At last it's finished and with this end I hope to start a sequel but only if there is interest


Chapter 5

The bright sun light filled a large bedroom and began to awaken the sleeping occupants. Tachi slowly rose from his large bed and stretched his arms as he yawned. He looked down at the bed to see his pink haired lover sound asleep holding on tight to his waist. "Shuichi, it's time to get up or well be late. "Just a little longer" came a little voice. "Come on now todays the last day of my tour" Tachi said leaning down and giving Shuichi a kiss on the forehead. "Okay" Shuichi said with a smile.

A few months have gone by and a lot has happened since then. Tachi's album was released and it went platinum in just three days. But the biggest news was that Tachi and Shuichi were living together happily. Now Tachi was on his final performance of his tour all around the US. What makes this so great was Shuichi was going to sing a duet with Tachi at this one. Tachi couldn't wait. They were running late and decided just to take a shower together. After playing around a little they were ready to go.

They waited outside as a small limo pulled up in front of them. They entered the limo and off they went. "You were late again Tachi" A young woman said. "Sorry, Ms. Mar" Tachi said softly. "Sorry , doesn't cut it Tachi you could get dropped for this" An older man said. "I know that Mr. Kim" Tachi said. "It's not all Tachi's fault it was partly mine" Shuichi said. "The only reason that we don't blame you is your all wise running late" Ms. Mar said typing something on her PDA. "Well were rushing you to to the Stadium the concert is going to start in 30 minutes" Mr. Kim said. "Shindou, have you practiced with Tachi on the song?" Mr. Kim asked. 'Yes and I'm ready" Shuichi answered.

As they got closer, they saw that the parking lot was overflowing. They reached the main door and Tachi was taken strait to his dressing room to get ready. As Shuichi got ready for the final song. Shuichi was still unaware of what Tachi had planned for there song. He continued with "Love like Fantasy". An hour passed and it was almost time for the final song and Shuichi was nervise. This would be the first time he would sing in english in front of so many people.

Another 20 minates past and it was time. Tachi reached for the Microphone and began to speak. "I would like to thank all of you for being here tonight. But I'm sorry to say there is only one song left and I'm not going to do it alone. Many of you must remeber the band Bad Luck. It has been two years now since they were disbanded and today for the first time since then Shuichi Shindo The lead singer of that great band is here today to sing with me on this last song that he wrote. Now I present Shuichi Shindou" Tachi yelled. Shuichi walked on stage and everyone went crazy. "Thank you everyone. I'm so happy to be here. Now me and Tachi will sing his number one hit sing "Let Me In" Shuichi said. The music began to play

Let me in

The sun is shining bright

Kids are playing in the street

But you're inside crying away

Tears of endless pain

Tears falling into pulls of sorrow

Feels like standing on a cold mountain top

Like trying to brake but you can't stop

Or walking away from the one you love

Is like crying tears of endless pain

They said they would return to you

They waved goodbye saying they'd return

Now they stand at heavens Gate

Leaving you so alone


Don't cry I'll be there for you

They may be gone

But I'm not gone

I'll be here to love you

So please Let me in

Love is so sweet

Love is the sight of Flowers in your eyes

But it gives you so much pain

Just let me in

Let me in to love you

My heart is waiting for you

You deserve to Love again

Just Let me in



Love is what I can give you

Let me in

Please let me into your heart

Let me in to love you

The way you deserve to be

As the song ended Tachi took Shuichi in his arms and kissed him. The crowed cheered. "Shuichi I love you" Tachi said. "I love you to" Shuichi said and met in another kiss. The lights went down as the concert ended. But it was just beginning for Tachi and Shuichi.


After a long absents I returned to finish this story and I have plans for a sequel and much more. This will only happen if there is interest Now I will give you a sort summary of the squeal "To Make you fell my Love"

Tachi and Shuichi are happy together and Signs for marriage are getting closer but all that could change when a certain blond haired writer wants Shuichi back. Now Shuichi must choose to stay with his new love or return to the one he fell for first which will he Choose?