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There was blood everywhere when he opened his eyes. He was cradled in arms he recognised well. His friends...his own. He gathered the strength to push himself free. The dark haired body rolled away, leaving splutters of crimson ink...blood on his clothes.

Peppered with bullets. This man had died sheltering him. He couldn't die. He was Zack, he couldn't die! The blond shook his shoulder roughly. No response. He was crying, screaming, clutching at his dead friend. Desperate for a second chance.

His name was being screamed by the blond at the top of his voice. Still no reaction. He stroked the soldier's hair, stared into the lifeless eyes.

"Wake up Zack, wake up!" Nothing. Still with the corpse. Still in this nightmare. He would never wake up. As this cruel truth hit him, his thoughts and mind shattered. He ran, wild, an animal, clinging to the one thing, the one fragment he still knew. Zack. Zack had to survive. He had to survive. He tried to remember more, but all he knew was Zack. Anything else brought back memories of the corpse.