Happy Birthday To: Kaneda Ichirou, December 31st.

Word Count: 647

Rating: K+, maybe low T.

Genre: Romance.

Warnings: Shounen-ai. Not technically beta'd.

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Kaneda Ichirou sighed. Here he was, on both New Year's Eve and his birthday, stuck at some fancy party that his parents were invited to attend. He came (after they had insisted, begged, and pleaded for a good two hours) and now he was not only bored and alone, but stuck in an uncomfortable and stuffy suit as well.

Groaning inward, he scanned the room until he found what he was looking for: an escape. Of course, it wasn't perfect (there were obviously a few people out there), but the balcony on the far west would have to do.

Stepping outside into the cool, December air, Kaneda breathed freely for the first time all night. Stepping towards the railing (and past the starry-eyed couple who looked two seconds away from either eating each other's faces or stripping each other right there), Kaneda brushed the snow off of the outer railing and leaned against it. Suddenly, he felt someone behind him. Before he could turn around, Kaneda felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist.

"Hey." Akazawa Yoshirou's floated into his ear. Kaneda was about to turn around, but Akazawa held him in place.

"Didn't expect to see you here," Akazawa murmured.

"Neither did I," Kaneda responded. "Didn't even want to come." Kaneda could almost feel the slight smile spread across the older boy's face.

"Nor did I. But now I'm not regretting it," the other boy said, leaning down to rest his head on Kaneda's shoulder.

"So," Akazawa murmured. "How've you been?"

Kaneda snorted slightly. "You mean since you saw me two days ago?" Akazawa smiled more.

"Oh shush. Two days is a long time."

"Well, since I saw you two days ago I've been sitting around in my room waiting to see you again," Kaneda said, grinning slyly. Despite the fact that Akazawa knew he was kidding he played into the act.

"I'm so sorry to have kept you waiting," Akazawa whispered, lips pressed against Kaneda's ear. Kaneda smirked and was about to respond when Akazawa spoke again.

"You know, there's only a minute left until midnight…" Kaneda caught on to what he was saying.

"Oh yes, I noticed that. I do believe there's some tradition to go with that?" Akazawa nodded.

"You are quite correct. There's a very special tradition which I believe consists of welcoming the new year with a wish and a kiss – or kisses-" Akazawa winked, having slipped into his "formal occasion" language, "from a special someone."

"Oh really?" Kaneda inquired. "And who might this special someone be?"

Akazawa shrugged. "I am not quite sure." Removing his hands from Kaneda's waist, he turned to look into the other boy's eyes. "But there are, oh…"

"Five," Kaneda whispered.

"Four." Akazawa looked into Kaneda's eyes.

"Three." Kaneda locked their gazes and made sure to hold on.

"Two." Akazawa entwined his fingers with Kaneda's.

"One," the two boys whispered in unison.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!" Somebody called from inside at the party, and somewhere a bottle of champagne popped. Outside on the balcony Kaneda and Akazawa decided to completely ignore the party, completely ignore the starry-eyed couple, completely ignore the fact that both of their families were sitting extremely close to the doors on the west side, and their lips met.

"Happy New Year's," Kaneda murmured, lips next to Akazawa's ear, insinuating that he wanted to do something more than have a New Year's kiss.

"Yeah," Akazawa said, "Happy New Year's."

"And happy belated birthday."

"Thanks," Kaneda said as Akazawa wrapped his arms around Kaneda's waist again.

"So," Akazawa began, pulling his boyfriend closer, "What'd you wish for?" Kaneda smiled.

"Another great year," he whispered. "Another great year."

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