This is a really brief second chapter, and its for LastTrojanNight, for bothering to review the equally short first chapter. I will go back to writing longer stuff, i just wanted to write quickly and this was what i ended up creating.
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It was harder to part the two of them now than it ever had been before, and they had been inseparable then. Now however, they were just one person. Alone and afraid, barely clinging to life, Zack's memories clung to their existence within Cloud's body.

The girl who cared for the near-dead blonde tried to separate them, reawaken Cloud, but he couldn't be reached. He was wracked with guilt that his friend had been the one to die. It wasn't fair. He was the weak one, the one they should have shot. He had gone past the point of wanting to live. Zack hadn't. Zack still wanted to escape, to survive. But he was the one to fall. He had been so brave. So very brave, and it had all come to nothing.

Slowly the edges cleared, sharpened, and the man once again became Cloud. His memories of his friend, however, would forever be locked away, safe in the deepest region of his heart. And that was just where Zack wanted to be.