Summary: Hanasu doesn't want anyone to know she existed, because it'll make it less painful for her and for everyone else when she dies. Because she has two months left to live, maybe less. However, Gaara, Shino, and Ryo, members of a band she recently joined find out about her illness. They vow to make her last days on Earth her best. At all costs.

I coughed once, glanced at the computer screen, and hit print. I finally finished my story, the one I wanted to write before I died.

Pages after page of writing, as well as pictures and sketches flew out of the printer. The clock on my bedside table read 2am, but I stayed up until I saw every page printed. Tomorrow, I was going to take the pages into Language class and use the large paper-cutter there to split the pages into fourths; when put into a book, the pages were going to be only so big. I don't like big books. Just thick ones.

I shuffled over to my bed, rubbing my eyes tiredly. I picked up a puffer from my bedside table, took a puff, and fell into bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

My feet scuffed the floor of the school lightly. I was in a bad mood, and people avoided me like the plague. It was only the first day of school, and already everyone knew that I'm not one to talk to, or to mess with.

Heck, I don't talk anyways, so what does it matter? It'll just make it easier on me if I have no friends when I die.

Homeroom was boring. Iruka-sensei told me that I'm supposed to show the new students around school. I guess he doesn't know that I don't speak. He's new anyways.

After homeroom, two students walked up to my desk. The first one, a girl, had long blue hair and really pale eyes, and her voice was really soft. The boy had red hair and sea-green eyes, which were black-rimmed. He reminded me of a panda.

"H-Hanasu, right?" The girl asked. I nodded. "I'm Hinata Hyuuga, a-and this is...well, I don't know his name y-yet."

"Gaara." The red-head stated in a bored tone. I like him. He doesn't speak much. Then again, Hinata doesn't either. He also has a strange tattoo on his forhead, the kanji for love.

"Um, y-you're supposed to show us a-around school...right?" Hinata asked. Again, I nodded, and took the schedules dangling from each of the newbie's hands. Gaara and I had first period together –language. Hinata, who had math, was on the way there.

I headed towards the door and motioned for them to follow me. I decided to be in a good mood, instead of flipping them the bird and walking out. Plus, it's not like I'm going out of my way. I don't have to talk, and I still get to my class on time.

Walking down the hall, people parted like the red sea. At least I think it was the red sea...Not sure. I'm not catholic. Behind me, Hinata attempted to strike up a conversation with Gaara, and failed miserably. Gaara talked in one- to four- word sentences. No idea why. I guess he's just not very sociable.

I paused at Hinata's door, pointing at her, then the door. She got the hint, and Gaara and I continued down the hall until we reached Kakashi's language class.

I like Kakashi. He's good-natured, and lets me stay at the back of the class, where I'm unnoticed. Plus, he doesn't call on me to answer questions or read anything, like other teachers. So pretty much, he's the best teacher currently in this school.

Before class started, and after Gaara had found a seat, I went up to the large paper-cutter and aligned the pages with the ruler. As I pulled the large blade down, Kakashi came up behind me.

"Ah, Hanasu, you finally finished that story!" I nodded. "Can I read it after class? I'll hand it back to you by the end of the day. Just stop by my room later." He knew he didn't really need to ask, and I handed him the papers (which he was going to bind to a book cover I made when I first told him I was writing a book).

Gaara sat beside me in class. I don't know why. He's confusing. I can read people easily, with so many years of people-watching on my hands, but occasionally, I'll meet people like Gaara. Those who look emotionless, though, are ones who feel the most pain. Take me for example.

I'm 15, grade 10, 5ft tall. My short and light brown hair was pinned to the back of my head and wrapped delicately with a yellow ribbon. I was wearing a pink hoodie sort of shirt, with buckles connecting to the sleeves. Although we have uniforms here, I choose not to wear them because the skirts show girl's underwear at the slightest breeze. So my skirt today was white and slightly ruffled, ending just below the knee.

Despite my 'innocent' appearance, I had a reputation at this school. In my first year, five boys asked me out within the first month. I didn't even know their names! I flipped them all off (with a certain middle finger) and the fifth guy was so persistant I had to punch him.

The next year, I gave up on punching boys, and started kicking them where it hurts. So boys started to avoid me.

That same year, girls began their gossip, mainly including me. I decided not to kick them. No, a punch smack in their high-held noses was good enough.

About ten girls went home with broken noses that year.

Not to mention the pranks I pulled before I came here. For some reason, tales of what I did in grade 7 to my old, and really nasty teacher had reached here.

Meh. Small town.

"Class dismissed." Kakashi inturrupted my thoughts, and the class erupted in chatter. Gaara turned to me.

"I have art next." It was sort of a hidden question. I took the schedule and flipped it over, to where a map (a very vague one at that) was photo copied. Pulling out a red sharpie, I marked a room with 'ART' in bold letters.

That map was so vague, it didn't even give any names or room numbers. Just the layout of the school.

I marked down the rest of his classes as well, and realized that we had last period together. Ignoring that fact, I handed the map/schedule paper back and headed down another hall, heading to –ugh, gym.

Gym, I must say, is probably one of my worst subjects. I don't know why they make me take the damn class, because I have lung cancer and should be excused. But time and time again, they always forget. Not to mention that our teacher, Mr. Halare (he's American, and insists on the 'Mr.'), is really strict and hates me just as much as the students in his class.


I changed quickly and headed into the gym, always first one out. If I linger in the change room, the other four girls will start their teasing. It bugs me, but I get over it.

Once all the other students were out of the change room, Mr. Halare sent us to run five laps (I got tripped by five students, five times. Five isn't my lucky number, that much I can say.) and then do 15 push ups. I tried not to strain myself, and paused half way through the sit-ups to take out my puffer.

I felt a pair of eyes on me. I turned to see Sasuke Uchiha. We're not exactly close, but he's one of the people that doesn't hate me. Pity –vague pity—shone in his eyes as he watched me take the tourture without complaint.

Next we played a short game of soccer before our time was up, and I changed hurriedly, desprate for my lunch hour.

I burst out of the change room and headed for the doors at the far end of the school, stopping at my locker to shove my things in before continuing on. Just before I reached the cafeteria doors, I turned sharply and headed outside into the fresh September air.

Taking deep, cleansing breaths, I headed towards the tree line, walking slowly so I didn't have to pull out my puffer.

After a few minutes of walking, I found my usual spot; a fallen log a few meters from the path. There I sat, nibbling on a piece of buttered bread and listening to the wind, as is my past time.

Footsteps crunched on leaves, signalling someone coming this way. "Hanasu?" the person called.

I turned to see Sasuke, walking in all his glory (according to the Obsessed Fan Girls, or OFG, Sasuke is one of the top five hottest boys in school. What makes him even 'cooler' is that he isn't a playboy. In fact, he hasn't gone out with a single girl since he transferred. I wonder sometimes if he's gay.) up the forest path, brushing leaves and small branches out of the way. The path had only been trodden on by me in the past, so it was in need of a few trimmings here and there. But I liked it all run down, because then it dissuades others from trying to join me.

Well, it obviously wasn't doing a good job, seeing as Uchiha boy was walking through on the first day of school.

I raised an eyebrow in silent question.

"Hanasu, there you are. I have a question for you." I put my fingers in the shape of a gun, motioning for him to 'shoot'. "Why don't you speak up? I saw in gym, those people are deliberately trying to hurt you."

I shrugged.

I'm not exactly comfortable, being in the presence of popular guys. And Sasuke was one of those popular people. He was actually in a band, which added to his glory and fame. He played guitar in a band called Whirlwind. Kiba Inuzuka was drums; Shikamaru Nara was base guitar, as well as singer. Naruto Uzumaki was main guitar of it all, and Sasuke was also the lead singer.

And those are the four 'gods' of Konoha high.

No need to get into details, seeing as this is probably the only time I'll ever be 'blessed' with one of the member's presence.

"Do you want me to speak up for you?"

Do you have blackmail?

I shrugged, paused, then shook my head. There was no point in causing trouble for him. I continued to nibble on my bread.

Suddenly, as a breeze tickled my cheek with the help of a few strands of hair, I felt that something was wrong. Very wrong. I stood up abruptly, causing Sasuke to start. Looking around, I let my senses guide me out of the woods, continuing around the back of the school until I reached the furthest corner of the parking lot, hidden by dense trees.

A soft cry reached my ears, and I knew someone was in trouble. I glanced around, realizing Sasuke was right behind me the whole time. I gestured for him to come forward, and pointed between a few trees to the empty lot beyond.

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