The Fujioka Brothers

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Chapter Four

Haruhi yawned and stretched as warm sunlight streamed through the window and onto her face. She blinked and then paused and listened to the soft music that was playing. She looked around for the source of the sound until she remembered the headphones on her ears and pulled them off. A small smile formed on her face as she heard a sleepy mumble from her right side.

Hikaru mumbled again and snuggled his head closer to Haruhi's neck and sighed contentedly. Kaoru was resting on her other shoulder and they both were holding one of her hands each. She pulled her hands free gently and the twins mumbled in sync. She chuckled softly and smoothed Kaoru's hair out and gently shook him awake. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled warmly at her. Haruhi smiled back and repeated the gesture to Hikaru, who groaned in protest before finally waking up.

Hikaru groaned and rubbed his eyes, "I was comfy."

Kaoru nodded, "Me too."

Haruhi laughed and shook her head, "I agree, but we have three hours before school starts. You need to get changed into your uniforms… after I've made us all some breakfast that is." She stood from the couch and picked up the blanket they had been wrapped in and folded it neatly. She handed Hikaru his headphones before leaning down to kiss his cheek. As he blinked in surprise she repeated the gesture to Kaoru. She pulled away and grinned at them both before hurrying into her room to change and then prepare breakfast, and all the while the twins sat on the couch with pleasantly surprised looks on their faces.

At Ouran High School: Host Club

Haruhi and the Twins walked together in a line towards the pink doors of the Host Club. They all traded a small knowing smile with one another before Kaoru pushed the doors open and …

"There they are!"

"Haruhi-kun is it true?"
"Hikaru, Kaoru why didn't you tell us?"

The trio were grabbed by their hyperactive fan girls and pulled over the threshold with impressive strength.

Kaoru and Hikaru caught Haruhi as she over balanced before turning their attention to the "Moe" screaming girls, "What are you talking about?"

Renge's laughter sounded as she appeared on her platform. She swept a hand out dramatically as a large screen appeared, "We are talking about this of course!"

Haruhi, Kaoru and Hikaru's jaws all dropped, "What is that?"

Kyoya appeared… and he was smiling. Haruhi instinctively shivered and subconsciously stepped closer to the twins. Kyoya pulled out his ledger and flipped it open, "We received this photo last night and are now selling it to fans. The idea of your secret three-way relationship seems to be settling in very well with the customers."

Hikaru's face turned red, "Whaddya mean secret relationship?"

"That's right, we haven't done anything secret!" Kaoru's face was a fraction lighter than his brother's.

Kyoya shook his head and shrugged, "I don't really care, the money is good so play it for all it's worth if you have too." He turned to Haruhi, "Oh yes, and your brothers told me to inform you that a car will be picking you up in ten minutes to take you to their estate, apparently there is something you should be informed about as soon as possible."

Haruhi tilted her head confusedly, "Do you have any idea what it's about Senpai?"

Kyoya looked thoughtful, "All I was told was that it was about your Grandfather's will…"

Kaoru and Hikaru turned away from the screaming fan girls in time to see Haruhi bolt from the room, looking ghostly pale and shaking.

At The Fujioka-Harada Family Estate

Haruhi thanked the limo driver and pulled herself from the car. Her brothers and their mother were waiting at the front of the mansion on the steps. She bowed respectively to them and greeted the dark haired, green eyes, attractive woman, "Hello Harada-san, I hope I'm not intruding."

The woman smiled, "Of course not Haruhi-chan, and please call me Harriet-san, we're too familiar for the formality."

Haruhi nodded and hugged her brothers. Hatori was smiling about something and Hiro looked as though he were bursting to say something, but didn't dare. Harriet smiled, "Well then, shall we get down to business. Do you know why you're here Haruhi-chan?"

Haruhi tilted her head, "Not exactly. My Senpai only mentioned something about Grandfather's will."

Harriet's smile slipped slightly and she bit her lip before smiling unconvincingly, "Don't worry Haru-chan, we'll have it all sorted."

Haruhi blinked as her brothers took hold of her hands tightly, they were shaking slightly.

Harriet was sitting on one side of a giant desk, the three teenagers sat opposite her. She accepted a large stack of paper from her attendant and flipped to the bit she needed, "Now Haru-chan, you know that you are legally set to inherit a third of all of this family's businesses when you turn eighteen, along with your brothers."

Haruhi nodded.

"Well we know that you turned it down, but I'm afraid you can't do that."


"In stipulation with Grandfather's will, you can't renounce your inheritance without several penalty clauses being invoked." Harriet's voice was shaking lightly as she read the page in front of her.

"What clauses? Why can't I renounce my inheritance?"

"W-well you've already rejected the suitor Grandfather accepted for you correct?"

"Yes I did, so?"
"Well… are you happy at Ouran?"

"Yes I am."

"And -are you in a relationship at the moment?"

"Yes I am."

"Who with?"

"The Hitachiin Twins."

Harriet looked surprised for a moment, but recovered quickly.

Hiro and Hatori jumped a little at this but remained silent.

Harriet closed her eyes in distress, "Haru-chan. Grandfather has declared that if you reject both the suitor and your inheritance that you are to be… removed to a private school in England and educated in the manners or business and you will wed a second suitor Grandfather had lined up for you on your eighteenth birthday." She inhaled deeply, "And if you don't… then we are to make life hard for both you and your father and your partners, we are to remove you from the twins by any means possible."

Haruhi stood up so quickly that her chair crashed to the floor. She was chalk white and shaking. She turned and bolted from the room, ignoring the cries of her brothers.

At The Hitachiin Manor with all of the Host Club

Kaoru jumped and pulled his phone from his pocket as it started to ring. He indicated for the others to be quiet as he answered, "Hello? Haruhi?"

Tamaki leapt up, "Let me speak to her!"

Hikaru swatted the blonde away and he retreated into his corner of woe as the older twin joined his brother at the phone.

"Haruhi, why are you crying? What's wrong?" Kaoru's voice started to rise in his panic. His eyes widened as the girl spoke, "W-what do you mean goodbye? Where are you- Haruhi wait!" he pulled the phone away from his ear and stared at it, dumbstruck.

Kyoya was the first to recover, "What is it?" he demanded sharply.

Hikaru sank to the floor, staring at the carpet silently.

Kaoru swallowed, but no sound came out. Tamaki grabbed his shoulders, "What's wrong with Haruhi?"
Kaoru swallowed again and choked out, "She says she loves us all and will miss us. She says not to go looking for her and that she'll be back one day soon, she just has to leave the country or be forced to do things that she doesn't want to do."

Hunny began to cry and Mori hugged the weeping boy, he looked angry. Kyoya whipped his phone out and started to make frantic calls. Tamaki sank to the floor too, "What happened to make her do something this drastic?"

Hikaru suddenly jumped to his feet. His jaw was set and his hands were shaking, "I don't know, but I know where we can find out."

Kaoru nodded, "I'll get a car ready."

"Where are you going?"
The twins stopped and turned to their friends, "We're going to pay a little visit to the Fujioka brothers."

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