Two Years Later

"You're pathetic! You can die for all I care; you probably won't even die from the actual cancer! Go on, then. Get out."

"I'll prove you wrong. I'll live. I'll start my own life, and then you'll see how wrong you all are."

"Hey, did you year? That new band is wicked cool!"

"I heard they originated because of a school project."

"Is it true that the girl almost died?"

"Didn't her boyfriend try to kill her?"

"No, she wouldn't be in the same band as him if that happened!"

"Eh? Who's her boyfriend?!"

"The lead singer, dumbass."

Ah, how things snowball. Rumours flew, and I sat in the crowd, simply listening in. No one noticed me, as per usual. I was dressed better than the usual find-the-first-clean-clothes kind of wear, in style-ripped jeans and a black t-shirt. My hair was longer, but held back in a pony-tail.

The crowd tensed with anticipation as it got closer to show time. It was an open theatre, meaning anyone could come, and donations were appreciated. It also meant that if there was bad weather, the show wouldn't continue. After all, it was open; to the people, and to the sky. The stars shone down upon the gathered, but no one bothered to look up. I took special care to avoid doing so; for some unknown reason, looking at the stars made me sad.

And tonight wasn't the time to be sad.

Eventually, the curtains opened, and three boys stood on stage. Two had microphones. One silently stood behind the drumset. According to the girls I was eavesdropping on, they all looked hawt.

The guy with brown hair began to speak. "Hey everyone!" The crowd cheered, and he shushed them with a raise of his hand. "I'm Ryo, these are my buds Gaara and Shino! Now I'm sure you've heard the rumours; this was a four-person band, right?" More shouts arose, then faded. "Well, we can't find our fourth member anywhere. Wanna help us look?"

As he was talking, I slinked off to the side, still half in the front row. No one was sitting at all; there were no seats. I climbed onto the stage, out of sight of the two with Microphones, and picked up an electric guitar, all plugged in and everything.

Ryo pretended not to notice as he began describing my features. I proceeded to tuning my guitar, and Gaara tapped his talkative friend on the shoulder. By now, many people were laughing and pointing at me.

"WHAT?!" Ryo barked playfully. "I'm trying to find Hanasu, you know!"

"She's right there." Gaara deadpanned, pointing.

"Oh." He paused, then threw himself back into the enthusiasm of the night. "Alright then, looks like we're ready to get started! Meet Hanasu, everyone!" He gestured towards me as the multitude of people cheered. I made several hand motions (that shushed the crowd, though it wasn't intended) and Ryo blinked.

"Hanasu says Ryo is an idiot," Gaara translated for the audience. I nodded in confirmation. The people roared.

"We are… PLAN B, people!" Ryo roared right back at them, managing to get them louder than before, if possible. I beamed at my fellow band mates and launched into the beginning chords of Until the End, by Breaking Benjamin.

The night went smoothly, and finally, it was time for the last song. It was my favourite, and had actually requested to play it. I didn't expect them to put it as the last song—such a spot was often reserved for the best song.

Is it just me or a message from above
Bells are ringing, push has finally come to shove
The door before me now is opened just enough
I'm sick and tired of waiting
For dreams that never come
Like a game I never played in
And still wish that I had won

I'm Alive
Got one shot and I'm taking it to you
I'm Alive
I've come to realize not a moment too soon
This is my one small step
This is my Walk on the Moon

Don't you think their hands were
shaking as that rocket ship touched down
I'm sure they shivered
when they finally touched the ground
The giant leap so fragile
that it hardly made a sound
But it must have been amazing
What a world they got to see
So I don't care, my foolish fear
Won't get the best of me

I'm Alive
Got one shot and I'm taking it to you
I'm Alive
I've come to realize not a moment too soon
This is my one small step
This is my Walk on the Moon.

Was it the best song?

The crowd certainly seemed to think so. They cheered so loud it was deafening! The rush of such attention mixed with adrenaline caused me to grin insanely at my band mates, who returned the favour. Gaara's grin was more like a smirk…

But I couldn't help myself, and I placed my guitar on the stage floor, and then ran up and into his arms, kissing him full on the mouth. The people around us cheered louder, and there were several 'encore' cries that I was certain I heard.

"Hey, Gaara," I whispered into the redhead's ear, "I think… we're famous."

"Yes, Hana, I believe we are."

He gave me one more kiss before placing me upright on my feet. We took our bows, said our goodbyes, and disappeared into the night…

Okay, not really. We ended up sitting along a plastic fold out table with sharpies in hand, autographing people's shirts or PLAN B merchandise. Yes, we were famous alright.

I sat between Ryo and Shino, something about 'funny business' between myself and Gaara, but it confused me. Whatever.

"Uh, I'm Greg," said a boy, probably our age, who was getting a t-shirt signed by Ryo, who would soon pass it to me. As I signed my name, and scribbled the picture of a flower next to it (a pun on the 'Hana' in my name) the brunet spoke again, "Uh, is it true that you can't speak?" He asked me.

I smiled up at him, but nudged Ryo with my foot, so he could explain.

"Hana had a sickness a while back, and pretty much got her voice removed. She can whisper, but even that's straining."

I made motions with my hands.

"Yeah, that too. She talks with her hands, most of the time."

"Oh, I see. That must be sad."

Greg left. I looked at Ryo with a raised eyebrow. Molded words with my hands.

"…Yeah-huh. Say Shino, Hana says we should make a public announcement."

"About what?"

"That she's mute."

"How many…?"

"Seventy-two people asked about it already."

Shino chuckled. Gaara leaned across the table with questioning teal eyes, feeling left out.

I smiled at him, and he mirrored my expression. The night filled it's glass with our laughter.

Eventually, the crowd thinned out until there was only the odd person who stepped up to our table to get something autographed. A shadow fell across the dewy grass, attracting our attention and smiling faces.

My grin fell as I saw who it was. Ryo greeted the guy, shook his hand... but Shino was the one to ask who he was. Shino and Gaara had both seen the look on my face-- I was a little bit scared.

The man ignored Shino's and Gaara's attempts to figure out who he was, but when I placed a hand on the redhead's shoulder and caught his eye, I shook my head, telling him to stop.

The newcomer spoke first. "Hanasu. You... You really did make it on your own. You proved me wrong... Congratulations." The dark haired man smiled softly, a silent apology of actions from the past.

I stuck out my hand in a brave action-- he took it, and we shook. A silent forgiving.

"Now get the hell outa here," I said hoarsely. He laughed.

"Yeah, yeah, never enough time for your own brother... By the way, news from home-- step-mom left the house, abandoned all us 'children', and dad. ...I'll see you around, Hana."

Then he whispered something, so quiet that only one who spoke in that volume constantly would catch it. All four of us heard the words. The whispered apology.

"I'm sorry."

"That was your brother?" Ryo stressed. I nodded. "Wow."

"What?" Shino inquired.

"He's... he's hot."

"Ryo... are you gay?"

"I might be now! I blame your bro, Hana!" I laughed at him.

The stars winked from above, and all was good... in my world.

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