Chapter 1

My name is Hinamori Momo; I am a shinigami or in other words a death god who helps protect the human world from vicious enemies that hunt down the dead souls that roam around the world of the living. I grew up in Junrinan, District 1 of Rukongai, but I have no recollection of my past life there. The only thing I do remember is that Soul Society was betrayed by my once kind-hearted captain; Aizen-taichou and ever since the war between shinigami and arrancar have ended, I've been supervised by my two new companions- Fujitake, Kai and his wife Fujitake, Tomoe. But I see them as a nii-san and onee-san. From then on, Kai nii- san and Tomoe onee- san have both taken positions as captains, with me under onee-san and Kai nii- san supervising squad 3. For the past 25 years since the war, my life has always been a dream like the dreams I still have when I am in a winter wonderland but instead the colour of red coats the ice and snow. But I still wonder…

"Hinamori-chan, could you at least pay attention for once and stop day dreaming?!!" yelled Rima-sensei. That's my teacher who teaches me in Karakura High School. Oh! That's right I forgot to mention 10 years after the war had ended I was assigned on a "very" special mission as stated by onee-san.

"Momo, I need you to do me a favour not as my little sister but as my vice-captain, I will need you to go to the human world and supervise there from now on. But do not worry you will also be escorted along with a few other shinigami. This will be your "very" special and permanent mission from now on."

I wasn't even allowed to object or ask for a reason! But what only makes it even worse is that I am not even allowed to return to Soul Society till sunset! Same goes for my other companions- Yumi-chan, Kuchiki-san, Abarai-kun, Kira-kun, and other people's names who I can't remember. But it seems that Kuchiki-san and Abarai-kun were accepted back to Soul Society because they had come down with a serious illness, ever since then I've only seen them when I return to Soul Society.

I was snapped out of my thoughts again as I felt Yumi-chan poke my face with her pencil. I turned to see that the whole class had gone silent. "Yes?" I answered after a few minutes, but what surprised me most was that the whole entire class roared in laughter. I couldn't help but keep the blood from rushing to my face. Rima-sensei had silenced the class before answering me "Hinamori-chan! It seems that you can't pay attention as I had asked you that question 5 minutes ago! So I guess its attention for you." I wanted to protest but I knew I wouldn't have been able to come up with a reasonable answer so I sighed in defeat and nodded. My detention hadn't taken long as I expected because Rima-sensei knew that I was in fact a good student as I still kept up with the regular "day" schedule. It was only due to the mission I was assigned from onee-san. I said my farewell to sensei, then immediately dashed to my home which was an also recommended prop for my mission even it's completely unused half the time I am here. Hey! No one knows about my mission besides other shinigami.

I grabbed all my things necessary to bring back home from my mission; reports, and homework from Karakura School. Then I was on my way back to Soul Society.

Meanwhile in Soul Society

"Didn't you tell her to meet us at exactly 5:30 because isn't that usually when it's sun down over there?" asked Kai.

"Would you please calm down? Geez...You're so impatient sometimes it's only been 10 minutes since 5:30. Sometimes I wonder why I ever married you." Tomoe spat at him.

Kai hissed at her but ignored her completely while he continued tapping his foot.

"Sorry!" I yelled as I saw my older siblings standing by the Sōkyoku but they completely ignored me as they seemed to be in their own heated argument. As I caught up to them I noticed that Kai nii-san was glaring at me, I twitched. "What?!" I asked dumbfounded. "I didn't do anything wrong did-" I was cut off by nii-san when he grumbled. "You're late."

'I was only late by..." I continued to finish by was cut off by onee-san. "5 minutes" I glanced over at her to see her smiling sweetly at me. She's always been so kind to me that's why I love her as for Kai nii-san, he's always has his pet peeves about me, but I know he only uses excuses to cover up his concern for me, so I love him too. I turned back to nii-san "Gomenasai." I said with a bow, but instead I felt a quick rush of wind by me and he was there patting my head. Without meeting my eyes he said "It's okay, I'll let you go this time." As he ruffled my hair, I gave him a smile and a quiet "Arigatou."

I didn't know why onee-san and nii-san were in such a rush today, it wasn't usually this hectic when I arrived back home. Everywhere I looked shinigami were running wild to the eastern area of Soul Society. I didn't have time to ask a question as nii-san lifted me into his arms and then we were flying following the other groups of shinigami. The pressure of the wind hurt my face so I turned my head into nii-san's chest, and then we suddenly stopped. I lifted my face towards two large doors ahead of me, nii-san had placed me gently on my feet and then everyone who surrounded me including my older siblings bowed down in one swift movement. I looked at all of them in confusion but then I turned towards the door to see another group of shinigami entering. I had to squint to see whose faces they were but when I tried to take a step closer, I felt a cold sweaty hand snatch my wrist, and I didn't have time to tell who it was as I was frozen in my tracks.

Not to far from me now the group kept walking, I thought I had gone deaf as I couldn't even hear a single sound, I couldn't hear the sounds of the footsteps of the shinigami approaching me or even a single breath of the bowed shinigami around me as I was the only one standing now. I closed my eyes to take a deep breath to calm by nerves but the nerves that were meant to wash away never happened as the presence of shinigamis were in front of me. I opened my eyes to see each of them standing; unmoving, but I still could not see their faces as they were covered by tan coloured cloaks. Then the world froze over me again as the person at the front of the group, the leader I suppose took 2 elegant steps towards me. My heart was pounding in my chest as I couldn't even take one breath I wanted; it was like this person had completely hypnotized me. Hypnotized. The word echoed in my mind as one person flashed back to me from my memories. It can't be. I thought to myself yet I stood there like a helpless child held back by their own will. The figure in front of me shifted, I clenched my hand into a fist that was now set free of who ever had held me back before. I heard a weird noise somewhere; it was hard and raspy like someone was choking. The individual in the tan cloak extended his hand towards me No please. Don't. Oh, please don't touch me. I hadn't realized I was shaking as I thought of one man who could have held me in my very tracks someone I didn't want back in my life once again. I felt the touch of the man's fingers brush my clenched fist, but he continued past my fingers then his fingers where under my hand. I realized that he was now holding my wrist with my fingers outspread across his large palm, his hand was hard, rough, and cold, but his touch was delicate and soothing. I began to close my eyes as the man got down on one knee while his other hand extended to his head to grasp the tan cloak. I couldn't see what he was doing or who he was because I was afraid of what would happen if I saw him again. I felt his fingers trace the line of my palm; I shivered at his touch, and squeezed my eyes tighter. Then I was forced to take one step forward, in that one moment I had to open my eyes as I was being tugged towards him, but when I saw him my step fell as light as snow to the ground. It wasn't him. I let out all the air that I held in my chest as the man in front of me looked deep into my eyes, his gaze burning into me, and then he gazed towards my hand breaking my trance. Slowly he brought my hand towards his face then the blood began to rush to my face. I can't speak! I forced out the first words that came into my head.

"Hitsugaya-kun." I sighed. He stopped my hand in the moment I would have felt his lips against my skin. In one moment, I felt fear but then I corrected myself as soon as I said my first mistake. "Hitsugaya-taichou." I thought I saw the slight curve of his lips but it disappeared in an instant as I felt his cold lips against my skin. My deep red blush still hadn't disappeared as it only turned deeper when he met my eyes again, never letting go of my hand he stood in one swift movement, as his eyes melted my soul. He said "I am home."

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