minister was standing.

As Roland entered the room where Tea was waiting he smiled down at her and he softly said "You are so beautiful in that gown and I know that your mom is smiling down on you this very minute. She smiled and then she kissed his cheek and whispered "Thank you." Then they heard the music start and he offered her his arm and they started walking down the aisle.

Seto stood there with Mokuba as his best man and then he saw her, a vision in that beautiful gown and his heart filled with so much love and tears filled his eyes and she looked at him. Roland placed her hand in his as the Minister said "Who gives this woman to this man?" Roland stood behind her as he said "I do."

The Minister stood in front of the Wedding Party and he said "We are here today witness the joining of two people in Holy Matrimony. Each of them has written their vows and now I am going to ask each of them to recite their vows, Tea will you please say your vows.

Tea's Vows:

As I stand here beside the man that I'm going to marry in the presence of our friends, family and the Lord, I still can't believe that after all the things that happened to me that anyone could ever love me let alone want to marry me. I was in a dark place then a door opened and in you walked and you showed me how beautiful the world really could be and it's because of your love your understanding, your strength and your beliefs in God, you brought light back into my life and I will love you forever and ever till our days on earth are through. I Tea Marie Gardner take you Seto Eugene Kaiba as my wedded husband, to honor, love and support you as we grow old together. This I vow to you.

Now I will ask Seto to say his vows.

Seto's Vows:

When you first came into my life I didn't know if I believed in love but when I saw your beautiful face and how strong you really was I started believing that just maybe you could grow to love me. I gave you my love, my strength and we found out just how the love of God could come into our lives and bring sunshine and happiness. I will love you till our days on this earth are through. I Seto Eugene Kaiba take you Tea Marie Gardner as my wedded wife, to honor, love and support you as we grow old together. This I vow to you.

Then the Minister asked for the rings and as Tea and Seto recited the words and placed the rings on each other's fingers he pronounced them man and wife and he said to Seto "You can now kiss your bride." Seto kissed Tea and their friends and families started cheering and shouting that they all loved them so very much. Then Seto and Tea turned to face their guests and families and they led them into the Manor to where the reception was to be held.

As they all sat down at the tables that were in the large room, everyone stood and they all toasted the happy couple and then Helga tapped glass and said "It's time for the happy couple to dance the first dance as a married couple. Seto took Tea's hand and as the music started Seto took his wife in his arms and they danced together.

Only You (And You Alone)

Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright.
Only you and you alone
can thrill me like you do
and fill my heart with love for only you.

Only you can make this change in me,
for it's true, you are my destiny.
When you hold my hand,
I understand the magic that you do.

You're my dream come true,
my one and only you.

Only you can make this change in me,
for it's true, you are my destiny.
When you hold my hand,
I understand the magic that you do.

You're my dream come true,
my one and only you.

After the reception Seto and Tea were on their way to Hawaii for their honeymoon and when they got back they would begin their lives together and they would be together till the end of time...


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