Hey guyz. For the record, this is officially my second fanfic. Although I was suppose to go on about a 3 week hiatus before I wrote another one, I read a really interesting fic (I'll tell you the title and the author at the bottom) in here but it's been like 4 months since the author last updated it (which is really sad since his fic was quite a good read). So I got this idea for my fic because of him but the story and plot is different (that I assure you). So here's chapter 1.



Why was he running..?

All he knew was that he had to run as fast as he could to get away from that place… but why?

The dirt and grime of the city was staining his navy blue fatigues but he couldn't have cared less. There was danger a foot, something big was going to happen very soon and he needed to distance himself from that place as much as possible.


He suddenly saw a young girl knocked down by the throng of people bustling around the street. She was clad in a pink dress while a red jacket covered her fragile body. Her chestnut brown hair was braided by a pink ribbon as she carried a basket of white and yellow lilies in her hand. She was an odd contrast to the gray landscape of the city.

She slowly stood up and calmly brushed the dirt from her pink dress. As she looked at him with eyes of emerald green he was quickly taken aback. There was something about her that made his heart stop… something intangible that he could not fathom.

'Excuse me. What happened?' she asked him.

Before he even knew it, words that he didn't think of saying escaped from his mouth.

"Nothing… hey, listen."

The girl was silent for a moment… wanting to hear what he had to say. But he didn't have anything in particular to say to her. He didn't even know what had compelled him to speak in the first place.

His eyes wandered off to the white and yellow lilies in the girl's basket and without even knowing it the words had already flown out of his breath.

"Don't see many flowers around here…"

'Oh, these? Do you like them? They're only a gil…'

The girl took a white lily from her basket and showed it to him.

He felt his hand reach for his pocket as he slowly pulled out a coin and gave it to the girl.

'Oh thank you! Here you are!'

And as the girl handed the small lily to him, they're hands touched and he suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. And as the girl slowly walked away he felt a strange feeling of longing… He wanted to see her again… someday.

'Ranma, you dummy! We're gonna be late!' the voice of a young girl echoed through the house.

A black haired young man quickly awakened from his sleep, his deep blue eyes squinting because of the sun's rays. He slowly sat up and ran his fingers through his hair.

"What a weird dream…" he said to himself.

He immediately stood up and prepared himself for the coming day.

After a few minutes the black haired young man, who was now wearing his usual red Chinese tailored shirt and black pants, had left the old dojo were he lived and was being accompanied by a young girl. The girl was roughly the same age as he was and had short blue hair that resembled the ocean in the peak of summer; she was also dressed in a green school uniform.

They were running now, trying their best not to be late for the day's class.

'This is all your fault, Ranma! You overslept again!' she scolded.

"Quit it Akane!" Ranma replied. "Less talk, more running!"

As both of them continued on their way, the boy named Ranma suddenly saw a small white lily at the corner of his eyes.

He quickly stopped and kneeled in front of the flower. He slowly reached for the lily and plucked it from its grassy bed. As he looked at the flower, the image of the young girl in his dream suddenly flashed in his mind. The image was so vivid… so crisp… He could clearly see the emerald green eyes of the "flower girl" staring at him. A strange feeling quickly engulfed his whole body. His heart started pounding violently against his chest. It was beating so fast and so loud that he thought that it was going to explode.

'Ranma!!' it was Akane.

Ranma was immediately brought back to reality.

'Come on! Let's get going already!'

Ranma quickly stashed the small flower inside his bag and made his way to Akane.

Okay so there it is… If you haven't guessed it yet, this is a Ranma – FF7 crossover. I'll try to stay true to the game as much as I can (which is why I used some dialogue from the actual game) but there will be times when I have to add, subtract, or change the dialogue for certain purposes such as: trying to not make this fic too long, something that concerns the main plot, or to add a bit of excitement. But the main theme of the game will not be damaged and so will the main plot of this fic. I'll continue this if you guys think that it's good. RnR please.

Author's Note: Like to give credit to the fic that inspired me to write this (Reincarnation Materia by: Vex The Warlord). Oh! And one more thing… I'm a Cleris (Cloud x Aerith Supporter).