I Haven't Seen One Tear Yet Brother

By: Trivette Lover Heather

AN: Rewritten for your enjoyment!


"Hey Nashman, you know if you ever need to talk."

"Joe, I made my peace with bobby's death a long time ago, but thanks."

"I haven't seen one tear yet brother."

As Nash slips into the Cuda and turns the key, he finds Bobby's dog tags hanging from the mirror. He holds them in his hands, leans on the wheel and sheds tears he'd waited years to shed. He buried his head in his hands as if no one could see, and held onto the wheel, the only part left of his brother. He dried his eyes and headed back into the barge, and spotted his partner still looking out on the water. He approached but the two stood in silence for a while, before Nash started to speak.


"Yeah Nashman?"

"Ah Joe..." He leaned over the railing again burying his head in his hands. "I don't know how to feel, I don't know what to say, I feel like I'm losing it brother."

Joe stepped over and put his arm around his shoulder. "It's completely normal to feel the way you do; it wouldn't be easy for anyone to go through what you have."

The two men stood there for a while, before Joe offered to take him home.

"I can't face Nick right now; I need some time to get myself together."

Joe nodded. "I understand. We can stop at my place, have a drink."

And the two did just that, when they arrived it wasn't long after the glasses were poured that Nash began to share. "We did everything together Joe, I wanted to be just like him…but I failed." Joe just looked on as his friend continued. "And Nick, he loved him to death, he was so proud of him."

"He's proud of you too Nash."

"Yeah, I know, I know. But I just could never fill his shoes."

"No one asked you to."

" But I wanted to, I wanted to so badly. And I had always hoped he'd come back after that day in china town…but I guess knowing he wont now, just hurts even more."

"What you need right now is Nick…you'll get through it just like you did before. And you got me, now what is better than that? "

Nash smiled. "Ha, nothing in the world bubba."

"Not even the Cuda?"

He leaned back slightly. "Well..."

"I knew it."

He patted Joe on the back. "Not even the Cuda!"

"Yeah, suuuure…" He scoffed but added a smile.

"I know a part of bobby is in that car, but a part of him is also in my heart and bubba well a car is replaceable, you aren't."

"Good point." Joe got up to take their glasses over to the kitchen, but was stopped short.

"Thanks so much Joe."

"Ah for what?"

"For everything…a guy couldn't ask for a better brother."

"You really mean that?"

Nash stood up. "Of course I mean it, you're my brother bubba... and I love ya."

Joe sarcastically reached for the nearby tissue box. "Aw I think I'm gonna cry."

Nash threw his arm around him and laughed a bit. "Good, then we can cry together."