Yu-gi-oh GX

"Deck the Duels"

The following story takes somewhere between Season 2 and 3 of Yu-gi-oh GX.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Yu-gi-oh or Yu-gi-oh GX. They are owned by Kazuki Takahashi, TV Tokyo, NAS, and the good people at Shonen Jump.

Turn 1: Get to Class! Wake up Jaden!

Another warm day of class and dueling was upon Duel Academy. Many Ra Yellow and Obelisk Blue students were dashing from their dorms to classrooms compound in the center of campus. The Slifer Red students were a different story...

"Jaden! Come on Jay, wake up! We're going to be late again!" yelled a panicking Syrus Truesdale. "I don't need to spend another detention going over trap cards for Dr. Crowler!" Syrus exclaimed, as he began to hyperventilate.

Jaden Yuki layed sprawled out in his bed, snoring as loud as a jack hammer running on full power. How anyone else in the dorm slept was a mystery in itself.

"Private, this is no time shaking like a leaf!" yelled Tyranno Hassleberry, the Academy's local dino-duelist. "There's a simple way to get his kind up." Hassleberry explained as he leaned over Jaden.

"What?! What are you doing Hassleberry?!" Syrus yelled shakingly.

"Just watch," Hassleberry said quietly as he got closer to Jaden. All of sudden, Hassleberry took in a deep breath and yelled, "DUEL TOURNAMENT TODAY IN CROWLER'S CLASS!!"

What happened next could be comparable to some of the typhoons that Academy Island experienced once in a great while.

"ALL RIGHT, TIME TO GET MY GAME ON!!" roared Jaden as he sprang from his bed and raced around the room to get ready."Got to get my duel disk, my deck, some breakfast and then I'm ready!!"

Syrus and Hassleberry were dodging left and right, trying not be run over by the lightning quick duelist. "What did I tell you private? Works every time!" Hassleberry yelled, as he jumped on nearby table to dodge Jaden again.

Syrus on the other hand couldn't hear at the moment, as he was being pulled with clothes, unused books and other items in the room that were "following" Jaden. It seemed that when Jaden rushed for a duel, a vacuum was left behind him. "HASSLEBERRY HELP Meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Syrus yelled as he was pulled into the bathroom with Jaden.

Meanwhile, a half an hour before that whole incident... In one of the many faculty offices adjacent to the duel arena, a certain "Doctor" was having problems of his own.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN VACATION?!" screamed a red faced Dr. Crowler. "THIS IS THE TOP RATED DUELING SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY! WE CAN'T LET THE STUDENTS HAVE OFF FOR EVERY HOLIDAY! Especially since it seems like we hardly have classes anymore these days. What with the Shadow Riders, the school being taken over by the Society of Light, and well...," Crowler began to mumble at this point. Their track record with maintaining order had been pretty bad. It was best that he not risk his job on any details.

"Monsieur, it was not I who authorized this little event, but you!" spoke a more calm, but still defensive Bonaparte. "You signed the paper itself nearly 3 weeks ago! Do you not remember?"

Bonaparte forced the paper of interest into Crowler's gloved hands and he began to skim the document. Crowler read, "It is to be considered in the interest of the students...parent relations...in the spirit of the season...that students be sent home for the holiday?! SIGNED "DR. VELLIAN CROWLER?! WHAT? We never had to do such a thing before, so why now?!" Crowler said while sweating profusely.

"Apparently Chancellor Shepard and the board discussed this at the beginning of the semester. They said that just because we are on an island, doesn't mean we should isolate the students themselves. If you ask me, if that were the case the Academy should've been set up within a suburb of Domino City," Bonaparte said in an as a matter of fact tone. "Either way, we need to get these brats off the island before the 21st of the month!"

"Yes, the 21st...,"Crowler grumbled as he strode over to his calendar, featuring a Blue-Eyes White Dragon flying over a mountain range. "That would be...TOMORROW?! Quick Bonaparte, you make the announcement, while I call the helicopter company! Ooooooh, why must Chancellor Shepard make all of these business trips during a crisis?!" moaned Crowler as he started tearing away at his files for a phone number.

This brings as back to present, where Jaden, Syrus, and Hassleberry were now making there way to the classroom complex.

"Seriously Hassleberry, you got to stop doing that to me. It took forever to pry Sy off of the ceiling," said Jaden with a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Hey, its not my fault that you fall for that gag every time. What does this make, the 22nd time you've fallen for it?" Hassleberry asked.

"Twenty-third, but who's counting the concussions?" moaned Sy while rubbing the back of his head. "You're just lucky Chazz wasn't around this time. I think you literally heard his pride when that duel disk went flying at him."

"Yeah, who knew a duel disk could fit there anyway?" Jaden said with a sheepish grin.

The trio could finally see the skewed pillars of the classroom complex coming into view now. Much of the campus had been restored after the whole incident with the Society of Light and the status quo had been reestablished. Go to class, try to stay awake, duel to your hearts content, and enjoy the time in between. It seemed like it was going to be another quiet day on Academy Island, until a closer look proved otherwise.

"Hey Jay, have we ever gotten a dust storm on the island before?" Syrus said with apprehension.

"No. I can't think of that happening before. Why do you ask Sy?" asked Jaden, turning toward Syrus.

"Then we may have a problem," Syrus said while pointing his shaken head toward to main building.

A huge plume of dust and what appeared to be paper was flying around ahead of the trio. Screams could be heard coming from inside to huge cloud, while a rumbling began occur in the ground.

"Sam hill, what's going on now?!" yelled Hassleberry as the trio began running toward the plume.

"I don't know, but we're going to find out!" yelled Jaden as they charged toward the chaos ahead, with Winged Kuriboh suddenly flying beside him. "Kuri!"

As the trio got closer, the screams became clearer. However, it was not screams of terror or anger that were emanating from the cloud, but screams of joy and excitement.

"I've got to pack!", "I better call my folks!", "I can't believe Crowler allowed this!", were a few of the disembodied statements that could be heard among the dust cloud.

Jaden tried to feel his way through the cloud and grab a hold of someone for information. Unfortunately, this caused him to be smacked by a couple of female Obelisk Blue, who didn't appreciate his unintentional "groping."

"Perv!" yelled one of the Obelisk Blue women as a third slap went across Jaden's face.

"Ow! Sorry, I didn't mean to...," Jaden stammered while rubbing his now sore cheek.

Syrus was not having any better luck as he was shoved back and forth among bodies that he couldn't see. "Ow! Hey, watch it! Ahh, that's my foot. AHHH THAT'S MY BACK!!" yelled Syrus from within the cloud.

Hassleberry seemed to be making the most progress at this point. At least at not being shoved left and right.

"Out of the way soldier! I'm on "recon"! If you can't answer my questions, then move along!" Hassleberry said as he threw a random Ra Yellow out of his way. "Sam hill, isn't anyone going to calm down?"

Suddenly, a familiar voice rang out over the crowd, "Hey Hassleberry, over here!"

Hassleberry looked over to see Alexis Rhodes waving on the outer rim of the now thinning crowd of students. He could also see a bruised Jaden and Syrus making there way toward her. It turned out that they were close to the main entrance to the building and just survived a stampede of student. As Hassleberry made his way over Jaden had already started to talk to Alexis.

"Hey Alexis, what was that all about?" Jaden said while now rubbing his side.

"Well Jaden, if you were on time you would have heard the announcement that Vice-Chancellor Bonaparte had said.", explained Alexis in a lecturing tone. "Crowler gave the whole student body a week off for the holidays."

"The holidays? What holidays?" Jaden asked in a confused tone, causing everyone to face-fault.

"Umm, Jay. You know...Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Boxing Day?. Any of these ringing a bell?" Syrus asked.

"Its December?!" Jaden said in an even more confused tone, causing everyone to fall over.

"Yeah Jaden. What month did you think it was?" Alexis said, appearing to be a little unnerved.

"Well I don't know. You have to admit that we are on an island in the middle of the ocean. Its kind of hard to really keep track of the season," Jaden tried to retort.

"Well I know what to get you for Christmas now Jaden, a calendar," Alexis said while giggling under her breath. "Anyway, we're all supposed to be packing up to go home for the break. So of course everyone stampeded out of the building to get back to the dorms."

"OH NO!" wailed Syrus all of a sudden. "My parents are on vacation in Europe now! They won't be back until next month!"

"Same here private.", sighed Hassleberry. "Except my parents went on a training mission in Africa and won't be back until March!"

"Training mission for what?" Alexis asked surprisingly.

"Nothing really. Its like a second honeymoon for them really.", Hassleberry said, while uncharacteristically blushing in embarassment.

"What are we going to do?" said Syrus in a nervous tone.

"I have a great idea guys!" shouted Jaden. "You can come home with me for the break!"

Everyone looked in surprise at broad grinning Jaden.

"You sure Jay? Your parents won't mind having us over?" Syrus asked.

"Not at all Sy. I'm sure that they'd love to meet you and Hassleberry. We always have room at the house for guests," Jaden said with a laugh.

"Wow Jaden thats great! We better get your parents on the horn and start packing then!" Hassleberry said with growing excitement.

"Yeah, lets get going. See you later Alexis!" Jaden said as the trio began to run off.

"See you guys!" Alexis shouted after them as she waved, until she realized something.

"Oh wait, Jaden!",Alexis shouted as she drew an envelope from her pocket. Unfortunately, the guy were already off in the distance.

"Oh well. Looks like I'll have to give it to you later then," Alexis said with a sigh as she walked off.

After Alexis walked away, one lone figure began to stagger out of the main entrance.

"The Chazz does not like being used as a carpet...," stammered a bruised and beat up Chazz. His trademark black coat was torn in multiple places and his hair was more wild then before. "I just had to try to get out of the building first!" he scolded to himself.

"Gee boss, I never saw you so floored before!" cried Ojama Yellow, who appeared next to him.

"Yeah, you look really down in the dumps!" said Ojama Green now sitting on top of him.

"They really decked your halls!" laughed Ojama Black, next to Ojama Green.

"Aw shut up! I need to go pack," Chazz said, as he crawled his way back to the red dorm.

To Be Continued...

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