From this point forward, there was no turning back. After years of learning and training and years of protecting each other and their friends, it was finally time for them to create a pactio.

A Lifetime of Memories
Chapter 1: The Start of Everything (Beginnings)
"A...are you ready?"

The words, a delicate whisper that trembled from Setsuna's lips, were directed toward the dark haired healer that stood across from her. Her eyes were fixed intently upon Konoka and the other girl gazed back at her with the same level of intensity. The mage did not respond to the question, but Setsuna had no doubt that Konoka was ready. After all, the question she had asked was more for her own benefit than Konoka's.

Beneath their feet, a magical circle suddenly blazed into existence, blasting away the fallen sakura petals that had rested there just moments ago. Setsuna shielded her eyes at the unannounced flash of light that accompanied the shining symbols she now stood upon. She and Konoka had been standing in near darkness among the sakura trees with only the glow of a crescent moon to see by, but now they had the radiance of the pactio circle to illuminate their surroundings.

The place that Konoka had chosen for them to complete their pactio, a secluded grove of sakura trees in the depths of the Konoe estate in Kyoto. This was a place where they had spent their childhood, a place that housed what felt like a lifetime's worth of memories. It was a place that had a special meaning to both of them and was, in their eyes, the perfect choice of venue. More than that, they were alone and would remain that way throughout their pactio ceremony, something that Setsuna didn't think would happen since her classmates had been so adamant about seeing her and Konoka form their partnership. In the end, however, Konoka had been surprisingly firm about them receiving complete privacy for this moment.

As Setsuna lowered the arm she had raised to shield her eyes from the bright light, Konoka's serene face came back into view. The mage wore an unmistakable grin of relief from successfully creating the pactio circle and the swordsman couldn't help but smile back despite her nerves.


A warm hand was held out to her as kind, gentle waves of magic began to flow into her body from the magical circle. It was reminiscent of the first time Setsuna had made a pactio, but the feeling was much more intimate. She slowly took the mage's hand as her emotions began to steady themselves. Something in the back of Setsuna's mind told her that she should be panicked by the kiss that would soon take place. In all of the years that she and Konoka had known each other, they had never been more than friends. Even now, at this very moment, they were just friends. However, thanks to the magic that was streaming into her body and the feel of Konoka's warm hand within her own, the prospect of a kiss brought only joy and excitement to the swordsman.

Their eyes never left each other, not until the very last moment. Their gazes were fixed from the moment their hands clasped and they stepped into each other's bodies until the final seconds when they leaned toward each other, their breaths dancing on each other's lips, until they finally came together in a kiss. Only then did Konoka and Setsuna finally close their eyes and focus all of their senses upon the first time that the others' lips had met their own, taking in and memorizing a moment that could possibly never happen again.

Necessity, the need to protect each other in a world that was no longer safe, played a big role in pushing them toward this pactio, but there was an unmistakable desire that emanated from both girls for this pactio to be formed. And as the light of the magical circle faded away, leaving a pactio card in the wake of its dying glow, the two remained locked in their first real kiss, lost within the heat and passion that not even the greatest magic could produce. In the past they had just been friends, in the present they were partners, and in the future, hopefully, they would be something more.

Author's Notes: This is the first of a 100 fic challenge based on 100 predetermined words. Of course, all 100 fics will be about Konoka and Setsuna. :) All fics will be from the same universe (one that is independent of the other fics that I've written), though I can't really promise that everything will be written on chronological order. ;; Most of these fics will probably be fairly short as well. Somewhere around 400 words maybe? And no more than 1000 unless I get carried away.

Also, the word in parenthesis after the chapter title is the prompt that I based the chapter on. In this case, I had to use "beginnings". Anyway, I hope you'll stick with this fic until the very last chapter. But if 100-fic-challenge-type stories aren't for you, I hope you at least like this chapter. :) And as always, please comment!