As Much As I would like to say that I've gotten my life back in order, it really isn't. Its been seven years now since I lost my band and my friends. I'm now A singer at X-M-R working solo and having great success. My first song "I'll Just Walkaway" is at the top of the charts and my first album is soon to be released, I've put most of the things of my past away but there is one thing I could never put away. Shuichi Shindo the singer of the band "Bad Luck" I raped him. That will always curse me and will never go away. But I try everyday to move on but my music is always dark and sad. I wounder if I'll ever be happy again.

"I'll Just Walkaway (Goodbye)"

I think its time we say goodbye

all we do is fight at night

I'll pack my bags and walkaway

Sure you'll cry but yell be okay

I'll walk away from the hurt

I'll walk away from the pain

Move on with all your heart without me

As long as you never forget me well be okay

So I'll walkaway

Well find somebody new

Somebody that cares for us

the pain will wash away

but we have to forget what we had

so walkaway

We'll walkaway from that hurt

We'll walkaway from that pain

Well move on with are hearts broken

So well walk away

Well find are true love

Ones that well guide us on are way

We can still talk

We can still be friends

lets not think about what we had

I'll move on

So should you

I'll just walk away