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She first met him when he fell from the sky and crash landed right into her flower garden.

Her eyes settled on him and she thought that he was an Angel, though he seemed to be missing his wings.

It was funny to her though, when he started murmuring about being in heaven but she stopped smiling when those beautiful sky blue eyes of his, opened to her.

He looked at her and asked if she was an Angel.

She snapped out of it and let out a laugh; she shook her head and replied "I'm Aeris." She turned to point at the large hole in the ceiling which he had left "You fell from there!"

He looked at the hole then at her and smiled "I guess I'm lucky then"

That was the first echo of his voice through the church.

She learned of his name Zack Fair and that he was a First Class Soldier. She was a bit worried that he came because of her, but once she gazed into those eyes of his, she knew he was different from the others.

He came and went, mission after mission.

But he'd visit her while she was tending to her beloved flowers, they would talk some more until he had to leave.

The echo of his voice as he greeted her, and of his footsteps as he walked away from her, resounded in her church.

She would miss his voice, his laugh, his warmth. But she knew she'd hear his voice, his echo soon.

That is until that day...

That day when she knew that he would no longer visit her,

No longer hear his voice,

His laugh,

See those eyes...

Raindrops fell into the church and just like that,

He was gone.

She knew then that there would be no more echoes of him anymore.

Years passed by and young Aeris was 22.

As usual she tended to her flower garden.

But that day she met another.

He crashed landed into her flower garden.

He fell from the ceiling.

The blond gazed at her, with a weird sense of remembrance, while all she saw was him.

She no longer saw the blond.

In his place she saw his raven spiky hair and those eyes she came love.

"I'm Cloud, sorry about your flowers"

Echo of a new voice rang through the church. It distorted his.

'He spoke, not him'

She realized it too and the raven haired man soon shifted into the blond once again. "It's okay, um Cloud, was it?"

Due to circumstances, Aeris joined up with Cloud and AVALANCHE.

But the more she was with Cloud the more she could hear him,

Feel him.

Echo of his footsteps grew louder.

Echo of his voice returned.

She realized what happened, why the blond made her remember him.

She tried to tell Cloud.

You're living his life.

Your echo is his echo.

But if that is so, where's your life?

Where's your echo?

Why can't I hear it?

Why can't I see you?

He didn't understand what Aeris meant.

She wanted to help him, but what happened in the City of the Ancients prevented her to do so...

The echo of the voices screaming at her, warning her.

The echo of that murderous blade.

The echo of his voice.

His voice?

His voice guided her to the Lifestream.

His voice brought her back to him.

Echo of his voice as he greeted her.

Echo of his footsteps as walked to her.

And would never walk away from her.

She and he both became part of the Lifestream.

There was no longer his echo, but theirs mingled together as they watched over Cloud.

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