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" Let's see what I have to work with."

I hesitated as I sat down in front of Victoria. Yeah, after my rescue we made tracks back to Cloud Nine. When we got there our friends Victoria and Johann greeted us. With them were our lovely prince and his groupies. Yeah, I'm full of sarcasm right now.

Heero rested his hands on my shoulder as what was once my nightmare approached. I was almost happy to see her. Yeah, Tremere were my new nightmare.

She poked and prodded me for a good few minutes. Every time she did so, I jumped a little. Heero would tighten his hand on my shoulder to try and get me to relax. Okay so she still was a nightmare, just not as big of one anymore.

"I can fix you. That's not the issue. The issue is what did they do to you. Until I can give you a full examination I cant be sure if anything I do will be helpful or not. However, I can give you your hair back right away if you want."

I looked up at her and stared dumbly for a moment. "Huh?"

She laughed at me. "I can lengthen your hair no problem. I can even change its color if you wish."

"Okay? Err… Sure?"

Victoria laughed again at my response as she moved Heero aside. I tensed as I felt her stoke my hair. So not relaxing when she does it.

A few moments later she stopped. "There I've restored it to its original length."

I reached behind me and felt the mass of soft silky hair. It was back! Oh hair how I've missed you! I pulled it over my shoulder and started to pet my own hair as I nuzzled it. Okay so I'm really attached to my hair. Leave me alone, I've had a bad…err. How long was I gone?

I looked over at the guys. "Hey guys? How long was I a test subject?"

The boys tensed a little. It was Quatre that broke the silence. "Well, it took us a while to find you. "

That didn't sound good. What weren't they saying? "Guys, how long?"

There was a pregnant pause when Millardo spoke up. "You were gone for over two weeks Mr. Maxwell."

I froze. Two weeks and I was still alive? What the hell? Was that place really that hard to find?

The boys had remained quiet for far to long. I turned to them and stared. "Two weeks?"

It was Quatre that hesitantly nodded. "Yes Duo, two weeks."

"Deathscythe was having just as hard time finding you."

I turned to Heero and stared at him. Okay so I was in shock. That entire hell was only two weeks? It felt like months. I thought it would never end.

"Duo, please say something…" I turned to Wufei. He seemed to look desperate to hear something other than a two-word answer out of me. I would have never imagined the strong Brujah scholar to look that pleading.

"Mr. Maxwell?" I barely noticed a hand waving in front of my face. I turned to see Une standing next to me frowning. "You're in shock."

I just nodded as I entangled my fingers into my hair. I vaguely noticed that my hair now had highlights it didn't have before. Reddish highlights mixed in with its usual chestnut color. There was some blonde as well.

"Obviously we wont be able to ask him about his captivity today."

For once Une was right. I wasn't ready to answer any questions. I wanted my bed, Heero and to just hide for a week.

"I think it's time we left." Milliardo ushered his entourage out. Victoria and Johann were the next to leave.

"I will be back tomorrow night Maxwell. I fully intend to find out what they did to you."

I just nodded as Victoria left. Yeah, I'm not looking forward to that.

"Duo, you should go to bed."

I looked up at Quatre. He looked worried. Hell, they all looked worried. I just nodded and slowly stood u and walked to my room. I shut the door behind me and crawled into bed.


Whimper. Thrashing. Pain. Screaming.

I bolted up in bed and nearly fell out. I scooted away from the bed and fell back onto my pillows. I was covered in a cold sweat and breathless. The nightmares…

There was the sound of my door opening. I glanced at it and saw Heero in the doorway. I watched as he made is way over to the bed and sat down on the side "You were screaming."

I just nodded as I lay there and curled up in the blankets. "Yeah, I know…"

There was silence for a while. "Do you want me to sleep in here?"

I nodded. "Yeah."

I felt him slide under the covers as I rolled over on my side facing away from him. I felt him scoot up behind me and slip his arms around my waist. I tensed as he brushed past some of the stitches and scars on my side. Okay so I was sensitive about those. Some of the stitches still itched.

Heero stroked my hair gently as he held me. I guess he felt me tense and was trying to calm me down. It wasn't helping.

The door creaked open again. "How is he Heero?"

Quatre. I could feel him and the rest behind the door. I sighed and pulled the covers over my head.

"He's having a hard time sleeping."

I felt them slip into the room and sit on the bed around me. I felt someone reach out and touch my thigh gently and give me a reassuring pat. I'm willing to bet that was Q-ball.

"Would it be okay if we all stayed here today? The sun's going to be up soon."

Fei sounded unsure and nervous. That didn't sound like Wufei. I poked my head out from under my blankets. All of them looked worried. I nodded. "Y-yeah."

They didn't need a second invite; they crawled into bed and under the covers. Heero tightened his grip on my waist as Quatre curled up beside me with Trowa and Wufei next to him. We were all one giant puppy pile. I have to admit, it was comforting.

I was soon drifting off, as they all feel asleep for the day.


I felt someone stroke my hair as I started to wake up. I snuggled close to the person in front of me and sighed softly. I didn't want to wake up. I was in my happy, floating between consciousness and unconsciousness place. I like that place.

"Duo, time to wake up. Victoria's here."

I groaned as Heero whispered into my ear. I don't want to see her. I want to sleep. Please let me sleep.

"Come on Duo, she's here to fix you. We can't keep her waiting."

Now Quat was starting in. Why cant people just let me enjoy this peace and quiet? I groaned as pushed the covers off of me. I was still nestled between Heero and Quatre. Trowa was stretched out across the foot of the bed and Wufei somehow managed to stretch out across the head of the bed. My guess is that people moved me down in my sleep.

I sighed as I sat up. "Fine, fine, just let me get dressed."

Quatre smiled at me as he nodded. The guys slipped out of bed and left me alone to get dressed.

I winced as I caught sight of my bare torso in a mirror. There were old scars all over my back. Those had been there from when I was a child so they were very faint. I'm willing to bet I'm the only one that even noticed them anymore. There were stitches littered all over my chest and stomach. There was one line of stitches that went from the back of my neck, over my collarbone and ended in the middle of my sternum. Why did they cut into me so much? I looked like Frankenstein's Monster. What was the point? None of the stitches looked like they were over vital areas.

I slipped on a plain black T-shirt. It was a little baggy on me, but hey, I wasn't up to wearing a tight shirt right now. I slipped on a pair of grey sweat pants. I definitely don't feel like dressing up.

I took one more look at myself in the mirror. I didn't even bother braiding my hair. I noted that it was still straight and not tangled. Did someone brush it while I slept? I'll have to ask later.

I slipped out of my bedroom and sighed at the sight before me. Victoria was there with Johann talking with Wufei and Quatre. I remained quiet as I waited for them to notice me.

That didn't take long. "I see Mr. Maxwell is awake."

I winced a little as Victoria pulled away from the group and headed towards me. She stopped a few feel in front of me and smiled. "I would like to get started right away Mr. Maxwell. This is going to take awhile. Mr. Winner has set aside a room for my use. I promise there will be no pain."

I hope she was right. I had to stop myself from bolting back into my bedroom and locking the door. Not that it would do any good. I know for a fact that doors don't stop her.

Heero pulled me a reassuring hug as I passed him as I followed Victoria. That made me feel a little better.


I lay down on the cot provided for this and closed my eyes. I tried not to whimper as I felt my flesh part for her hands. I could feel the air hit things it shouldn't have.

When she got done with one set of stitches, she would move on to the next. I winced every time she pulled out the medical floss used to sew me back up.

The very last area that she tackled was the stitches around my neck. "Alright Mr. Maxwell. Almost done. I just need you to lay on your side while I examine this one as well."

I rolled on to my side and winced as I felt her fingers prod around my neck. Air should not be hitting vertebrae and the surrounding muscle tissue. That has got to be the most unsettling thing I have ever felt, and slightly painful.

I whimpered as I felt her pull something out of my flesh with a resounding pop.

"Hm… Interesting."

"Yeah well, faun over it later, put me back together. This is painful." I stated as I stared a head at the wall.

"Patience Mr. Maxwell. I'm just about done."

A few more minutes later and I was pulling my shirt back on and stitches free. Okay so I have to admit, that flesh thing she does is pretty handy.

Victoria gave me a glance and paused. In her hands was some sort of round object. She had been cleaning it and her hands off. "Mr. Maxwell, you're still human correct?"

I gave her a puzzled look. "Yeah? No one bit me or fed me if that's what you mean."

"Then care to explain something to me? Your aura has changed. It has the appearance of someone that has committed diablerie."

Okay that threw me off. "Err… Not a clue?"

"I see."


You know, if I never have to see this damned place again it will be too soon. Yeah, we were back at the Tremere's hide out. I was surprised to find out that it was just an old house set back in the woods. It looked a lot bigger from the inside.

"Mr. Maxwell, if you would be so kind, please lead the way."

Yeah Johann was with us. Victoria had handed whatever it was she found over to him and opted to stay behind as we headed back to this hellhole. I don't want to be here. I want to be anywhere but here.

I grumbled as I entered the place. Okay so there was a front door. Why the hell couldn't I find it the last time? That would have made things so much easier.

I felt Deathscythe stir as we passed the thresh hold. She had been quiet since my rescue. I don't know why. She felt like she was waking up. I wandered through the house with the others in tow. Where were the missing doorway and maze like hallways? This place looked positively average now.

It doesn't take me long to find the library. I watch as they started to go through the books. Johann was taking titles off the shelf and putting them in a bag he had brought with him. I made my way over to the desk I had hid under the last time I was here. The book was still on the desktop and opened to the page about 'Mortis Spiritis'. Deathscythe's real name.

I closed the book and picked it up. I held it as I waited for the others to get done. I looked around curiously. Trowa and Heero were missing. Where were they?

'The lab.'

I nodded absently as I headed out the door and down the hall towards the lab that was my prison at one point.

I found them poking around the destroyed lab. The place had been ransacked and cleared out. We didn't do that. I shook my head and decided to take a closer look. My eyes were drawn to the glass cases near where my braid had been held. The monkey's paw and mummy's hand were missing. It looks like whoever took them had the keys.

"Hey guys, during the fight, did you see two vamps that looked like opposites? One had white messy hair with gold eyes and the other had black messy hair with blue eyes."

Heero and Trowa exchanged glances. "No Duo, none of the dead matched that description."

Shit. If what Tro said was true then Night and Moon were still alive somewhere. I didn't like that idea. I really don't like that idea.

"Well shit. Then they escaped."

Heero gave me a worried look. "Who escaped?"

"My captors. Night and Moon."

Tro and Heero exchanged looks again. Yeah, they were as worried as I was. It looks like my nightmare wasn't over yet.


"We gained quite a bit of data from that specimen."

"Did you expect anything less Mr. Moon?"

"No of course not Mr. Night. "

"However, our cover has now been blown."

"Very true. The Tremere council will be sending in someone to investigate."

"No doubt about that. They would be most adamant about finding the two they missed in Mexico City."

"So true Mr. Moon. We better lay low for a while."

"Yes, of course."

The two men silently slipped out of Cloud Nine as they watched Duo and his entourage returned from going over their old chantry. Both men knew what they would find the book, various tomes on the occult and one or two abandoned experiments. That was it. They took everything else of value with them. Now it was just a waiting game for them.


"Great, now what." I grumbled as I paced my room. Yeah, we finished raiding the hellhole. Johann found who knows what in that library but other than books, that's it. We found nothing else. Just books. Someone really cleaned out the place before we got there. I was worried.

"Now we wait Duo, there's no avoiding it."

I glanced at Quatre and grumbled. I hate waiting. I seriously hate waiting. It usually meant that the bad guys have time to come up with something scarier than what they have in the first place. I hate it when they do that.

"Can't we just get whoever the hell is in charge of the Tremere to had over the assholes?"

There was a pause. "I wish."

Quat almost sounded wishful. Damn. "Why not?"

"Because according to clan Tremere, they don't exist."

Huh? What the hell? "What the hell do you mean they don't exist? I had stitches stating they do."

"I know Duo, but according to the nearest Tremere Chantry, they don't exist."

Pause. "What the fuck?"

Q-ball shrugged "They're sending an official representative to come and figure this out."

Great, just what I need, more annoying blood-drinking mages. Save me now.