Note from LbN: Yeah, I know Christmas is over. But I don't want it to be!!! I was feeling festive this morning and this idea came to me. Hope you enjoy!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Harry and Ron ran down the stairs towards the Great Hall. They had both overslept and didn't want to miss breakfast. Finally speeding into the Hall, they located Hermione talking with Neville and took a seat on either side of her.

"Morning!" she said brightly.

"Good morning," Ron said.

"Has the mail come yet?" Harry asked, "I'm expecting a letter from Sirius."

After the battle at the Ministry in Harry's fifth year, Sirius's name had been cleared. Harry still went back to the Dursley's at the beginning of the summer, but only for a week. He had a home with Sirius now.

"Not yet," Neville said.

Just as they were finishing their last bits of toast, owls of all colors shapes and sizes began pouring into the Great Hall. Errol arrived with a letter from Ron's mum. He crash landed in the kippers and needed a full fifteen minutes to recover. Hedwig came with Harry's letter from Sirius, which included a full three sheets of parchment because Harry had asked for a detailed story about his parents' seventh year at Hogwarts. Now that it was getting closer and closer to them graduating, they were becoming more nervous by the second. Voldemort they could handle, officially becoming adults was another thing entirely. Hermione had an owl too, although it was one neither Harry nor Ron recognized.

She untied the package from around its leg and it immediately took flight. She opened up the box and took out the tiny gift inside. It was a Faberge egg, only it didn't look like an egg. It had been intricately cut to be shaped like the leaves and branches of a pear tree. Little pearl pears adorned the branches, and a tiny bird sat at the top.

"A partridge in a pear tree!" Harry smiled, "I get it!"

"I don't," Ron said, bewildered.

"It's a Muggle song," Harry explained.

For the next five minutes, Harry sang (very off key) the Twelve Days of Christmas for Ron. When he was finished, Hermione, Neville, Seamus, Dean, and Parvati were all in hysterics.

"Let's see you do better then!" Harry laughed.

"Hermione, who sent that to you?" Ron asked curiously.

"It doesn't have a name on it," Hermione said.

Ron thought about this for a moment. He had learned over the years, to listen very carefully to Hermione's answers; because when she didn't want to answer, she would, generally, give a different answer to a different question.

"Yes," Ron said slowly," but that doesn't answer my question. I asked who sent it to you; not if it had a tag or not."

"I don't know Ron," she said, not quite meeting his eyes, "Come on, we have to go to History of Magic…"


The rest of the day passed without anything else too strange happening. The trio suffered through double Potions before heading up to dinner. On their way their Hermione stopped.

"Oh, I've just forgotten! I have to go to the library!"

"Now?" Harry asked, rubbing his forehead, "Can't it wait until after dinner?"

"You two go on ahead; this will only take a few minutes."

Shrugging at Ron, Harry led the way into the Great Hall. After they had entered, Hermione took off up the steps, not towards the library, but the owlery. When she got to the fourth floor she tripped, but didn't make it all the way to the ground; a hand caught her before she could reach the ground. She looked up and saw that it belonged to Draco Malfoy, flanked as he normally was, by Crabbe and Goyle.

"Careful, Granger," he sneered, pulling her a bit roughly to her feet "Hogwarts is dirty enough without you rolling all over it."

She sneered right back, but walked away in dignified silence. She was, however, a lot more careful in the rest of her run to the owlery. When she got there, she took some parchment, ink, and a quill from her bag, sat down, and wrote:

Thank you for my egg this morning. It was gorgeous! I've put it somewhere safe, so it doesn't end up destroyed.

Love, Hermione

Satisfied with her letter, she whistled to Hedwig, who accepted the job with a soothing hoot.

Hermione watched Hedwig fly out of the window before running back down to the Great Hall to join Harry and Ron at dinner…