Hey guys =) So it's been a really long time, hasn't it? I remember when I first started this story, I was just starting on fanfic and I was a brand new writer… well, things have changed a bit since then. This year was my first somewhat difficult year of school, but I managed to make it through almost all of it alive. I mean, there's still about two more months, but I can last through those.

And I haven't been totally inactive on fanfic. I still read loads of stories, I just haven't written in, well, forever. I know now that it's probably going to be so much more difficult to get readers now that the number of writers on the twilight section has quadrupled since I was last writing this story, but I wanted to pick up my story with one of the greatest fan bases, and this one won. It's a fun story, and I really miss writing, so I'm going to start writing this one again.

Now, before you get too excited, I can't guarantee updates constantly. But I'm really going to try to churn them out more frequently and with more content. So I'm promising you guys a new chapter within the next two weeks that is at least 4,000 words long. Sound good? I really hope I've still got some fans out there, and that some new ones will like my story.

- Twifan