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Chapter 1

"Daddy! Daddy!" came the voice of four year old Matthew House as he ran into his parents bedroom.

Gregory House opened his eyes and quickly registered the emptiness next to him in the bed then the presence of his young son at the foot of the bed holding a piece of paper. House smiled, Matthew was so much like his mother yet in many ways he was his father's son.

House motioned for the small boy to hop on to the bed. He did, being careful not to jerk his father's bad leg.

"Hi there Mattie," House said pulling the boy to him in an embrace.

"Mommy said not to call me that," Matthew said giggling and still clutching on to the piece of paper as his father tickled him.

"Well mommy isn't here is she?" House asked lifting his son over him and letting their matching crystal clear blue eyes meet.

Matthew stared at him thoughtfully for a second, "No she isn't," he said trying to tickle his father.

House let him succeed for a few second laughing like a crazy man.

"Okay, you win," House said putting his son on his wife's side of the bed, "daddy needs his pills."

House took his pills from the side of the bed and quickly dry swallowed two. He turned to see his son smiling and looking all innocent next to him.

"Where is mommy anyway?" House asked sitting up in the bed.

"Mommy went to the hospital," Matthew said bouncing up and down in the bed.

House had to smile. He loved his son's energy and between Matthew and his wife he felt like a much younger man.

"What's that?" House asked pointing to the piece of paper which Matthew still held tightly.

"Note!" Matthew proclaimed.

House covered his ears and chuckled, "Easy Mattie not so loud," he said.

Matthew passed the note to him, "Mommy said to come and wake you up and give you this note," he said cheerfully.

"Oooh," House said, "I bet mommy wrote how much she loooves me and not you in her note," he mocked.

Matthew giggled, "No way Jose," he said sternly, "mommy loves me more than you always."

House stuck his tongue out at his son who only giggled harder as he unfolded the note.


Matthew already had a bath, ate and as you can no doubt see for yourself in his underwear and socks. I left you some pancakes in the kitchen so I expect you to eat, get ready for work, dress our son and take him to work with you when you finally decide to show up to work. He has to spend the day with you because the daycare is closed, I'm swamped today and it's better for him to be with his father instead of the guys watching him.

Just get through the day without giving Cuddy more cause to fire your ass and I promise I'll make it up to you tonight.

Love Allison

"See I told you so," House teased.

Matthew stuck his tongue out at his father mimicking his father's earlier action. House chuckled and climbed out of bed with some difficulty.

"Come on buddy," House said picking up his cane which was leaning against the bedside table, "let's see what goodies mommy left for daddy."

Matthew hopped down from the bed and grabbed hold of his father's hand as they headed to the kitchen.

House found fresh coffee, a stack of chocolate chip pancakes (his second favorite next to Wilson's macadamian nut pancakes) and some fresh strawberries and chopped bananas to eat with his pancakes.

'Damn that woman,' House thought, 'I hate healthy, next she'll try to poison me with vegetables.'

House sat at the breakfast table balancing his son on his good leg, eating his breakfast and feeding the fruit to Matthew.

"Don't tell mommy about the yummy fruits daddy gave you okay Mattie," House said after finishing his breakfast.

"Okay daddy," Matthew said secretly crossing his fingers behind his back.

House smirked feeling pleased with himself, 'Kids are soooo easy,' he thought as he left Matthew watching 'Blues Clues' and headed off to the bathroom to get ready for work.

How was he to know that his only son was planning to rat him out as soon as he saw his mommy.

It was almost ten when House finally made it to PPTH. He strolled through the doors and into the lobby holding his son's hand and moving very slowly. All eyes were on them as they moved across the lobby area.

Maybe all the nurses, patients, doctors and visitors who were in the lobby was staring at them because it looked unnatural to see the normally miserable Dr. House with an impossibly huge grin on his face or maybe it was because it was quite a sight to see House and son strolling purposefully through the lobby and heading towards (of all places) the clinic.

Matthew was dressed almost exactly like his father in dark blue jeans that were well worn and a light blue button down over a gray band t-shirt and carrying rather awkwardly his father's spare cane which he usally kept in his car. Where as House was wearing a gray button down over a black band t-shirt and was leaning on his favorite cane.

They entered the clinic and Matthew immediately saw his mother and Cuddy talking. He slipped his hand out of his father's grasp and ran towards his mother.

"Mommy!" Matthew said running as fast as his short legs could take him towards his mother.

Allison Cameron could not contain herself when she saw her son's get up, she bursted out in a fit of laughter as she scooped Matthew up. Cuddy obviously felt the same as she joined in the laughter and completely forgot to scold House about being late for work or order him to do clinic hours.

"Greg what were you thinking when you dressed Matthew?" Cameron asked her husband laughter still in her voice.

"That daddy konws best," House answered smirking and he winked at her.

"No daddy!" Matthew exclaimed getting his parents attention, "Mommy knows best," he announced giggling.

Cameron and Cuddy both let out another round of laughter.

"You got that right little man," Cameron said giving her son a kiss.

House stuck his tongue out at them, "You lot are no fun," he pouted causing Cameron and Cuddy to laugh harder.

House was about to take Matthew and escape to his office before Cuddy suddenly came to her senses when his only son did the unthinkable.

"Mommy," Matthew said giving his mother his best innocent look, "daddy made me eat all his strawberries and all his bananas that he had for his breakfast."

House could feel his jaw drop in shock. Cuddy quickly kissed Matthew and escaped to her office before Cameron attacked House.

Cameron saw Wilson enter the clinic.

"Hey baby, why don't you go say hello to uncle James," she said putting her son down.

"Ok mommy," Matthew said then he ran off to greet Wilson with a gleeful yell of, "Uncle James!"

Cameron was about to attack House but decided better of it, she didn't have the time. Cameron stepped closer to House who visibly gulped.

"Greg," she said almost in a whisper, "remember in the note this morning I promised that if you were good today I would make it up to you tonight?" she asked her voice still in a low whisper.

House nodded slowly knowing exactly where this was going.

"Well," Cameron continued, "you can forget about it and you better damn well not completely drive Cuddy crazy today either or you can forget about getting any for the rest of the week and..." she looked thoughtful, "maybe next week too," she said a bit forcefully before grabbing a patient file and storming off to an exam room.

Wilson walked over with Matthew in his arms, "Wow that was intense," he said to his best friend.

House ignored Wilson and took his son from the man and headed off awkwardly towards the elevators carring his son and leaning heavily on his cane. House could hear Wilson's chuckle as he walked away from him.

House entered the elevator, pushed the button for his floor and leaned against the elevator wall for support. Matthew was busy examining his father's solemn expression.

"You know something," House said to his son, "you were right."

"About what daddy?" Matthew asked curiously.

"That mommy knows best," he answered, "mommy always knows best," he stated with a half shudder.

The elevator came to a stop on House's floor, House exited still carrying his son and limped towards his office while Matthew giggled into his shoulder.