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You could call it Karma. It was finally making up for all the crap it had thrown in her direction. Apparently it did like her after all. It was about time.

Addison was doing fine, for once in her life. She was starting over, which was a good thing, and she was making friends, which was something she'd kind of missed back in Seattle (since Callie had been the only person who hadn't hated her mere existence, Mark didn't count as a friend and neither did Alex Karev) and she was even kind of interested in maybe moving on with handsome guy Pete. No more McDreamy, no more McSteamy and especially no more Alex Karev.

Before she'd moved here, she had refused to admit it, but he'd really gotten to her. An intern, who wasn't even interested, or at least didn't want more from her than sex (which she should have expected, but hadn't), and she'd actually learned to like him. If she hadn't been let down this badly, she might even be in love with him by now, which was clearly crazy. It was just this thing that he did, the thing when he said perfect things, things that made her knees buckle under and her breath catch in her throat. Had said. He wasn't saying things to her anymore. She was gone and all. And she wasn't missing him or anything. She just thought about him every once in a while (approximately every ten seconds).

Anyway, Karma. Today was a special day here at Oceanside Wellness Group, because she, Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery would get her own secretary. Totally unnecessary and a waste of money, really, but an interesting thing. And she looked nice. Rather small, brown long hair and a charming smile. Like she couldn't harm anyone or anything. Addison had a feeling she'd get along with her just fine.

"Uh-... So you're my secretary.", she greeted, not really knowing what to say, "It is strange saying this. Welcome to my office."

She laughed a little and the woman smiled a little and shook her hand.

"It's Melody. Melody Karev. Nice to meet you."

Addison was too busy being reminded of her ex-intern, non-boyfriend or whatever to exchange pleasantries.

"Karev? Wow, that name does seem to follow me everywhere, doesn't it?", she muttered sarcastically. It was true. She never did seem to be able to escape thoughts about her disturbingly hot intern mancandy, even though he wasn't constantly right in front of her eyes anymore (in her dreams, he was, but she tended to try and ignore that once she was awake again).

Anyway, Melody Karev seemed rather confused at her dry statement.

"Huh? Sorry, what are you saying?"

"Do you happen to know Alex Karev?", Addison asked, "I-... uh... worked with him in Seattle."

Haha, 'worked' with him in so many ways... Urgh, naughty, porny thoughts again! She really needed to find out how she could quit that guy.

"Oh, so he's in Seattle?", Melody quirked a brow, something usually only Addison did. Apparently they did have something other than Alex Karev in common. Not that she 'had' Alex Karev. She just didn't seem to ever not think about that guy.

"You do know him. How strange. Are you his sister or something?", she asked, quirking a brow right back (just for the sake of it).

"No, I'm his wife."

And this was the moment when Dr Addison Forbes Montgomery realized she wasn't doing fine after all. And she decided Karma was a bitch and didn't like her.