LbN: Hey guys! Here's the last chapter. I was going to end with day twelve, but I had some loose ends that I wanted to tie up...Hope you enjoyed the story...


Hermione and Blaise walked around the lake, which unfortunately had no swans left. As they did, Blaise went into more detail about the gifts.

"Ok, start with the swans," Hermione said with a smile.

"Flitwick helped me with that," Blaise grinned, "I collected some snow, froze it, and carved it out with my wand. I put an anti-melting charm on them so I could send them to Flitwick's office. After our Charms final, he showed me the charm that made them move. It took me a while to get it; it's a pretty complex charm, but I managed it around…ten that evening. Then, of course, I had to dodge Potter and Weasley taking them out. It was fun though, and Flitwick's really impressed."

"I think most of Gryffindor is impressed," Hermione laughed, "Ok, so how about the ten lords. You told me it was…what was it? A Glamour, did you say?"

"Yeah," Blaise said, "Basically, it just makes you see what the caster wants you to see. Say, for example, that I wanted to give myself blonde hair—"

"Please don't," Hermione said seriously.

"I won't," Blaise laughed, "But if I cast a Glamour, you would see me with blonde hair."

"That's really cool," Hermione smiled.

"Thanks. I was pretty nervous about it actually," he admitted, "I've known how to do them for a while now, but never that big."

The two of them continued their walk around the lake, where they saw Hagrid feeding some of the unicorns near the forest. They both waved to him and Hermione said,

"Ok, how about the pipers?"

"Major work with McGonagall…" Blaise rolled his eyes, "The pipers were pretty much the same method as the swans, but transforming the Great Hall into a skating rink took a fair bit of magic. She had to do about half of it, because it was draining me. It was a lot of fun though!" he added, "We got to slide around, freezing the floor."

"It was gorgeous as well," Hermione told him.

"Well I'm glad you liked it," Blaise grinned.

"And the suits of armor?"

"I did that all by myself!" Blaise said, with the air of a two year old who has just gone to the bathroom alone for the first time…


"Yeah," he said, "By that time, I knew the charms I needed; and I had practiced with the other gifts. One of the suits kept getting ahead of itself in the drum cadence, so we had to practice a lot."

"It was wonderful," Hermione said, pulling him into a hug, "And I'll be paying you back on Valentine's Day…"

Blaise chuckled a bit, but he was actually pretty nervous. God only knew what the smartest witch of their year had planned for revenge…


The next day at breakfast, Harry was the only one looking forward to the post. Everyone was definitely feeling a bit low now that Christmas was over, so they were all wondering why the Boy Who Lived had a huge grin plastered to his face. They found out when the owls began to zoom in from over head. There were fewer of them, as there were not that many students staying at Hogwarts, but at least six of them deposited notes in front of Harry.

"Did you move your birthday to December and not tell us?" Ginny asked.

"Nope," Harry said, ripping open the first letter.

His friends watched as he opened letter after letter, laughing harder at each one. Ron finally started reading them to see what was so funny.

All of them were short, but they all said variations of the same thing:

Blaise???- Dean

She's dating a Slytherin?- the Creeveys

You're telling me we got shown up by some spoiled pretty boy?- Seamus

He played drums with the armor? What a ponce…- Michael Corner (Harry had written to the men in the DA, as well).

By the time the four Gryffindors had finished reading, they were all holding their sides from laughter. Hermione looked over at the Slytherin table and saw Blaise giving her a quizzical look. She mouthed to him, "I'll tell you later!" and turned back to her breakfast…