Author's Note: OK so it's been forever but can you seriously blame me? This season is so completely wacked up, I mean Cameron is gone like for serious. Where the hell does that leave House/Cameron fans? Well I'm trying to just get all my House fan fictions done so I'll try o update as much as possible regardless of the fact that I've been cringing every time I watch an episode of House lately.

Chapter 7

It was there, as plain as day on parking lot the security tape House, Cameron, Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, Corrodus and Rae could make out quite plainly Rerrie leading Matthew away.

House was furious, "How on Earth could that have happened? What kind of security does this place have?" he almost screamed.

"Do you think she'll her him?" Cameron asked with a small whimper and snuggled up to House who put his arm around her.

"She better or she'll wish she'd never heard the name House." House told her.

The head of security approached them, "The police are on their way," he told them, "and I asked around, three nurses a doctor and one of my guys saw them leave but they all said they figured Doctors House or Cameron had asked her to take him somewhere. I asked them to wait over there for the police." he said pointing over to where the five witnesses had gathered.

A few minutes later two police detective arrived and introduced themselves as Detective Reeves and Fuller. Detective Reeves was a short, middle aged man with balding blond hair and a thick mustache, and Detective Fuller was a tall, well built, black man who looked at least a decade younger than Reeves. The two man an odd pair.

"Usually the department wouldn't take a missing person case until 24hrs after the fact," Reeves said addressing Cameron and House, "however these are special circumstance as there is video of the accused kidnapper taking the child and both parents are certain that she didn't have permission to remove the child. Add to that the fact that we have a witness who recalls Doctor...ah...what was her name again?"

"Parker Rerrie," Kirk Rae supplied.

"Oh yes," Reeves said, "You are the young man who told Detective Fuller that Doctor Rerrie said she was taking the rest of the day of, correct?"

Rae nodded in affirmation.

"OK, since that's settled she has only been gone with the child for a couple of hours so no reason to issue an Amber alert but we've put a BOLO out on Doctor Rerrie and her vehicle," Fuller jumped in, "she shouldn't have gotten far and she shouldn't be able to leave the state."

"Unless someones sleeping on the job," House added and received a glare from both Cameron and Cuddy.

Fuller ignored House and continued talking, "I'll let you know as soon as we have anything," he said mostly addressing Cameron.

Cameron nodded and snuggled closer to House.

"The hard part is always the waiting, to hear from the kidnapper or if the police has any leads. You should definitely give the parents as much support as possible." Reeves said addressing Cuddy, Foreman, Chase, Corrodus and Rae.

"We will," Cuddy assured him and pulled Cameron off of House to lead her to her office with House limping behind them.

"I can't believe this!" House yelled slamming Cuddy's door behind him and he entered the office. "What the hell could possibly possess her to do something like this. I should have fired her. I knew I should have fired her. Why didn't I fire her?"

"Greg please calm down!" Cameron begged seeing how worked up her husband was getting.

"How can you tell me to calm down Allison?" House demanded, "That psycho bitch stole our son!"

"I know that Greg!" Cameron said getting angry and defensive, "But who exactly is it going to help if you give yourself and another damn heart attack!" she said almost in tears, she could feel herself breaking down and she so wanted to remain strong and positive for her son's sake.

House visibly paled. He had not been thinking about the heart murmur caused by the small disfigurement of his heart walls due to years of drug abuse they had discovered three months ago when he was hospitalized for a heart attack. He sighed and pulled Cameron into a hug giving her a kiss on her forehead. He knew she worried about him and she didn't need that on top of worrying about Matthew.

"I'm sorry," her told her meaning it, "I promise to calm and I promise we'll get our son back."

Cameron nodded in his embrace, she really hoped he was right.

Two hours later after a lot of silent tears from Cameron into House's shirt, several it'll work outs from Cuddy, Wilson and Cat popping in to check on them, Foreman, Chase, Corrodus or Rae popping to ask of they could get them anything or to report if they had heard anything new, and House shirt getting thoroughly soaked, dried and soaked again Reeves and Fuller finally made an appearance in Cuddy's office.

"We just got a hit on the BOLO," Reeves told them, "a woman matching Dr. Rerrie's description driving a car with plates matching hers was spotted buying a ice cream sundae from a DQ just four miles from here. Your son wasn't seen with her but we can assume that the ice cream was for him so more than likely he is alright." Reeves said.

Cameron clung even more to House, "She must have told him that you said she must take him for ice cream," she said to House.

House nodded.

"And are certain that you did not in anyway give her any indication that you might want her to do so?" Fuller asked House.

House got really angry, "Hell no!" he said, "She's only been working for me for three days. Why the hell would I trust her with my son?"

"Doctors Foreman, Chase, Corrodus and Rae have all admitted to taking your son out for treats," Fuller said.

"Yes so?" House demanded, "What's that got to do with anything? Both Doctors Foreman and Chase worked for me for many years and Matthew have know since birth. Dr. Chase performed my wife's c-section and not only was he the longest lasting fellow I had he and my wife are very good friends as is Dr. Foreman, and Corrodus as been working for me for four years now and Rae for two years. Besides finding Rae annoying they are both good doctors who I trust. Allowing them to spend time with my son is a far cry from letting some one I've know for three days take him God knows where." House said losing his cool.

"I'm sorry Dr. House but it's our jobs to ask these questions." Reeves apologised.

"Well instead of accusing me of negligence maybe you should he chasing down that lead you just got." House told the man.

"Two uniforms are on there way there to check it out," Fuller told them.

"Well why don't you come back when you have something solid." House said dismissing them.

The two detectives left both wondering what the hell did the sweet Dr. Cameron see in that jerk.

"They are just trying to help." Cameron said to House.

"I know," he said holding her close, "but they aren't getting anywhere and it's damn frustrating sitting here listening to them ask dumb questions when they should be out there searching for Mattie."

Cameron didn't have the energy to stop him from calling there son Mattie.

Cameron and House sat together alone in Cuddy's office, Cuddy had gone off to take care of some hospital emergency or other, and House was getting tired of just sitting there.

"You should go stay with Wilson for a while," he told Cameron getting up.

"Why?" she asked, "Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get Chase, Foreman, Corrodus and Rae to help me search Rerrie's place for clues as to where she might have taken Matthew." he told her.

"Won't the police be doing that?" Cameron asked him.

"Yes, but they had to wait for warrants and other crap like that," he told her, "I can't sit around doing nothing and wait for that Allison." he said solemnly.

Cameron nodded in understanding and headed to Wilson's office, while House headed to the lobby where the guys had gathered to wait.

"You four come with me." House said to them as he headed to the exit.

"What's up?" Foreman asked as they caught up with him.

"I need your help searching Rerrie's place," he told them.

They all nodded in understanding and headed to the parking lot where the packed into Corrodus' SUV and headed to the address in Rerrie's file.

Not a word was uttered during the short drive to Rerrie's apartment building, in the elevator up to her floor, during the time it took House to pick the lock, or even as they separated to different sectors of the apartment to search for clues wearing medical gloves.

They searched thoroughly through her living room, her bedroom, and even her bathroom and kitchen but found nothing. House was getting frustrated with finding nothing when Corrodus called out to them to come and see what he had found.

They all went to see and were all shocked. Corrodus had found a locked door and upon picking the lock had discovered the room to be a small study which had been converted into a shrine of sorts in House's honour.

"What the hell?" House asked shocked.

The walls were plastered with pictures of him from every conference he had ever lectured and pages from journals containing every article he had ever published, and to top it all off in a glass case in the centre of the room was his once favourite band shirt which had gotten bloody and disposed of several months ago when he, Foreman, Chase and Wilson had gone to a bar gotten totally pissed and started a bar brawl.

"That bitch really his a psycho!" House said outraged. He hadn't even know of her existence back then but here was his shirt in her apartment. How crazy was that?

"I'm sorry I ever thought she was half decent," Rae said looking extremely pale.

"That's not your fault." Corrodus told him, "You always suck at judging someone's character. Remember that chick last year you swore you where going to marry until she robbed you apartment and took off."

No matter how upset House was he couldn't help but laugh at Rae's expense.

They returned to their search and finally Chase found something that might be of help, a box containing some old pictures of Rerrie a few of which where taken in front of a cabin and lake, and each had Uncle Charlie's lake house High Bridge, NJ. written on the back of them.

House took the one of the picture with the front of the cabin and quickly ran a search, he wasn't able to find an address in the High Bridge for a Charles Rerrie, Charlie Rerrie or even Chuck Rerrie but upon further search he did find addresses for six different people in the area named Charles. Charles Garland, Charles Troyer, Charles M. Grates, Charles Anderson, Charles W.V. Donaldson and Charles Franklin all had houses in the general area.

"We'll head back to the hospital, get Wilson, make two copies of this picture and head up to High Bridge in pairs. We can cover more ground if we split up and each pair take two of the addresses.

They all agreed and headed put of Rerrie's apartment after House. Foreman, Chase, Corrodus and Rae couldn't help but feel a little sorry for Rerrie. The woman had no idea what she had gotten herself into messing with House's child.

Author's Note: OK that's that for now. Hope it's good and you all enjoyed it, and I'm here so totally keeping my fingers crossed that there will still be hope for a Hameron match in the future.