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Tasio's Song

"Why wont you understand!?" Yumi was shouting and her posture was slightly bent forward, as if trying to get her point across by sheer will alone.

"I do understand Yumi."

"No you don't!!"

"...no... you don't..." Her voice trailing

Yumi woke with a start, finding that she was utterly drenched in sweat. She sat for a second, trying to get her bearings. She looked at the alarm, registering that it was only two am.

She sighed deeply. When was the last time she had had a good nights sleep? Or even just normal sleep? She got out of bed and out of her pyjamas and went to her dresser to get a dry one. It didn't have one though, apparently she had gone through the ones she had, faster than they went through moms washing. Only thing left to choose from, was the silk negligee she got at Christmas from Sachiko.

For a few seconds she just stood there. Not in a paralyzed way you see. She just stood there. And then she carefully picked it up, and slowly let it hang from her hands. She put it on, and stood for a second before turning and climbing back to bed. As soon as her covers were up, the sobbing began. First slowly and then taking on speed. And by the time she was on her side, curled in a knot, the sobbing were big heaves and open cries.

Yumi was in a world of pain, and the only release was the tears, the sobs and the anguished cries.

It didn't take long before her door was opened and Yuuki came in. He knew the pain; he had been here almost every night for a long while.

"Yumi... Shh... It's okay... Shh..."

The mantra is the same for every person soothing another. And Yuuki is no different. Every night he held his sister close while she would cry, and say the same thing over and over again. Just a name

"Onee-sama... Onee-sama..." Over, and over...


Yumi would never understand. It didn't matter where she went, everywhere the whispers, the stares, the bowing and the parting of the sea in front of her, leaving a path where usually everyone else would have to struggle to get through.

She entered the classroom, which instantly went silent. Mami quickly rose, snapped her pen and notebook and almost ran to her as she went to her desk.

"So? Any news?"

"Mami-san. Why do you do this every morning?"

"Because... Well because you are big news." She smiled mischievously.

"So? Any news?"

"No Mami-san, No news." She plopped her head in her palm, resting on one elbow.

Why did it turn out this way? She thought. She looked out the window, clearly indicating to Mami that their conversation was over.

Well, I know why but... Why?

She looked at the door to the classroom and saw a throng of girls looking at her, trying to get a better peek. She sighed and turned around to see Tsutako cleaning her camera lens.

"Why do they do that?" She asked her absentmindedly.

Tsutako looked up, saw the direction in which she was looking, and followed it. She laughed.

"Because you are Rosa Chinesis, Not only the head of the Yamayurikai, but the first Rose to ever be without a petite soeur, and if rumour holds true, you are not only the most beautiful rose to ever inhabit Lillian, you are the most beautiful student, period!" She chuckled dryly, shifting her attention back to her camera yet again.

"I had 18 love letters in my shoe closet this morning. 18! And just today!" Yumi looks at Tsutako with absolutely no hint of mirth in her eyes. "That's ridiculous right?"

"Hah! Well, why don't you just pick a petite soeur? That should help at least some." Tsutako's humour was as dry as ever.

"I can't just 'pick one'. Onee-sama told me to let my heart pick one." her words falters and she looks at her shoes.

"Here we go again with 'Onee-sama, Onee-sama!'" She looks at Yumi as if having tried a million times to get some sense into Yumi's head, with no luck what so ever.

"Let me tell you something Yumi-chan. People are getting pretty tired of hearing about 'Onee-sama'. I'm telling you as a friend." She pikes up her camera and makes way to the door, and then struggles a bit to get through the throng of girls.

Yumi turns to her previous reverie, looking out the window.

"Why wont you understand!?"

"I do understand Yumi."

"...no you don't!!"

Yumi shakes her head, trying the get the unpleasant memory of her head. Knowing full well, that such an act in itself is pointless.

I know... I know that a petite soeur would help relieve the problem some, but how can I help it. She is no longer here and nobody will ever fill my heart as she did... The musings are the same as yesterday, and the day before that.

There are ten months an ten days left. I just need to hang in there...


"Why wont you find a petite soeur!?" Yoshino was clearly irritated, letting it show through her body language.

"It's not just a matter of finding 'any' petite soeur or not Yoshino." Yumi stood, but having no real destination in mind, she just stood.

"Yumi-chan. I love you as a sister. But this sulking and skulking has gone on just about long enough."

Yumi looked at her for a second, and having nothing to say, she figured she might as well just sit.

"Yoshino..." The words were soft, gentle. "Please... I know I'm probable not... I know we could do more work if I had a petite soeur. But I am trying the best I can, to do as much as I can." Yumi's emotions suddenly shined through in her face.

Ever since Yumi drew herself in, her face had been one of stoic peace, of serene calm, making her a beauty to behold. But her friends knew that the true beauty was the one showing when Yumi was letting her wonderful emotions show on her previously so lively features.

Yoshino got just a glimpse, and her shoulders sank. Both because, she terribly missed that Yumi, and also because she ones again, would have to declare defeat.

"Yumi" She said with love in her voice. "You are being an obnoxious ox." She gave a little smile. "It has nothing to do with your work. I know you try, and you probably even do work more than any two of us. I just want you to be happy again."

"... I am happy" Yumi words were low.

Silence hung in the air for just a moment.

"Yes. Of cause... I'm sorry." Yoshino knew it was pointless. Yumi's walls were back in place, and all she showed was her serene calm face.


Coming out from the music room, she hears the soft moan and banging sound of books hitting the wooden floor. A small girl is sitting on her rear a few feet down the corridor, gently stroking her knee, books strewn everywhere around her.

"Aw aw aw!"

"Are you okay?" Yumi gently asks, as she sits and hands the girl one of the books.

"I-I'm sorry" The young girl blurts out; I had my head in the books and didn't notice..." Her voice suddenly falter as she sees who it is she's talking to, and slowly one can see her pupils dilating and eyes grow bigger, impossibly big.

"Its okay" Yumi tries to give a little reassuring smile to the young girl as she bends forward slightly, trying to help collect the scattered books.

The petite girl, as if all of a sudden jolted out of her shock, blinks a few times, and then goes livid in quick excuses and desperate attempts to gather the many books.

"I'm sorry Rosa Chinesis. I was carrying too many and I didn't see... I-I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry."

Yumi can see the young girl is on the verge of tears, and she puts a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, really. Nobody got hurt beyond repair" And she smiles at the girl, who gives a little meek, timid smile back.

"T-Thank you" She manages. "I-I really am sorry, I-I'm always so clumsy" She tries a little van smile, but only manages to release a few tears.

"Come now, don't cry." Yumi remembers full the awkwardness she always felt, before she was taken in by Sachiko and learnt a thing or two about posture and such.

"Here why don't I," And she starts gathering books from the floor. "help you with these, that way everybody will arrive safely." And she gives the girl one of the famous Yumi smiles.

"N-No, I couldn't!" She exclaims. "I couldn't possibly... Rosa Chinesis!"

"...Don't worry about it, I was doing nothing now anyway." Which was partly true.

After a little slowing pause the girl gives a barely perceptible

"T-Thank you. That's very kind, Rosa Chinesis."

When they have all the books gathered, Yumi asks were they are going.

"T-To the music room." The girl says timidly, leaving Yumi to blink at her, not quite understanding.

"In there?" She asks, indicating the room right behind her.

"Y-Yes..." She says softly and looks down, wildly blushing.

Then Yumi laughs.

"Come then, let's get them safely inside." Her face actually blows open in a real happy emotional visage, a vision not seen on Yumi since Sachiko was here.

First the young girl just seems to stare at the beauty of Yumi, but then she too breaks out in a laugh.

Safely inside they put all the books in two neat columns on the teacher's desk.

"Phew. Thank You, Rosa Chinesis" She gives a glad smile and receives one back.

"What were you doing here so late?" Yumi asks. It wasn't often you saw student's other than the Yamayurikai on school grounds so late.

"Oh eh, I had promised my teacher to bring these over after school, but I got so lost in my rehearsals, t-that I forgot." At this she blushes.

"Rehearsal? What did you rehearse?"

"I-I was singing a new piece we just got notes for today, all these books are new." She indicates the songbooks in the neat stacks.

"Ah, so you had singing club?"

"N-No... "She blushes wildly. "It was the last hour, but I got so lost in it..." Her voice trail...

"Have you been singing for long?" Yumi likes the girl, and she asks with genuine interest.

"Well... y-yes" Her blush is bright, and very charming on her fair skin. "All my life, sort of. I always liked it very much."

"Could you sing me something?" Yumi had no idea why she asked that. Why would she ask something like that?

"N-No. I couldn't possibly!" She looks at Yumi with big crystal blue eyes.

"Oh?" Yumi looks disappointed. "And why not?"

"Well, b-because you are... y-you are Rosa Chinesis and..." Her gaze drops to floor.

Yumi sighs. My lot and my curse. Yumi tries to think of a way to get this young girl to relax in her presence.

"Please? I did help you with the books? It could be my reward then?" She smiles a gentle smile at the girl.


Yumi takes the girls hands, startling the girl and sending a little jolt through her. Yumi gives a little reassuring squeeze.

"Please? I would like to hear you sing. I couldn't possibly imagine that you would have anything but a beautiful voice." She gives another little squeeze just for good measure.

The girl has burning cheeks from the closeness of this older beautiful goddess lavishing such praise on her.


"Good." Yumi nods her head as if they just made a business deal.

The petite girl stands up straight, takes a last little look at Yumi, as if to make absolutely sure, that she really wants to hear her sing. But receiving an encouraging nod. She closes her eyes. She uses a few seconds to get her galloping heart just part way under control, same goes for her breathing. She picks a song from memory. A hymn she has song most of her life, and one which her mother had loved.

Yumi waits expectantly for the girl to sing, and when she does, it's like being hit by beauty compressed. When the first notes hit her,

she is definitely not prepared for the exquisite pure notes of the voice. And not the unparallel joy of singing, the girl it comes from exhibits.

Her voice is as clear as morning bright, and as pure as winter's snow.

Yumi just stares, and as she forgets to blink, so water forms in her eyes, and not noticing, a few tears run down her cheek.

Yumi is enraptured by the performance and loves the song. And for just a moment, just a brief moment, the world of hurt seems to fade, and a semblance of right and fair feels as though within her grasp.

When the girl is done. She opens her eyes and looks at Yumi a little timidly.

"My!" Is what escapes first. Yumi tries to smile, but seems to have forgotten how.

"T-That was..." And she has to clear her throat and blink a few times.

"That was wonderful. Thank you." The girl blush like there was no tomorrow under the praise from Rosa Chinesis in person.

"You have a very beautiful voice, and the song was wonderful..." And then it hits her. She doesn't know the girls name. It simply hadn't occurred to her to ask.

"What is your name? How could I possibly hear beauty like this, and not know the name of the girl singing?" Yumi gives a sincere smile, and takes the girl's hand.

All of a sudden very self-conscious the girl looks down.

"M-Mikozawa Tasio" She almost whispers.

"Tasio-chan? That was wonderful." And she smiles, a big happy broad Yumi smile, and without thinking, she cups the little girl's cheek.

Tasio looking up, as if to make sure that the praise is sincere, is as much enraptured by Yumi's smile, as Yumi was of her singing. But the praise, and the touch, is too much for the petite girl and her eyes starts to water.

"Uh, no no, please, I didn't mean any... please don't cry..." But it's futile, big tears run down Tasio's cheeks.

"Come now, what's wrong?" But instead of speaking, Tasio throws herself in Yumi's arms, sobbing.

Yumi, surprised by the Tasio in her arms, takes a couple of seconds to finally close her arms protectively around the distraught girl.

"There, there. It's okay". Yumi is a bit disturbed by the outburst, but figures it probably wasn't anything she said, as such. It wasn't as if she had scolded the girl. So maybe the girl just needed a good cry.

When Tasio had calmed down a bit, Yumi leaned back, got her handkerchief out and made sure the girl was presentable again.

"Now then." Her face friendly with a little smile. "I have a favour to ask?"

"A-A favour?..." Tasio's voice still a little worn from her cry.

"Yes. How would you have lunch with me tomorrow, and maybe sing me a song?" There was no demanding demeanour visible, just a friendly smile and warm voice.

Tasio just looked at Rosa Chinesis with big eyes. She blinked a few times, that was just about it.

"So? What do you say?"

"Oh, y-yes..."

"Good." Yumi gave a warm smile, cupped Tasio's cheek briefly, and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"I'll see you then." She said, and left the girl with a bewildered internal uproar of emotions. And for quite some time, she just stood there.


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