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Frank grunted in pain, as his injured leg loudly protested the treatment it had been given. The gun had misfired, but Frank had been able to wrestle the weapon away from Marion and was currently holding the other man at gunpoint.

"Shoot me," Marion spoke almost lazily, eyeing the gun Frank had leveled on him. "Do it. Or are you to scared?"

"Don't tempt me." Frank ground out.

Marion stood up, and took a step closer to Frank, positively daring Frank to shoot him. "You won't shoot me will, you Frank? You're too much of a goody-goody for that, aren't you?" Marion sneered and took a step forward.

"I would like nothing better to kill you," Frank said coldly. "After everything you did to my family, after everything you did to Callie and Joe, and to me, believe me when I say I would like nothing better than to kill you. But, a bullet is too good for you, you just wait until you're on the receiving end of the five star treatment the U.S. government has for terrorists like you, and then you'll really wished I had killed you," Frank finished.

"If you aren't going to shoot me, I suppose I can just be on my way then right?" Marion asked in tones equally as cold.

"I had a little something else in mind," Frank replied amicably, gesturing toward the door, which burst open, and soon the room was filled with Network agents who immediately hauled Marion away, Frank waved goodbye to his former "employer" with false enthusiasm.

After that several doctors and nurses came in and got Frank settled back in bed. It wasn't until after this that his family who had been alerted to what had happened was allowed back into his room.

It was about an hour after the commotion had all died down that he was finally left alone with Callie.

"I can't turn my back on you for one second," Callie tried for humor but the attempt fell flat, as Frank could see tears prickling along the corners of her eyes.

He reached for her hand and squeezed it tightly. "I'm sorry, Callie." Frank said quietly.

She glared at him fiercely. "Don't be sorry, it's not your fault." Callie said sternly. "Just answer one question and we'll call it even."

"What is it?" Frank asked warily.

"Frank Hardy, will you go out with me? Again." Callie asked cracking a smile.

Frank pretended to consider it for a moment, earning a scowl from Callie.

"Nothing would make me happier." He said with a grin, and then he tugged her face down to his level and captured her lips in a kiss.

-Story Break-

"So when do you go back to Bayport?" Joe asked Vanessa in a somewhat awkward tone. "You probably have a lot to get back to, you know work, and, er, personal stuff, and…"

"Are you asking if I have a boyfriend, Joe Hardy?" Vanessa cut straight to the chase.

Joe flushed bright red. "Um, that is to say, that…"

Vanessa resisted the urge to giggle at the self-proclaimed ladies' man falling all over himself to find out if she was dating someone else. "The answer is no." Vanessa answered.

"Well, then I was wondering, maybe if you want, and I understand if you don't want to after everything that happened, if you don't but-"

"I would love to go out with you, Joe." Vanessa cut in with a grin.

"How do you know I wasn't just asking if you'd like a ride back to Bayport with me?" Joe asked cheekily looking relieved by her answer.

Vanessa raised her eyebrows. "Well, if that's the case I saw a cute doctor back there-"

Joe laughed. He had really missed this. In answer he pulled his former and now current girlfriend towards him for a kiss. "I would love it if you would go out with me." He said when they broke apart.

"Now, that's what I wanted to hear."

Epilogue-One year Later

"Have you seen my criminology book, Frank, I can't find it anywhere and I have to finish this report before I go see Van, and-" Joe sounded panicked as he stormed around the apartment he and his brother shared tearing things apart in search of his book.

Callie giggled from her place on the couch next to her boyfriend. She had been helping him "study" for a psychology examination when Joe had begun his rampage.

"Did you check your backpack?" Frank asked in a voice that was equal part exasperation and fondness.

"Of course I checked my backpack, do you think I would be so dumb as not to check my backpack," Even as he was speaking, Joe grabbed his backpack off the chair he had dumped it on and rifled through it. "Oh. It's here." He said sheepishly.

Frank kindly refrained from laughing at his brother at least until he retreated to his bedroom to work on the report before he left for his date with Vanessa.

…And then he and Callie both burst into loud laughter.

Joe stuck his head out the door to his bedroom. "Very funny." He said sarcastically. "Don't forget we're having lunch with Mom and Dad tomorrow."

"I won't." Frank agreed in between laughs. Joe rolled his eyes and went back into his room.

Life was finally returning to normal for the Hardys. Frank and Joe had reenrolled in school and were finishing out their degrees. Vanessa and Joe had settled back into the easy rhythm of their former relationship, and were now closer than ever before. Gertrude was making a full recovery. Fenton and Joe were making steady progress in repairing their relationship. And as for Frank and Callie? Let's just say Frank had a certain special piece of jewelry he planned to present her with this weekend.

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