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"So, who's the hottie?", asked Violet.

Addison felt the need to pace. Not that she usually did that, but she wanted to, anyway. Emphasis on 'wanted to' and 'felt the need to'. As a matter of fact, she didn't exactly have enough energy left to do more than maybe open and close her mouth. Thus, she was almost hanging in one of the chairs, trying to fend off her curious friends.

"He's-... uh... Melody's husband. Alex. Karev."


"And what?"

"You're my best friend and I like you. Most of the time. I cannot believe you've kept this from me."

The redhead merely quirked a brow.

"She's talking about how you passed out because of the mancandy.", Vi explained, sounding a little over-joyous, "I am a psychiatrist, you know. If there's anything I know it's that people who pass out because of mancandy – no matter how delicious – have a connection with said mancandy."

"Fine, fine. He was my intern back in Seattle and we might have had sex."

"Ha, I knew it.", Violet grinned the same moment Naomi exclaimed:

"You slept with a married man?"

Addison quickly defended herself:

"I didn't know he was married. Nor anything else about his past. And now I do and I'm sorry I treated him like crap. Not that I didn't have reason to, but I shouldn't have."

"Explain.", both women said intimidatingly.

"That'd take ages! And it's none of your business."

"Oh, I think it is.", Vi nodded and continued through gritted teeth:

"Not only am I insanely jealous, but also really, seriously pissed at you for not mentioning any of this!"

There was no way she could escape them.

"Alright, point taken.", Addison sighed, "I can tell you my point of view, but his story is not mine to share. He's obviously mad enough at Melody for telling me."

And that, that she was completely right about.


Melody had known he'd want to find her. Possibly freak out at her a little. Thus, she'd chosen to go someplace where he'd easily locate her: His hotel. Or the porch of it, more like. And – haha, really unexpected – he showed up around 1.23 pm.

Even from some meters distance she could see he was fuming. If she didn't know him any better, he'd frighten her. Dangerous as he seemed. But Alex was Alex. Even though she wasn't exactly relaxed and happy inside about this - inevitably catastrophic – talk, it wasn't like she had to prepare herself for punches. Not even real insults. The only way he offended her was always his ignorance, that he didn't like himself the tiniest bit and that he was so hell-bent on refusing to be okay for once in his life. Nope, no real danger. Just Alex. The same scared 17-year-old she'd met lying on a street somewhere in the middle of Iowa.

"Thank you.", he forced out as soon as he was in a five-meter radius.

"What for?", Melody asked calmly.

"Addison. You told her."

"Alex...", she sighed, shaking her head the tiniest bit. She wasn't even going to say anything – simply reprehending him a little for the sake of it - when he started yelling:

"I trusted you! I expected you to keep it a secret!"

Nothing she hadn't seen coming. Of course he was putting up a fight. He couldn't just really thank her, since he didn't get that she'd actually helped him a whole lot instead of ruined his life. Okay, shared it a little.

"She deserves to know.", she shrugged. Nope, he wouldn't see that right away. It'd take some convincing.


Melody turned on her heels and sharply hissed:


Yeah. He and his constant denial, it upset her. Riled her up. Made her angry. Furious. Enraged her. Whatever word there was that had anything to do with uncontrolled wrath and hostility.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

She let a little of the air she had in her lungs – that she had prepared for screaming – out and started explaining.

"I healed. I was messed up and I'm fine now. It hurts me that you still can't at least try to open up a little."

Since he seemed to want to interrupt her, she simply put up her arms as a defense – a metaphorical gesture if anything - and quickly kept going:

"I know, I know, you're scared and feel vulnerable whenever you tell anyone the tiniest bit about you, but I need you to be okay and you'll never be if you continue like this. And you and your everlasting quest to not hurt anyone? Have you ever considered that maybe isolating yourself from everyone hurts them more than having the real you around ever could?"


"I am perfectly serious, Alex, and you know that. Just look at your redhead. She was in the middle of the process of falling hard for you and you dumped her after you found out you might eventually perhaps not be good enough for her."


"Shut up for a second, will ya?"

Now, she was really getting started.

"You having a wife? Yeah, that hurt her. The things you said to her? Yeah, those weren't a piece of cake for her either. Finding out about your past? Yeah, definitely painful. But you know what I think? I think you'll never be able to hurt her again, because now she knows. She finally gets the reasons behind your actions. And had you told her yourself, I wouldn't have had to do it. You'd already be the perfectly happy couple. You, Alex Karev, yes, you, you'd be happy. SO STOP BEING SCARED, GOD DAMNIT! LIVE! LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! SHE LOVES YOU, YOU LOVE HER AND IF YOU COULD JUST START TRYING YOU MIGHT COME TO THE SAME FREAKIN' CONCLUSION THAT I HAVE!"

"I want a divorce."

They stared each other in the eye for a few seconds, Alex' crooked grin versus Melody's death glare. Then, the tension left her body and she sighed in relief.

"About damn time."


"You're in love with him."

Addison was sitting there, her head in her hands, answering through gritted teeth. This was like an inquisition. The next thing Violet was going to do was get a judge and sentence her to be burned at the stake.

"Yes.", she answered through gritted teeth, wishing the humiliation was over already. Besides, this was somewhat depressing.

"With the twelve-year-old."


"The insanely hot twelve-year-old who used to be your intern and is married to your secretary and who you had sex with only once and who dumped you afterwards."


"Okay. That's a problem."

So that was her professional diagnosis? Wonderful! Simply wonderful. Very, very, very constructive. Really something she could work with. Irony, irony.

"You're a psychiatrist. You do get that you're not very helpful at the moment, right?", Addison half-snapped, half-whined, half-simply stated (Okay, that'd be one and a half, wouldn't it?) at her colleague/friend/whatever. Vi only shook her head, though.

"I'm not being a psychiatrist right now, I'm being a lonely single woman who's pining for her pathetic ex and who's about to die of jealousy.", for some reason Addison could not quite understand, she threw her hands in the air, "Geez, Addison! Did you not see the way he looked at you?"

"What did he look at me like?"

"If you can't figure that out on your own, you honestly don't deserve my help."

"What's his relationship with the Mrs like?", Naomi interjected.

Addison thought about it for a second, but the answer was actually rather obvious. Or not. But it was. Sort of.

"I don't know... Friendly?", she finally shrugged.

Her best friend nodded as if she'd expected that very answer.

"Divorce time, then."

Addie finally looked up, wondering what was the right facial expression right now, surprised (in a good or in a bad way?), disbelieving or hopeful.

"You think?"

"Yes, I do."

For a second or so, the 'hopeful' won, but then she slumped back to her confused and frustrated state and her face was buried in her hands again.

"Not that that would change anything.", she would have shaken her head, but frankly, she was too tired.

"Everything kind of...", it was a mess, really, "spun out of control..."

"Do you care?", Vi asked sharply.

"Why wouldn't I?"

"'Cause if you don't stop being scared soon, I'll have to literally kick your ass. And I dare say you'd find that slightly humiliating, not to mention painful."

And this was how both Alex and Addison were convinced by their friends that them being together might be a good idea. Let's call it a push in the right direction.