"Here's your chance to make a difference, Dear. This is what your destiny is to be. You might not be a Charmed One any more, but you can certainly still impact the world. For now obey their rules, and perhaps the Elders will allow you to visit your sisters soon. They should anyway," Grams said as I was preparing to leave. I really couldn't believe the Elders actually did something right! Now, I could do more good…more than sitting on empty space. They even allowed me to keep my witch powers to help my charges…didn't even know that was possible.

The only thing I resent right now: they wouldn't allow me to watch over my sisters when I died. So, now, I have absolutely no idea what I've missed. I'm so disconnected from them. Grams and Mom weren't much help either; they just said that things were as they were meant to be. Whatever that means.

Once the Elders and Grams let me go, I orbed to the Golden Gate Park. They said I should just wait until I hear my charge. This was just as a good a place to wait as any. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring myself to go marathon-orbing. Apparently white lighters can get motion sickness. Haha…who knew?

I honestly felt like a released convict. I hadn't seen the sun or felt the wind or even really breathed for years. Really, you would think Piper and Phoebe would be over me by now...if only they were, then, I could check on them. Anyway, that was what drifted through my head before a bus raced down the road. I froze…I saw her face on a bus, and she looked happy and so, well, so much older than I expected. Phoebe had grown into a mature adult from what that ad showed me, but that showed me how much they didn't need me. If they didn't need me, what was the point in returning? Hey, maybe P3 had hit it off as well.

After an hour's wait, I finally heard a jingling in my head….a shrill ting ting ting. Immediately I orbed to my new charge. When my feet settled on the ground, the woman seemed surprised to see me, not entirely shocked just overly curious. Otherwise, she seemed fine. I smiled nervously, "So what did your old white-lighter say when you first met? Heh, sorry. They didn't exactly give me a manual. What can I help you with?" Her pale face scrunched in confused, not fear. She had dark hair, big brown eyes, oh, and she seemed a bit strange. Soon, she ignored me altogether. Maybe she was having a premonition?

I tapped her shoulder. Actually she did have her eyes closed now, so I tapped her again. This time, however, she caught my hand and commanded, "Stop. I'm trying to concentrate. If you are my new white-lighter, then, you probably just sensed my panic. Nothing I can't handle. Actually I was trying to help my charge." Her words completely stumped me. Why would she have a charge? OK…Why would a white-lighter have a white-lighter?

Eventually she opened her eyes and looked up, "Guess the Elders either sent me to guide you or for you to heal us. If so, they finally did something right. You know if your all 'Go Elders,' we're not gonna get along, "she said with slight sarcasm and a cynical grin. She was kinda scary if you took her words at face value. "Can you follow orbs?" She didn't wait for my response. "Good," she said and in an instant she orbed away. Well, she was obviously a white-lighter. Wow. I'd hate to be her charge. Ok, enough thinking…I quickly followed with my own blue disarray.

I didn't think about where I was going. Being dead apparently dulled my mind. I never considered the possibility of falling into a pit or going to the underworld. Maybe those places wouldn't have stopped my heart, but I orbed right into the attic of my old home. The manor had obviously changed, newer things, baby stuff, more ingredients scattered. I never expected it to stay frozen in time, but who had the baby? I looked around and spotted the white-lighter searching through the Book of Shadows. Expertly - actually, she was looking for something like a woman on a mission…hmm, just like I used to be.

She didn't look up but still acknowledged me, "My name is Paige Mitchell. Sorry I haven't been the most welcoming host, but we've been having a lot of trouble with dark-lighters. In this house, they have to be taken care of quickly. Maybe that's why you're here. Only two of us can heal, but he's too young to use. So maybe that's what you're needed for. Um…maybe you should meet the family….Piper!" This woman might not be too horrible. In fact, she only irked me because she reminded me of my old self, but apparently she knew Piper, so that eased my mind slightly.

From down stairs Piper's voice traveled back up, "In the kitchen!" We went down to the kitchen. Along the way I noticed new pictures, some of which included this woman and some kids I didn't know and even men I didn't know. I somehow let my mind wander to whether or not Cole was still around. How many things could have really changed? Not too much. Right?

When we reached the kitchen, the plate Piper had been holding shattered. Her fingers went slack when she spotted me. Strangely, Piper accused the woman instead of saying anything to me, "Paige, what've you done? You or Phoebe must have cast a spell. Did you?" Piper's eyes glazed over, and Paige looked at me confused until suddenly she started to panic. What was wrong with her?

Anyway Paige shook her head, denying the accusation. With Piper on a rampage, I decided to explain, "Piper, I'm her new whiter-lighter and probably yours. I can't believe it's you. The Elders wouldn't let me look after you. Mom and Grams wouldn't tell me anything either. Piper, we have a lot to catch up on." Astonishingly this caused the tears in Piper's eyes to pour. Soon, she just clung to me. It sort of confused me when I saw Paige smile at me. She seemed excited and nervous. Why would she be this happy? Then, worry etched into her face. She backed away tentatively until she entered the living room. I looked at Piper's overjoyed face and asked, "What's wrong with her?"

Piper shrugged her off, so I did too. Piper looked around and sat me at the table for a moment while she disappeared upstairs. When she came down, my heart leapt. Piper held a little dirty blond boy and a cute brunette by their hands. Piper pointed to the eldest, "This is Wyatt, and this brave little boy is Chris. Surprise! Haha. I had boys." I smiled sweetly as Chris reached for me. Wyatt stayed with his mother, however, and watched me cautiously.

After I cooed at the boys for a little while, I asked a question that wouldn't leave me, "Why do you need two white-lighters?" My naïve question was enough to make Piper stifle a chuckle.

Nonetheless, she answered with all seriousness, "A lot has changed. I'm surprised they didn't tell you actually. We don't have a white-lighter - well, now, we do. Tonight Phoebe and Paige need to be here when we update you, ok? I hope you can survive today without feeling too confused." This just confused me more. She saw my expression, but wasn't' sure what the problem was.

I finally cleared up my new confusion, "Why would Paige be there?" Piper looked at me sympathetically. I know I sounded like a lost, ignorant child. This is what I essentially was. I was lost and ignorant to everything that had happened in the past seven years. It seemed like I had left on a long trip without keeping in contact with my sisters. I felt estranged rather than dead.

At the moment when Piper was about to offer up an explanation, Paige walked in completely oblivious to my presence. She did eventually nervously glance at me like she was waiting for me to attack her. Piper noticed quickly and spoke up, "Paige, it's alright. She won't hate you. You have nothing to feel inferior about. Do you hear me? We got a demon or what? Hey, shouldn't you be at home with Henry anyway?" Paige only nodded determinedly. Piper also caught this and spoke up, "Oh, no, don't go all super-witch on us again. Phoebe and I can only handle one at a time." Paige laughed stiffly.

This exchange confused me…more. Why did she say witch? "You're a witch?" I asked and all I received was a tense, awkward nod. She acted like I was a predator, but why? If anything I should be jealous of her for being so close to my sisters or angry at her rudeness earlier. At least she took care of them. I wasn't mad though…not really.

Piper spoke up to lure me and Paige out of our thoughts, "Paige, can you orb Phoebe over. I'm sure Coop will share her. Wait, is this another huge destiny-changing battle? I can't deal with death again." This hurt my feelings, because I thought it was aimed at me even if it was completely truthful. In our family, death never shows mercy. I could see that Piper meant it in all honesty though. She must have seen my hurt expression, because she added, "It seems that I always have to save you and Phoebe. You remember only two months ago I had to bring you two back." Paige slightly blushed at this and watched me for a reaction.

Paige cleared her throat, almost a different person from the one I initially met, "It's the dark-lighters who have been attacking lately. We have too many family members with white-lighter blood not to take this seriously. I only just learned how to heal. I'll get Phoebe; then, I'll take the boys to Victor's." She said this in a formal manner that I just couldn't believe was her usual manner. She left in the usual white-lighter manner.

I glanced at Piper and waited for her interpretation of the encounter. She sighed in exasperation, "I try to keep her from feeling left out. I really do. All our progress: gone. Guess she feels like she did all those years ago. She feels like this was only a temp job. I know she's so afraid that the hero she's been trying to live up to will either reject her or isolate her. Tonight, I promise you'll understand more." Hero? Who was the hero? I certainly wasn't a hero. No, I died, abandoning my sister's to defend themselves. How is that heroic? I died because I got too cocky, not because the enemy was too strong.

That girl confused me with her odd behavior. She orbed back in with an older version of my Phoebe. My sister instantly rushed forward to tackle me with a bone-crushing hug. I hugged back just as fiercely. I'm just as relieved to see her. Piper spoke up soon, but she sounded so sad, "Phoebes, she doesn't know anything about us anymore. She doesn't even know what happened to Cole or how many times I lost Leo. She doesn't know how many times we have lost each other. She doesn't even know about Chris, the source, the avatars, or Billy and Christy. She doesn't know how strong we've gotten. We have a lot to clear up tonight. She really needs to know about Paige. That's what we are doing tonight. Ok?" Piper's spiel confused me even more! I have never seen her take control like that before. But, then, I had to remind myself she had to become the big sister when I left.

I watched silently (as a white lighter does) as they stood at their battle stations. Paige went to the book. Phoebe went to the couch to write a spell to summon the dark-lighters, and Piper went to the table to make a vanquishing potion. I spoke up out of curiosity and also because I wanted someone to talk to since I wasn't supposed to fight, you know white-lighters being pacifists and all. I'm not the type of woman who sits back. "Where's Leo?" Piper grinned at this question.

Something good must have happened while I was … gone…besides the boys, of course. She replied in a tender tone, " Probably at Dad's with the boys. Pheebes, how's the spell coming?" Phoebe nodded distractedly, still reading over the spell.

Piper - still in charge - ordered us around, "Prue, orb and help Leo protect the boys. Paige, stay behind us. I refuse to have you hurt. You know with your white-lighter side you're the most vulnerable. Well, let's do the spell."

I kept getting hints as to who Paige was. First off, she was half witch and half white-lighter , a very rare person. She could orb and heal. She was really good at protecting my sisters, and I felt as though she had replaced me completely. She was fighting in my spot while I was supposed to go hold down the fort…useless protector. I'm not a brick wall…I'm a machine gun.

I didn't go to Victor's - I figured Leo could orb them out if he needed to. I stayed behind the open door. I watched as Paige reluctantly stood behind Piper. Somehow I realized something was up. Somehow, Paige didn't seem like the type to surrender that easily to orders. I could sense the fighter spirit in her. Maybe she was afraid of dark-lighters. Finally a weakness? Still, she said the spell to summon them. Immediately five dark-lighters dark orbed into the room. One on the left side of the attic began the attack by striking Paige in the stomach with an arrow.

Her face paled and her eyes widened comically, but Piper got furious. Phoebe wasn't far behind Piper's fury. They both attacked with all they had….Blitzkrieg style. Piper attacked with her exploding power. She didn't stop. Then, when they focused on Piper, Phoebe threw the potion. The dark lighters exploded rapidly.

Piper and Phoebe immediately ran to Paige with my name on their tongues. I could hear the panic…see the concern. A little jealousy coursed through me. Look at how close they had become to this stranger right after my death. How could they let her replace me?

Yes, I died, but they still shouldn't have forgotten me this easily. I used to be the one that protected them. I wonder if they cried like that when Shax knocked me through the wall.