So here's that story I was talking about, to all the readers of Only Hope. Yup, I'm still working on the Holy Gene, just having some plot issues.

So here's some basic background info for the story.

Bella goes to NYU, and is a sophomore, so she just turned 20. Same with Alice. They're roommates, of course, and the summer has just arrived. They share an apartment off campus.

Bella's family is broken. Her dad lives back in Forks, but she has no idea what happened to her mom. No, this isn't going to be some sob story about how Bella is depressed over having no mother.

The other Cullens will probably show up at some other time.

Now, Edward is photographer for the magazine that hosted the contest. He was chosen to be the tour guide for the winner. The person that takes the winner across Europe and oversees the trip.

Alice's family is still rich, they're the Cullens, after all. (Edward isn't a Cullen, by the way) So that's how they have their own apartment in New York.

This first chapter may not be fantastic, and I haven't won a million dollars lately, so don't kill me if it's unrealistic, please?

Also, I haven't traveled outside of the states. Ever. Technically, I haven't even gone on a plane. But my mom and dad have, and I've seen/read plenty of things to know what Europe and riding a plane is like. I'll still be researching though.

I don't really know if a million dollars covers an extravagant trip through Europe, but I hope it does.

I apologize for improper grammar, incorrect information, bad punctuation, spelling, clichés, bad writing, and lastly, repeated phrases.

This is an AU. Bella shouldn't be OOC, because I'm trying my best not to.

The story will get better. The first chapter is just a little messed up.

All chapters will be named after a song, like all my stories.

This one is called American Girl (by Tom Petty) like the title of the story.


I smiled nervously at the flight attendant as I left the plane. I've never really realized how right these clichés are, but it's true. It seems like only yesterday that I found out I had a million dollars to spend on a trip backpacking through Europe.

See the little oddity there? Yeah. My roommate and best friend, Alice Cullen, signed me up for a contest without me knowing. When the letter arrived with the Visa and the news, well, you should hear the reports our neighbors were sending to the police. Let's just say it involved a lot of screaming.

Now, I wasn't one of those girls who scream at everything, but going to Europe has been a dream of mine ever since I was five years old. And now I had a million dollars, a first class plane ticket, and a long summer all at my disposal. You could say it was one of the better days of my life.

I picked up my luggage and looked around. I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking for. But then I saw it. It's not like it was easy to miss.

What I assumed to be my driver was standing there with a GIANT sign that read 'Congratulations Miss Swan'. I gaped for a moment before walking over there.

"I take it that you are Miss Swan, correct, madam?" The guy had an odd German accent, but it made me a bit self conscious. My mouth was still open, but I managed to stammer out an answer.

"Y-yes." He smiled and I returned the gesture.

For a moment he switched his gaze to someone else.

"Mr. Masen, you can come out now." He said with a wide grin on his face.

And the guy who came from behind a large column started laughing, but I just gaped. Again.

This guy was gorgeous. He had amazing copper colored hair. His eyes were a piercing green. When he smiled, I saw perfect teeth. When he held out a hand, I stared at his smooth, pale skin. But I shook my head slightly to recover and attempted a smile.

"Hello, I'm Edward Masen, but just call me Edward." His voice was smooth and hypnotizing. British accent for sure, and it was perfect.

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan, but you can just call me Bella." I shook his hand and smile at the driver.

They led me out the door and to a limo! I stopped for a moment, shocked, and Edward laughed. I sent him a sharp glare. He may be cute, but that doesn't mean I can't get mad at him.

The driver put my luggage in the trunk, and Edward opened the door for me.

"So Isabella," Edward began in his perfect voice, but I gave him the evil eye for a moment. "I mean, Bella. I think Gustav and I would first like to tell you congratulations for winning the sweepstakes." I still couldn't get over his accent. So much to the point that I barely registered the driver's name.

"Your account, which is accessible by your visa, is now activated. You can use it for anything you wish on this trip. We have a predetermined week for you to arrive back home in the states. With that exception, you have the rest of your holiday to go wherever in the greater area of Europe."

I nodded to show him that I was listening. I was focusing on his words more, and I noticed that he didn't say any odd British things like cheerio or something. Yet. I guess he had a good grasp on the American language.

"We will start on British sights first, if you wish. You can have your pick of them. I do know a few good places, considering this is my home." He grinned, but I was caught back at the first sentence.

"We?" I asked, my eyebrows raising.

"Err, I thought you knew. See, I'm your, err, tour guide, I suppose, for the rest of the trip. I'm the one accompanying you for the rest of your journey. I've been all around Europe, so I can help you out." He seemed a bit nervous and was rubbing the back of his neck.

I thought for a moment. The entire way? But now that I thought about it, it wouldn't be that bad. I'd be lost without a guide, and it would get lonely.

"Fine. But can I ask something?"

"Anything." He seemed relieved.

"Please tell me you can speak German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, and every single other language that Europeans speak."

He laughed, and I found myself joining him. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad having him around.

So what do you think? It's short, I know. I'll try to post longer chapters.
Yay Edward :D

Sorry if it's too early for him to show up, but I hate it when people talk all about what happens when they meet, but it doesn't happen until like the sixth chapter.

I rewrote this first one about three times, so I hope it was decent (: