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Although Mutsumi and Haruka have their own respective places of residence in both the manga and anime; in this version, they live in the Hinata Sou.

A taxi van drives away, leaving six familiar girls standing side-by-side with their luggage as they stare up at the Hinata Sou All-Girl's Dormitory.

"I simply cannot believe the luck of this happening," Chiyo-chan stated with amazement. "What're the odds of all of us being together like this again after high school!? Such as my being unable to get into any American collage and having to attend one near here instead!?"

"Or how about all of us just happening to pick this place to stay at!" Tomo added with bewilderment.

"And going to collage within this distance!?" Kagura exclaimed.

"This has been the strangest turn of events," Sakaki added in her reserved manner as she takes a moment to stroke Maya who is nestled across her shoulders and underneath her hair.

"Perhaps God wants to keep us together for a while longer," Osaka said absent-mindedly.

"That's about the only thing that actually makes sense," Yomi said wryly. "But I wonder if the people in there prepared for us?"

"Hey!" A loud cheerful voice called from up on the second floor just above the porch. They look up to see a dark-skinned yet toe-headed girl waving down at them from a balcony.

"Whoa, it's a foreigner!" Kagura gasped apprehensively.

"She's even darker than you, Kagura!" Tomo mused.

"I bet she could turn invisible in the dark if she stripped naked," Osaka droned absent-mindedly. "But then her hair will still be seen."

Kaolla leaps down onto the porch roof and finally onto the ground with incredible ease before the Azugirls, then begins to quickly inspect each of them more closely. The Azugirls become a little bewildered by her unusual friendliness.

"So you're the new girls coming to live with us," Kaolla chirped happily as she continues with her inspection. "Ooh, new friends! New friends!" Her tone now softer, but in a higher and more excited pitch as her green eyes are now wide with delight.

Tomo laughs as she ruffles Kaolla's hair. "I like this girl already!"

"No surprise there," Yomi said dryly with a whimsically hopeless expression, before leaning down to Chiyo-chan. "Just what we need, another Tomo."

"Hello there kittie," Kaolla cooed as she reaches up and scratches Maya's cheek. Sakaki grins and blushes over Kaolla's cuteness.

"Now, now, Kaolla, don't go scaring our new tenants like that," a man is heard saying, causing the Azugirls to now stare at a man coming down the steps, followed closely by several ladies.

"I thought this is an all-girl's dorm?" Chiyo-chan said curiously.

"Ah, yes that is true," he answered cordially with a bow. "But permit me to introduce myself. My name is Urashima Keitaro and I am the manager of Hinata Sou."

"Someone must be considering himself very lucky," Tomo snickered musically to Yomi with a mischievous expression.

Keitaro raises an eyebrow over her comment, then ignores it. "Anyway, one of our residents is busy at the moment but should be out very soon. Narusegawa, can you go see if-"

"Hey!" Sarah yelled while hurrying out the door, then down the stairs. "Sorry I took so long!"

"Waa, another little foreign girl! She's so cute!" Tomo clamored with a wild-eyed expression while pointing ardently at Sarah.

"Damn, she's probably cuter than Chiyo-chan!" Kagura gasped.

"And with more developed pigtails too!" Osaka gasped with her usual spaced-out bewildered expression. "Hers must be the master pigtails!"

Sakaki blushes more profusely over the sight of Sarah, who now stands before the Azugirls and introduces herself.

"Wow, you speak good Japanese, Sarah-chan!" Chiyo-chan squeaked. "Are you an American!?"


That is when Chiyo-chan and Sarah start conversing in English, making the others stare.

"Could we please continue this conversation in Japanese?" Kitsune said.

"Are you a genius like Chiyo-chan too!?" Tomo exclaimed. "Chiyo's thirteen but she skipped five grades to enroll in our high school back in grade ten when she was only ten!"

"No, I'm not a genius and I'm nine," Sarah answered.

"I'm a genius and I'm fourteen!" Kaolla exclaimed.

"Great, a Tomo with Chiyo-chan's brain," Yomi said wearily as her eyes become as dots and lines while gazing upward.

"You're only thirteen!?" Kitsune exclaimed as she looks more closely at Chiyo-chan. "Geez, you look like you're Sarah's age!"

"I know," Chiyo-chan said dejectedly. "I was always the smallest in my classes, even back in elementary school."

"Be that as it may," Keitaro said. "Why don't you all introduce yourselves? Then the rest will introduce themselves to you."

One-by-one, each of the Azugirls step forward to do so, complete with a respectful bow. Then it's the Hinata gang's turn, with Kaolla up first.

"Waa, you're a princess!? Coooool!" Tomo exclaimed with a bewildered expression.

"You're certainly not like any princess I've envisioned!" Kagura said with amazement.

"I've never heard of Molmol," Yomi said quizzically with a crooked eyebrow.

"I have," Chiyo-chan answered. "It's in the Indian Ocean."

"Do you know where in the Indian Ocean?" Kagura quizzed.

Chiyo-chan ponders that question for a couple of seconds while pressing her finger against her jaw.

"I'm not sure of its exact location," she finally answered with uncertainty.

The introductions pick up once again, with Mutsumi up next. But as she is introducing herself, followed by the customary bow, she suddenly keels forward onto the ground, causing the Azugirls to gape with concern.

"Ah! Is Mutsumi-chan all right!?" Chiyo-chan clamored as she throws her arms out.

"Don't worry, she does that a lot," Keitaro answered assuredly. "She should wake up any moment now."

No sooner had he finished saying that when Mutsumi does so.

"Oh, oh, I did it again," she said softly as she presses her hand against her forehead, then stands.

Kitsune is the next one to introduce herself.

"You're from Osaka, aren't you!?" Tomo asked her ardently as she points at her.

"Er, yes I am."

"I knew it," Tomo proclaimed as she raises her fists in the air. "So," in a more casual manner before pointing to her fellow bonkler, "are you related to Osaka?"

"I've never met her before in my life," Kitsune answered dryly with a crook of her eyebrow.

"But does that still make me your long lost mother?" Osaka asked with blank bewilderment and a look to match, then clutches her own head and tilts it downward as her eyes become swirls. "So I had a baby when I was a baby!? Then who's the father!?" Her bewilderment increasing until she finally raises her head with close-eyed grief. "Oh no, I was-!"

"No, you moron!" Yomi quickly interjected as her glasses frost over. "She means she's from the same city you came from!"

"Oh," Osaka droned in a suddenly calm manner.

The Hinata gang develop multiple sweat drops, along with Kitsune's eyes being wide open, before the introductions continue, with Motoko up next. Osaka walks up to Motoko while staring up at her with that vacant open-mouthed expression. Motoko frowns slightly with a hint of curiosity.

"Ahhh," Osaka droned absently, then looks to Sakaki. "We've finally met a girl as tall as you, Sakaki. And who even sounds a lot like you too. Although you're more built than her."

Sakaki blushes then stares at Motoko, who stares back at her impassively.

Haruka is next.

"Hey, Sakaki," she then drawled afterwards as she removes her cigarette. "You probably don't remember me, but my family used to be your next door neighbors up until you were five. I used to babysit you sometimes."

"I didn't think you were that old, aunty," Keitaro quipped. Then is instantly felled by a punch to the jaw from Haruka as she makes a close-eyed frown without changing her position.

The Azugirls blink in surprise over the sudden violence that had happened before they get over the shock.

"I-I do have vague memories of an older girl being my next door neighbor," Sakaki then said. "That was you, Haruka-san? Then it is good to meet you again."

"You look just like your father," Haruka mused with a crook of her mouth, "yet you have your mother's hair and eyes."

Sakaki blushes as she makes that shy smile of hers.

"You even smile like her too. Still the shy soft-spoken girl I remembered."

Sakaki continues to blush and smile shyly before the rest introduce themselves without garnering any further comments, thus finishing the introductions.

"Hurray! Hurray! New friends! New friends!" Kaolla shouted euphorically while jumping around before latching onto Tomo and Osaka.

"Yeah, new friends!" Sarah exclaimed as she also hugs Tomo. Tomo, Kaolla, and Sarah break out in laughter in the same tone and pose, while Osaka seems to be off in her own little world once again.

Yomi sweat drops, along with Chiyo-chan and Sakaki.

"Whoever thought that there could be two other girls out there in the world just like Tomo?" Chiyo-chan whispered with a forced closed-eyed smile.

"My worst nightmare has finally come true," Yomi said hopelessly with a closed-eyed frown.

"Hey, don't forget me," Kagura announced as she dashes over and puts her arm around Osaka's shoulders, then laughs with them.

"Please," Yomi moaned as she lowers her head, clasping it while still making that closed-eyed frown, "let a lightening bolt strike me down."

The other Hinata residents watch with amused expressions.

"You girls must be eager to get settled away," Keitaro then said while taking a step forward. "Let us help you with your-whoa!"

As he steps onto a loose rock and falls forward, directly upon Sakaki as she quickly catches him on a reflex. His face ends up being buried within her impressive cleavage, causing Sakaki to blush intensely with an astonished gape.

"What the hell are you doing!" Naru yelled as she grabs one of his ears and turns him around. She punches him, sending him skidding across the yard and carving a trail in the earth.

The Azugirls look on in stunned disbelief at what they had just witnessed.

"Holy moly!" Kagura exclaimed while pointing. "Did you see how far he went!?"

"That's nothing," Sarah waved. "Naru sends him flying into orbit sometimes."

"Damn, she's got your temper, Yomi!" Tomo exclaimed.

"I don't get that angry," Yomi growled.

"Oh no, all I have to do is make fun of how fat you are and you explode," Tomo taunted, causing Yomi to scowl as her glasses frost over and a vein pops out on her forehead. "Or how about the Crying Diet Girl le-?"

"Shut it!" As Yomi spins and decks Tomo, knocking her down.

The Hinata residents blink impassively at what had happened. Nothing unusual to them since Keitaro frequently gets clobbered by either Naru or Motoko. Yet it's still odd to them because these girls are still strangers.

"Do you work out a lot!?" Kagura asked Naru eagerly as she walks up to her.

"Uh, no," Naru said in her instantly sweet manner. "I guess it just comes naturally."

"Kind of like Sakaki then," Kagura points at her, causing Sakaki to blush. "She's a natural athlete, yet she cares nothing for sports and was still able to beat me at our first Sports Day event back in high school."

"Ah, sorry about that," Keitaro said as he is now alongside Sakaki while brushing himself off before taking a step forward. "Now let's get you settled awaaaaay!"

As he trips over a piece of luggage this time and falls directly on top of Chiyo-chan, knocking her to the ground as she squeals. They are now on the ground together in an extremely suggestive position.

"With an underaged girl in public you just met!?" Naru shouted while shaking with outrage.

"Naru, wait!" Keitaro screeched as he tries to get back up.

"Spare me your excuses!" As Naru executes a sidekick to his head, making him fly across the courtyard into a stonewall.

Once again the Azugirls watches the whole scenario with bewilderment.

"Holy shit!" Tomo exclaimed with a bewildered expression before turning to Naru. "Remind me not to piss you off!"

The Azugirls have their belongings taken inside with them. Once there, Tama the flying turtle perches upon Mutsumi's shoulder.

"Whoa, a flying turtle!" Tomo exclaimed.

"H-How does he do that!" Chiyo-chan exclaimed.

"Nobody knows," Mutsumi said.

Tama then takes off once again and flies toward Sakaki as he repeatedly myus. She blushes with a bewildered look and gasps slightly. Tama hovers in front of Maya, who in turn regards him with his trademarked lazy expression and paws him.

Mutsumi walks up to Sakaki and stares intently at Maya.

"Oh, Oh it's an Iriomote Mountain Cat," she then said matter-of-factly as she points at him while touching her own face.

The Hinata gang gasps.

"What!?" Kitsune gasped with her eyes now wide open.

"Are you serious!?" Naru gasped.

"They're endangered!" Shinobu gasped.

"H-How did you know that?" Sakaki asked Mutsumi uneasily. She knows that with more people discovering Maya's identity, there is a strong chance that the wrong people might find out.

"Oh, I lived in Okinawa."

"We went there on our grade twelve field trip!" Tomo exclaimed. That is when she starts singing, Okinawa, along with Kagura, off-key.

"Shut the Hell up!" Yomi bellowed at them.

"Excuse me," Keitaro announced as he now stands next to Chiyo-chan, who blinks in surprise over how quickly he recovered and got here, "I hate to break up this boisterous moment, but we have to get the rooming issue aside right now. There's only one vacant room left. Yet there are six of you. So only two of you will get it while the other four will each be sharing quarters with one of the other residents here. Except with me of course, for obvious reason."

Osaka then hums with vacant curiosity. "What reason is that?"

"He's male and we're all female," Chiyo-chan answered with a forced polite close-eyed smile as a sweat drop appears on her head.

"That girl must have air for brains," Sarah quipped up at Motoko with a sarcastic expression.

"That room's a no-brainer, Keitaro-san, we'll take it!" Tomo proclaimed as she hooks her arm around Yomi's neck.

"Tomo, you're the no-brainer," Yomi growled as her glasses frost over. "There's no way I'd share a room with you."

"I take it she's troublesome," Haruka drawled rhetorically after having seen a bout of their disagreement outside.

"You have no idea," Yomi sighed as her eyes turn into large dots and lines as she looks upward.

"Well, we do have Kaolla and Sarah," Keitaro quipped as he thumbs at them. "So compared to either of them, how much trouble could Tomo-chan really be?"

Sarah then smashes an artifact over his head, causing the Azugirls to gape once again. Keitaro quickly recovers as he rubs his head.

"The easiest way to settle who gets the vacant room," he said, "is with a lottery."

"I am quite willing to share a room with one of your friends, Keitaro-san," Yomi said firmly with closed eyes as she folds her arms.

"What about the times back at Chiyo-chan's Summer House," Tomo said with a hurtful look and tone as she clutches Yomi's shoulder.

"Need I remind you that only Yukari and Nyamo each got their own rooms, while the rest of us shared that one room together?" Yomi said flatly. "Besides, nobody wanted you for a bedmate after the first time there since you tend to toss and turn a lot."

Sakaki remembers that one. She woke up that morning to find Tomo's hand across her chest just above her breasts and notices Yomi standing there with a camera and a big goofy grin, exclaiming that she had gotten the picture.

"Well if you're going to abstain then so am I," Tomo pouted as she too crosses her arms.

"You do that," Yomi said with close-eyed sarcastic approval as she adjusts her glasses. "Hopefully Keitaro-san will put you in with someone who can keep you under control."

"Fine then," Keitaro sighed. "The other four will put their names on a piece of paper."

He got a notepad and pen, then tore out four pieces of blank paper. Kagura, Sakaki, Chiyo-chan, and Osaka each wrote their names onto their respective pieces and put them into a box that Keitaro brought out.

"The two names that I draw will be the ones to get the room," Keitaro said as he holds the box. "The results are final so that means no second chances. Yomi-chan, Tomo-chan, this is your last chance to change your minds."

He pauses for a couple of seconds, but they remain silent.

"So be it," he said. "The first name I read seals the decision."

He shakes the box briskly a few times before stopping to place it down on the table, then carefully reaches inside without looking. He clasps hold of the first piece and pulls it out to unfold and read aloud.


"Yes!" Kagura exclaimed gleefully with a closed-eyed smile as she pumps her fist into the air.

Keitaro reaches back inside for another piece of paper and pulls it out to also read aloud.


"Wow, we're gonna be roommates, Kagura!" Chiyo-chan squeaked as they clasp hands.

"Now that the issue of the room is settled," Keitaro said as he readjusts his glasses, "next on the agenda is to figure out who to pair each of you other four up with."

"Another lottery?" Tomo asked.

"No, Tomo-chan, a lottery simply won't do," Keitaro answered with a shake of his head. He knows that even though any of the new girls can become friends with his friends, it's different when pairing them with a stranger. Moreover, a roommate is someone that a person sleeps in the same room with. One's best friend might not make an ideal roommate because of the mutually high level of comfort. Such a level of comfort might encourage countless forms of mischief, preventing either from getting anything done, including sleep.

"It'll be all about figuring out your personalities," he further added, "so that you can be matched with a roommate who complements you. So I'll start with you first."

Note: Sakaki and Motoko's voice were both done by the same seiyu, Yu Asakawa.