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Meredith and Derek slept all through the day and most of the night. The next morning they awoke, happy and well rested in their luxurious hotel room.

"Good morning," Derek said, kissing Meredith on the lips.

"Hey," Meredith said with a smile, running her hand down the side of Derek's face. "Now this is what I call a great vacation. No wilderness, no rain."

"No ants," Derek added. "I agree," he said, kissing Meredith tenderly. "This is much less stressful." He yawned and stretched out. "We should get ready for work." Meredith nodded and got out of bed. She smiled cheekily at Derek and pulled him out of bed.

"Let's save on water," she said seductively, pulling Derek's bathrobe off.

"How environmentally conscious of you," Derek replied, returning the favour. Meredith and Derek climbed into the spacious shower. Meredith pushed Derek up against the wall and kissed him passionately. Derek ran his fingers through Meredith's hair with one hand and with his other hand he turned the hot water faucet on. It took a moment for the water to come but when it did, ice cold jets of water blasted them both. Derek and Meredith ran from the shower screaming.

"Way to kill a mood, Derek!" Meredith snapped, shivering.

"Sorry," Derek replied, his teeth chattering. "I must have got the wrong faucet." He jumped back into the shower and checked it. Meredith wrapped a towel around her to warm up and watched as Derek fiddled with the taps for a few minutes. It was obvious that the hot water wasn't working. Finally, Derek got back out of the shower. "There's no hot water," he said.

"Really?" Meredith asked, sarcastically.

"Do you still want to-" Derek started to ask.

"No," Meredith said, slightly annoyed. "I just want a hot shower. This is the Hilton for God's sake." Meredith went back into the bedroom and got dressed for work.


Derek phoned administration who apologized profusely for the hot water issue. As they made their way through the foyer, Derek tipped, Isaac, the hotel worker from the day before who handed Derek an envelope.

"What's that?" Meredith asked. Derek handed Meredith the envelope.

"I asked Isaac to print the camping pictures from your camera," Derek said. Meredith opened the envelope as they walked to the car. She smiled to herself as she flicked through the photographs. There were some lovely pictures of her and Derek together, smiling and looking at ease. She handed them to Derek who also smiled as he looked through them.

"Aww, well it wasn't all bad then," he said.

"No, it wasn't," Meredith said. When they reached the car they noticed the scattered tent pieces and camping supplies that had been shoved in the back of the car as they had made their desperate escape from the camping site the day before. Meredith and Derek looked at each other and burst out laughing at the memories of their panicked exit from the site and their neighbors.


I think I'll frame this one," Meredith said as Derek drove to the hospital. She held her favourite photograph, the one from their picnic the first night, up so that Derek could see it. He smiled.

"I like that one," he said. "I want a copy too." Meredith sat back, feeling more content and relaxed about her life than she thought she'd ever been before. Despite the weekend that they had had, she knew that they were in a good place. Romantically anyway.

As soon as they reached the surgical ward of the hospital they were greeted by an excited Izzie.

"Hey!" she said, happily. "How are the happy campers? How was the romantic get away?" Derek laughed when Izzie said 'romantic.' Meredith smiled cheekily. If only she knew, she thought to herself.

"So, how was it?" Izzie asked again.

"Yeah, how was it," George asked, joining them.

"Thank God you're back," Cristina said to Meredith as she also joined the group.

"It was uh…" Derek started. He looked at Meredith. "How would you describe it?"

"Well…" Meredith said. "It certainly was eventful." Cristina snatched the photographs out of Meredith's hands and started flicking through them. The photographs had been taken at the few and far between serene moments on their camping adventure with Meredith and Derek looking carefree. Not exactly an accurate reflection of the weekend.

"Wow, looks like you two had an excellent weekend away," George said, looking over Cristina's shoulder.

"You're going soft," Cristina said, unamused as she finished looking through the pictures. Izzie took them from her and began 'oohing' and 'ahhing' over them.

"That's enough chit chat," Bailey said, interrupting the reunion. "Doctor Shepherd, Doctor Grey, good to have you back." Derek smiled and started to walk away.

"Doctor Shepherd?" Bailey said. Derek turned back around. "I was just about to page you. They need a neuro consult in the ER."

"I'll be right on it," Derek said. Bailey couldn't help noticing that he looked worn out. "Grey, you haven't been assigned yet. You can take this case too." Meredith nodded, trying to suppress a yawn. Derek and Meredith headed down to the pit.

"Yeah, I bet you're tired," Bailey said to herself, watching them. She shook her head. "Young love."

Two of Meredith's interns were waiting for her in the pit. "Can you please get us two espressos?" Derek asked. Handing a twenty dollar note to one of the interns. "Extra strong."

"Of course, Doctor Shepherd," the intern said, rushing off to do as he was told. Meredith looked at Derek, surprised.

"You did not just make my intern fetch coffee," she said in disbelief. "You never do that. That's Mark's thing."

"I'm sorry. I'm exhausted," Derek admitted. Meredith shrugged. She didn't want to fight it. She needed to conserve the little energy that she had. Anyway, she thought, an espresso might pep her up.

"What do we have?" Meredith asked her other intern.

"This is Hank Rosewood," the intern said. "He presented with a rash that we can't actually see but he swears it's there and has been complaining of headaches. We were going to do a CT scan but thought we should page you first."

"Okay," Derek said, looking up from the patient chart. "Meredith?" he asked, noticing the shocked expression on her face. "What? He looked at the patient and immediately recognised him.

"Why howdy there, campers!" Hank said, enthusiastically. "You left so damn quickly we never got a chance to say goodbye!" Derek and Meredith tried to smile. "Rita!" Hank called. "Rita! Look who it is!"

"Look who it is, Derek!" Meredith said with fake enthusiasm through her teeth.

"Oh my Lord!" Rita exclaimed in a high pitched voice. "Well isn't it a small world! This is going to be so much fun."

"Here we go again," Derek said under his breath.