It was finally the day; the big day. They were ready for this years ago, but promises had to be kept before they could complete this journey. Naruto needed to get his revenge on Akatsuki for Gaara and Jiraya. In his victory, Naruto had proved that the student had surpassed the master. Sakura kept Naruto from getting himself seriously injured and when he was hurt, she would heal his wounds tenderly with love and affection. Tsunade couldn't have been more proud of the pair. They overcame obstacles that no one thought was possible. To reward them for their tenacity, she gave Naruto the position he had always coveted, the title of Hokage. It was the last gift she gave him before she died saving Konoha.

True to his word, Naruto had brought Sasuke back to Konoha. But he didn't do it just for Sakura's sake; he did it for their sake. After all, there wasn't any other man who could be the best man for their wedding. Sai was a close second, but they were afraid his toast might include comments about Naruto's anatomy. Only Sakura was allowed to see or talk about it.

And so the occasion became the happiest day of their lives because they were going to be married. This day trumped the two other days Naruto felt were his happiest; the day he became Rokudaime and the day when Sakura finally expressed her love for him in a way only a woman could show a man.

Sakura was wearing her mother's wedding kimono, which was very simple yet elegant. The fine silk had a hint of pink in it, accenting her natural beauty. Naruto decided to wear his best jounin outfit with his Hokage robe overtop, emulating the Yondaime. Anyone who saw Naruto swore that he was the spitting image of his father, the late Minato Namikaze. The only jewelry Sakura wore was her diamond engagement ring and a homemade hair clip containing the lock of hair given to her by Naruto so many years ago. They were both symbolic of their love for each other and today they were going to seal their love with matrimony.

The marriage was a welcome celebration in Konoha with many high officials as guests, including the young Kazekage and his siblings. Taking place in the heart of the village where everyone could see, ninja and civilians all gathered to give their blessing to the couple. These were the same people who saw how a young boy surpassed all odds and fulfilled his dreams. They also saw how a shy young girl turned into one of Konoha's most beautiful and deadly kunoichi alive. Never in a million years would they have known that those two would help bring peace back to the shinobi world or that they would fall madly in love with each other.

In the culmination of a kiss, the marriage was official and the crowded erupted into cheer. Naruto and Sakura continued their kiss, too enraptured in their own bliss to be able to hear the roaring applause. This kiss was like the many they had shared before, but it held a special spark. Naruto would tell Sakura later that in that instant, he thought he saw their future together: having children, growing old and loving each other through thick and thin. Sakura knew that that kiss represented the first instant in the rest of their lives.

They finally broke for air as they gazed into each other's eyes. "Hello Mrs. Uzumaki."

"Hello yourself, Mr. Uzumaki," Sakura said with a stunning smile.

"We did it. Didn't we? We finally did it."

"Yes, we did."

The newlywed couple kissed again and again, ignoring the world around them. Konohomaru could have been named the new Hokage and Naruto wouldn't have cared.

Of course, the romantic moment wasn't going to last as long as a certain pig-headed Yamanaka and official maid-of-honor was there. "Come on you two, cut the kissing and let's get down to the reception already. We're not all going to sit here and watch you consummate the marriage right here and now!"

The couple glared at Ino for interrupting their moment. A faint light behind the bridal party caught their attention as Naruto and Sakura stared wordlessly at the anomaly. The light morphed into the image of a young couple holding hands standing in front of three familiar faces. Naruto nearly cried after seeing the kind face of Sandaime while he nodded his head in approval. Next to him was Jiraya, grinning like an idiot and pointing to a cover of an Icha Icha book while making lewd gestures. Tsunade punched Jiraya in the face, taking the book away from him while the young couple both laughed. The man and woman smiled at the newlyweds with pride in their eyes.

Naruto and Sakura had never met the unknown pair, but they both instinctively knew that they were family. The man looked exactly like Naruto. He had the same hair, the same blue eyes and the same smile. You could have easily mistaken the two for twin brothers. Standing next to the man was a beautiful woman with long red hair. The woman smiled at Sakura and bowed politely, as if she were thanking her for making Naruto happy. No sooner had the newlyweds seen the spectors, they began to slowly fade away.

As the apparitions disappeared, Naruto looked at Sakura in disbelief. The knowing look in Sakura's eyes confirmed that he hadn't been the only one to see the spirits. If it were at all possible, the couple felt even more blessed about their union. It was as if their love brought back the most important people in their lives to witness their wedding. Nothing could have made the day more perfect.

The reception was in full swing as the village ate, drank and celebrated the night away. Most of the food had been catered by Ichiraku, mainly because Naruto insisted. The festivities were well underway when everyone saw Sai bringing in a large objected covered in a black cloth. Sai brought the object to the front of the reception hall where Naruto and Sakura sat so they could face the rest of their guests.

"Sai, what ya got there?" Naruto asked curiously.

"It's your wedding present. I painted this for you two and wanted to give it to you today," Sai said as he propped the covered painting onto an easel.

Sakura tightened her grip on Naruto's hand in excitement. "Oh Sai, that's so nice of you! Can we see it?"

"I heard somewhere that people usually opened presents after the wedding, but if you want to see it . . .," as Sai grabbed the cloth covering the painting and pulled it off with a smile.

When the beautiful painting was revealed, everyone marveled at the level of detail the painting had. The brush strokes were intricate and the colors matched perfectly, giving the painting a life-like quality. Of course, once everyone actually stopped and saw what Sai had painted, the room was filled with gasps of embarrassment.

Kiba had the audacity to give a low whistle and stare at the pair with a lecherous look. "Way to go Naruto! You scored a real babe!"

The newly married couple would have murdered Kiba on the spot if he didn't have to tend to a fainting Hinata. Looking at the picture, Sakura couldn't blame the poor girl for passing out.

The painting showed the pair lying on the couch with Naruto on his back, holding Sakura close to him with her head resting on his bare chest. Sakura's hands were locked with Naruto's and their legs were nothing short of a tangled mess. The only thing giving them any sense of decency was a black T-shirt thrown haphazardly over Sakura's rear. There was something in the corner of the painting that caught her eye and oh no, was that a used con—good lord, yes it was. At least all of the really private parts of their bodies were covered up due to the way they were lying down, but the image showed enough skin to raise some eyebrows.

In a panic, Naruto stood in front of the painting and opened up his Hokage robe so no one could see his bride in a state of undress. "Everyone close your eyes! That's an order from your Hokage!"

Sakura couldn't help but gape. The details were drawn perfectly in Sai's painting. He had to have drawn it sometime when she and Naruto were asleep after their first night together. Sakura was certain that's when this drawing was made because it was the only time that the couple had ever woken up on the couch. Sakura had always wanted that time with Naruto to be memorialized, but not like that!

Thankfully, Naruto made a few shadow clones to take the painting away and left one to berate Sai for his lack of tact. Before the commotion could die down, Naruto picked up his bride and started to run out of the room with the full intent on taking her away from the embarrassing situation.

As Naruto picked Sakura up, she thought she saw Anko and Kurenai giving her signs of approval. In fact, most of the women in the room were looking a bit jealous of the man Sakura married, especially since they could see more of him in that painting. Sakura didn't particularly care about those women because Naruto was hers and if any of them had a problem with it, they could talk to her fists. Once she noticed that her husband had carried her out of the reception hall, she started to protest. "Naruto! The reception isn't over yet."

"Do you really want to go back in there?"

Sakura blushed and wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck a little tighter. "No, not really. Ugh, I think I'm going to kill Sai next time I see him."

"Got a shadow clone working on that right now."

"Good, make sure you save some for me though."

Naruto ran back to their home where he gently put Sakura down in the living room where his shadow clones had put the painting. If it weren't for the fact that they first saw the painting in front of the entire village, they would have enjoyed the fine details. As it stood, now everyone knew just how long they had been intimately involved with one another. Sakura sighed, knowing that she was going to get an ear-full from Ino when she saw her next.

All those negative thoughts were pushed aside as she felt two strong arms wrap around her body from behind. She put her hands on top of his and sunk back into the safety of her husband's arms. "Hey."

"Hey yourself. So how is my beautiful wife feeling? Wow, that sounds cool. My wife. Wife. Wife. Wife. Wife. I could get used to saying that."

"I could get used to hearing it," Sakura laughed and turned around so she could face him. "But I'm wonderful. It feels so good being married to you."

"Same here." Naruto's eyes drifted back to Sai's painting and he got a certain gleam in his eye. "You know Sakura-chan? Sai's painting is actually pretty good."

"I'm sure it is, but I didn't want everyone to see it," Sakura groaned.

"Yeah, but doesn't it bring back memories. That was a really nice night. Kinda wish you could go back and do it all over again, right?"

Sakura caught into what Naruto was scheming and decided to play along. "What are you suggesting?"

"You know, we haven't done it on the couch in a while . . . so, what do you say?" Naruto asked huskily.

"Like I've said before, you can touch anything of mine Mr. Uzumaki."

It was that night that a new flame was lit within Konoha and the will of fire continued its nurturing burn. And with the many promises the Rokudaime made, he would make a new vow to protect the new loves in his life and ensure that they would never have to endure the hardships he had as a child. Because theses promises were made with love and those are the promises that could never be broken.