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I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who continue to read/review/ favorite this story! I haven't been writing as much as I used to, mostly because I'm in college right now with a Creative Writing major and a Psychology minor - which is a whole ton of work! I haven't been able to write a lot of fanfiction since my workshop classes require a lot writing - as I'm sure you can imagine. Right now I'm working on a memoir piece for my Creative Nonfiction class, but I'm almost done with that and will have a little more time on my hands. I hope to use that time to continue on with my Ocean's Fanfictions. Yes, I have started a sequel. Here is just a taste of the prologue, and I hope I get to hear more from all of you very soon!

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This is a excerpt from the prologue of Inheritance, a sequel to Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Vindication. Enjoy!

Lily paused, brushing some dust off her shoulder. She had to use her whole palm to remove the blemish, applying a good amount of force to rub away the set-in powder. The dress had been sitting in the back of her closet for some time, waiting to wrap her skin in its cotton embrace when the right moment presented itself. Rusty loved the dress, and he loved it even more on her. she hadn't seen her husband in a while, however, so the dress had been exiled behind her winter clothing but before the Christmas sweaters her aunt knitted her faithfully each year.

The plane sat idly in front of her on the tarmac, flashing lights signaling it was ready for take off. She hoisted her pack up on her shoulder, then sprung into a jog as the wind picked up around her. Her heels clicked against the blacktop, then clanged as she climbed the metal stairs to board the plane. Rusty was there, waiting for her by the door. He collected her pack first, tossing it aside so he could scoop her up in his arms as kiss her passionately.

She was only aware her father was there when he cleared his throat.

She turned to see Danny and Tess sitting beside each other on conjoined seats, smiling up at her as Danny reached for Tess's hand. Lily hugged Tess first, bending down to extend an arm around her shoulders. She only half-hugged Danny, adding a kiss on the cheek before she and Rusty sat in their own seats. They were placed away, forced to look at each other without being able to make physical contact.

"Is everyone coming?" Lily asked, only grazing eye contact with her husband as she questioningly looked towards her father and his wife.

Danny smiled. "Are we intruding?"

Lily laughed, tossing her head back. "Oh, please. A week with Reuben is hardly a romantic getaway, Dad. I was only asking because I didn't expect you."

Rusty smiled at her, a smile that was meant for only Lily to notice. She blushed, shutting her eyes to prevent from giggling. She hadn't seen him in so long, and she had hoped to be alone with him on the plane. For reacquainting reasons.

Lily had grown used to being away from Rusty, and appreciated the feelings their separation made her feel when they came back together. Rusty was mostly busy running his hotel in California, Lily was in New York with her own business. After their wedding two years pervious, she had found herself itching to get back to her city. She returned, getting her own apartment for weekend visits. After a while, however, her stays became extended. Sometimes she would run jobs while she was there, dipping into Rusty's side job of offering her unique expertise to those willing to compensate her. Sometimes, she just enjoyed the hum of the city. The rhythm of New York reverberated through her, wrapping her in its atmosphere and rocking her to sleep at night. Weekends turned into a week. One week turned into two. Finally, she decided to make use of her time and knowledge. She bought a brownstone with the money left over from the Hollings job, and turned the bottom floor into an antique shop. With Tess's help as her official antique curator, her shop remained solvent. Which was more than Rusty could say about his hotel.