Unlike Yesterday

Chapter Eight

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Plot Outline: She had once been such a strong person. It seemed nothing on earth or outer space frightened her. Suddenly everything has fallen and she goes to the one person who was always there. Despite his shock at her reappearance in his life, he vows to protect her no matter what. With evil out to get them, what will the cost of that protection be? (Diz/Goss) (AU)

The handset fell from his hands and onto the desk. His mind seemed to shut down for a full minute as he began to imagine the consequences. How had Baker managed to find his apartment and how had he managed to get in. He had only just promised Rico, not five minutes ago, that it was impossible for Baker to set foot inside the apartment, if he could find it. He shook his head fiercely. He needed to get a grip. The longer he took here, the more time Baker had to hurt her at the apartment and the worse off she would be when he arrived. He seized his wallet, phone and keys from his desk and pushed back with such a force that he knocked several stacks of files flying. He stormed out into the hall. His secretary looked alarmed and almost like she wanted to stop him.
"Just leave it all, I'll fix it later. There is something I have to do."
She must have assumed that it had something to do with the conference call he had just had with the Roughnecks because she relaxed and nodded before her eyes returned to the computer screen in front of her. He mentally congratulated himself for bringing his car in as he walked briskly to the elevators. It was not something that he usually did but he had wanted to get home to Dizzy as soon as possible and his car was the fastest option he had available, so he had driven into work. As the doors of the elevator closed and he began the decent to the underground car park, he began to consider his options. Physically he and Baker were almost evenly matched. Baker undoubtedly had the advantage of regular training sessions but Goss had plenty of experience on his side. He also had the perfect motivation, his anger toward Baker could give him the edge he needed but he knew that he had to keep himself controlled. Any advantage he had would be lost if he couldn't keep that anger in check. The elevator doors sprung open and he leapt out bolted towards his car. He unlocked it and threw everything onto the front passenger seat. Jamming the keys into the ignition and throwing the car into reverse; he flew out of the parking space and out of the garage. As he turned the car in the direction of his apartment; he looked to the heavens and prayed he wasn't too late. He would never be able to live with himself if he was.

Dizzy wondered where she was, everything was black. Her eyes fluttered open. Everything hurt; it felt like she had been hit by a freight train. Lying down she realised something. It wasn't the guest bed that she was occupying. There were only two bedrooms in the apartment and therefore it was Gossard's bed she was lying in. Suddenly her body stiffened as her memories returned. Baker, here, in the apartment. She attempted to sit up and found she couldn't. Looking to the wrought iron headboard, she realised that she was tied to it by her wrists. She sucked in a sharp breath. She couldn't remember anything after Baker slamming her head into the wall in the living room. There was a noise outside the room and she twisted around until she could see the door.
"Ah, you're finally awake sweetheart. I was wondering if you were ever going to wake. I need you conscious and coherent for later."
Baker stepped into the room. He looked at her, tethered to the bed. He was pulling a chair behind him, which he appeared to have been modifying while she had been dead to the world. Dizzy looked at the chair and saw that Baker had attached ropes to the arms and legs; it was one of the chairs from the foyer downstairs. Baker saw where she was looking and smiled at her.
"I plan to drive him insane. He will have the prime seat for the show we are going to give him. His hero complex will force him to try and save you, but these chains will prevent anything of the sort."

He shook the ropes at her and laughed as she shuddered before he began positioning the chair to his liking. Dizzy watched him with a horrified expression. He had been serious, that night when she and Goss had seen him after dinner. He was going to torture and rape her and force Goss to watch. She couldn't let that happen, she wouldn't survive it but she had a feeling that Baker intended to ensure that neither of them lived to tell the tale and knowing what he had planned for them; she wasn't entirely sure that she wanted too.
"He won't fall for this. You won't trap him."
She desperately tried to sound more confident than she felt. She knew that Goss was probably already on his way here and maybe if she distracted Baker, he could sneak in undetected. Baker turned to look at her, distracted from his task.
"Of course he will. He's in love with you. He always has been, just like you have always been in love with him. Don't think I haven't noticed. He'd die for you and that, my dear, is exactly what he is going to do."
Dizzy shook her head fiercely and glared at him. Baker just smirked at her and went back to his task.
"You won't get away with this, even if you kill both of us. Someone will find out and the Roughnecks will know it was you. They'll make sure you'll pay."
Baker dropped the ropes he had been rearranging and approached the bed. Dizzy tried to scramble away from him but had to stifle a cry as the ropes cut into her wrists. He reached out and pressed down on her cheek and she flinched. There must have been a bruise there; she didn't want to imagine what he might have done to her while she was unconscious. He lent close to her ear, she shuddered as she felt his breath of her skin.
"You cannot imagine what I have planned for you and your smart mouth. I will break you to within an inch of your life. Perhaps I will send you off with your boyfriend but I will most likely keep you, you belong to me. I shall simply tell my adoring public that he had you imprisoned here. I killed him to save you, my one true love. They believe anything I tell them. Why should this be any different? I have all the evidence I need and your testimony and your obvious injuries will be the most compelling of all."

Dizzy shut her eyes and took a deep breath. She was going to pay for what she said next but she knew that she had to do it. Unless Goss was a hell of a lot smarter than she was, neither of them would survive. Baker had sat back and she heard him rummaging around beside the bed for something. She was too terrified to imagine what it might be, but she wasn't going down without a fight.
"I will never lie to anyone for you again. I made that mistake before and it drove me away from the people that did love me. You're right. It was always Goss that I loved over you and I'm not afraid of you anymore."
Her head snapped sideways as his fist connected with the side of her face. She felt her head being forced back upwards, his hand under her chin and opened her eyes to see Baker's furious face. He had a rag in his hand and was straddling her, preventing her from moving her legs. He leant down into her face and placed one hand over her throat, reducing the amount of air going into her lungs and causing her to gasp for air.
"You are testing my patience, my little whore. You are making it very hard for me not to silence you now once and for all. What your beloved is going to see now, is going to be so much worse and as for you. . . . I intend to force you into hell on earth."
He sat back and forced the rag into her face, pressing on her throat with the other hand; forcing her to seek more oxygen. She felt herself begin to grow drowsy and realised that it was chloroform that he had put on the rag. She desperately tried to stay awake and saw through the haze that he had removed the rag and was rooting around in the duffel bag, pulling out another long length of rope. As she lost her battle with the drug, her last thought was of Goss and a desperate prayer that he wouldn't come for her, that he would be sensible and stay away. . .

Goss tore into the underground car park of his apartment building. Simultaneously amazed and thankful that he didn't receive a speeding ticket for he was well above the legal speed limit and the traffic wasn't as bad as it usually was but he had still wasted a good hour getting home. Baker would have to have been in the apartment for longer than that and he was horrified at himself for taking so long. He hurried to the elevator and was again thankful to find that it was already on the car park level. He punched the penthouse button and waited impatiently for the lift to rise. He thought that his latest plan was the best that he had come up with on the drive. He just had to get in and get out. Find Dizzy and get her out, render Baker incapable of following them if required; before alerting the police. He couldn't risk fighting Baker in the apartment over Dizzy. There was a chance he could lose and that was not a chance he was even remotely willing to take. He had the advantage of knowing the apartment back to front and he hoped that it would be enough.

The lift arrived and he stepped out and quietly crept toward the door. He already had his key out but decided to try the handle just in case. He twisted it and found it unlocked. Goss took and deep breath and stepped quietly over the threshold and into the place that had once been home. He saw that the sideboard in the hallway had been overturned and as he looked around the corner into the living room; he saw the definite signs of a struggle. The TV was smashed, the couch overturned and as he looked at the wall, his stomach dropped. Blood was smeared on it, trailing down toward the floor. It looked as if someone's legs had given out from underneath them as they slid down the wall and he prayed that whatever injury Baker had given Dizzy; it wasn't too serious. He continued on his path down the hallway, he saw that all the doors were closed except for the one leading to his room, at the end of the corridor, which was slightly ajar. After another quick look in the living room and kitchen, Goss decided to start in his room and work his way back through the others. Stepping around the debris of the sideboard, careful not to step on anything that would make noise; he snuck towards his bedroom. He reached the door and took another deep breath before pushing it open the rest of the way.

What he saw when he opened the door took his breath away. Tied eagle spread to his bed, unconscious, was Dizzy. He completely forgot that Baker was somewhere in the apartment, as he raced forwards and fell to his knees beside her. He could see bruises on her face and along her arms. He was thankful to find her still dressed but knew that it didn't mean anything. Baker could already have raped her but he prayed it wasn't so. He reached up to untie her wrists and tried to wake her up.
"Dizzy, you have to wake up. I have to get you out of here. Come on baby, please, please wake up."
He managed to get one wrist undone and brought it down, noticing the rope burn from where it had cut into her wrist. She had been struggling against the bonds, it hadn't done her any good but she had been able to resist. As he was examining her wrist, her hand moved. His eyes flicked up to her face.
"Come on Diz, wake up. I need to get you out of here. Please."
Her eyes fluttered open and she groaned, before letting her eyes fall shut again.
"Goss. No. Can't be here. . . Go. . . quick."
Her eyes shot open again she struggled to sit up before knocking him over with her flailing hand.
"You can't be here. He's outside on the balcony. GO! Quickly, before he comes back. He wants to kill you. He's going to kill you."
Dizzy whispered fiercely as she looked fearfully at the balcony. Goss decided to use her brief distraction to take in her injuries, catching her hand to force it to stop moving so he could see her properly and become enraged when he saw the damage to her body. Bruises, cuts and gashes littered her frame. He pulled her chin to look at him.
"I'm not going without you and I'm going to kill him for what he's done to you. He isn't going to get away with it anymore."
She tore her eyes away from him and screamed.
He swung around but felt something collide with the side of his head. He hit the ground and he groaned as he rolled over. Baker's face was swimming in his vision and he saw he had a knife to Dizzy's loose wrist.
"So kind of you to join us. You have no idea what I'm going to do to her. . . just for you."
The last thing he saw as his eyes slipped closed was Baker dragging the knife across her skin and as he slid into darkness; all he could hear was her screams.