You will find crossovers in many of my submissions. You will also find many OCs and AU versions of superheroes. These characters are not developed for the stories, the stories are developed for them. If any of these characters offend or scare you in any way, blame them; they tell me who they are, I merely write it all down.

This is a oneshot that does not figure into any other storyline that exists to this date. This story is merely exploring Terry's fractured psyche. For those who don't know 'psionic' is another word for 'psychic', it covers both telpathy and telekinesis.

An unknown psionic
Terry McGinnis (no longer Batman)

Location: Xavier Institute

The scene is so beautiful. It had just started raining. The sheets of water are coming down so hard, I can barely see three feet. The grass on the front lawn is hardly a stubble peaking up from the pools of water. As funny as it sounds, the torrential rain seems quite inviting.

Stepping out the front doors, the sound is deafening. A telekinetic "umbrella" takes care of that, and keeps me dry. I walk lightly down the steps on cushions of psionic energy so my feet aren't soaked by the wet grass.

It's Zen. I actually feel a kind of stillness - tranquility. The emptiness of the courtyard is so peaceful; the sound of rain incredibly calming.

Not really trying to go anywhere, I find myself almost at the front gate. I still want to enjoy my walk through the rain, so I tack a little to the left. I should have been able to see the face of the mansion, if not for this downpour.

I walk a little farther through the rain before I see it. A shape, moving through the rain. One of my friends, come to join me? Wary, I stop and wait for the mystery person to reach me. Big mistake. He tackles me before I know what is happening. I slow the fall with my... Oh no! My powers. They're not working!

Immediately snapped back to the real world, it's too much; rain pummeling my face; the thunder of a thousand drops hammering the flooded grass; this stranger pressing me into the ground. The earth below gives easily, soaked through by so much rain. Sopping wet, there are too many forces working against me. His muscular hands coil around my neck, as his weight forces me deeper into the ground. I try to push this stranger off, but to no avail.

Mind racing, fighting off hysteria, I wildly search for a solution. Nothing! My lungs burn for air as I claw at the iron hands wrapped around my throat, choking the life out of me. If his grip loosened, even a little, it would buy me a few seconds and give me some much needed hope. But no. It's too much to hope for.

The madness of my frenzied attempts to free myself has worn off. A calmness falls over me. I am able to notice things. Everything seems so far away, yet I can see with impossible clarity. Those muscular arms, massive chest; I never had a chance. His legs are strong too, I realize. They've had me locked down so tight I could barely even squirm; even surrounded in a sea of water. Just then, my eyes lock on his. Despite my detached state, it rocks me to my core. I can see an unfathomable hatred.

It was in that moment, I knew he would kill me. He wanted to. I lost all hope, who can save me? Everyone is inside, and they know I will be gone awhile. I'll be long dead by the time anyone notices.

Suddenly, my vision begins to distort. Tears? No, water. My head is under water. He has been pressing me down so hard that my head sunk into a pool. Now, even if he lets up, I'll just drown. Clear, rippling water washes over my face, clouding my view of this deranged lunatic.

Just seconds, or maybe minutes later; I think the pressure may have lifted. There was probably some movement too. Me? Him? Who knows, I'm already gone.