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The Morning After

Hikari woke up to a glaring sun shining through the window next to her. She had a blasting headache, and everything was blurry. She snuggled closer to the pillows and turned over, and that's when she remembered My room doesn't have a window next to my bed…

Hikari's vision was beginning to clear, and she now noticed that there was another form in the bed. She saw spiky brown-ish hair, and tan shoulders. Must be Daisuke… she thought. Must be Daisuke's room… Daisuke's bed… Did we…

Hikari looked under the covers. Oh thank God I'm still wearing my underwear, and so is Daisuke… So we didn't have sex… what happened last night. By this time, Hikari's vision was beginning to clear up. She looked around the room. The blue walls were covered with papers, pictures, there were two computers in the corner on a desk, which was covered in books. This isn't…

She looked over again at the body next to her. She suddenly realized that the hair was a little to dark. She started to shake whoever it was, it wasn't Daisuke that's for sure, hysterically. "Who..? What..? What happened last night?" she yelled to the boy waking up next to her.

"Huh.., what are you talking about?" he said, obviously still asleep.

"What did you do to me!" she continued screaming.

"I didn't do anything… who… are you?" he asked. Hikari finally got a good look at his face; she had no idea who he was.

Hikari quickly jumped out of the bed and started to look for her clothes. She spotted all her clothes, but she couldn't find her shoes or socks.

"Hey wait, who are you?" the boy asked again, finally beginning to understand what might have happened. "Did we fuck?" he asked, though it sounded like he verily liked the idea. "Was it good?" He asked with a smirk. By this point he had climbed out of the bed and was walking towards Hikari. He looked at her underwear suggestively, then down at he underwear, and started to smile.

As the boy reached out for her, she turned and screamed at the top of her lungs. "Get away from me you bastard!" she yelled as she writhed away from him and towards the door. Forget the shoes. Apparently he had a hangover too, because her loud scream seemed to disorient him. She took advantage to run out of the room.

As she ran through the house, she began to recognize the house that was going past her. This looks like… Ken's house. And that's when she remembered what happened the night before, or at least some of it.

Homecoming… After-party at Ken's… Jello shots… beer… fuck I must have gotten drunk. But… what about Yoli… Daisuke… Daisuke… Hikari began to remember more about the prior night. We got in a fight… about something. What was it? What did I say? Fuck, I was so drunk. As she was thinking, she was running through the house, not looking where she was going.

She accidentally ran into another bedroom, knocking open the door, and waking the people in the bed.

"Oh my god… Yoli?... and… Ken?" she stuttered out as her two friends began to wake up. She quickly ran out of the room, just as Yoli recognized her.

"Wait Hikari!" Yoli yelled after her, but Hikari was already almost of the door.

Once she got out the door she reached into her skirt and pulled out her cell phone. Gotta call parents. Wait no, I can't let them find out I got drunk, they'll kill me… Daisuke. Gotta call Daisuke. Find out what happened between us last night. He'll give me a ride home.

Hikari dialed speed dial 1 on her phone: Daisuke. She heard it ring 5 times, and then

"Hello?" She heard Daisuke's voice

"Oh Dai… I don't- "f

"Heh, gottcha, I can't pick up the phone right now, so you know what to-" Hikari slammed the phone shut angrily on the prank message. She looked at the clock on her phone: 10:25. He should be up by now, he hates sleeping in. She called again, but only got the message. What am I gonna do?

Daisuke woke to the feeling of his phone vibrating against his leg. He would have answered it, but he was just too comfortable. He felt a body warmth against him, and he knew he was holding a body against his arm. He had yet to open his eyes. In his mind, he saw everything that had happened that night. He remembered the fight with Hikari, the rushing into Takeru's house, the admission of his love… the kiss. But he didn't want to wake up just yet.

It felt so good to hold someone in his arms. And in his head he knew that someone was Takeru. But he was afraid. He was afraid that it had all been a drunken dream. Afraid he had never actually told Takeru the truth. He was afraid that he was actually holding onto Hikari. Damnit, why does Takeru have to have a body as small as a girl. I can't tell if it's him or not. All he wanted was to just sit there, and be laying with Takeru in his mind. Unfortunately, the body next to him decided to move.

Daisuke suddenly felt a hand hitting him in the head, and legs kicking his intertwined legs. Daisuke was forced to open his eyes to protect himself from the barrage. The sight that greeted him put a smile on his face. He was met with a head full of blond hair in his face. Takeru…

Now that he was awake, he lifted himself up on his arm, so that he could look at the boy lying next to him. He had already forgotten that it was his phone that woke him up. Beside him, Takeru was still squirming, rolling, kicking and punching… all of which seemed to hit Daisuke everywhere the blond could reach.

"Ow, uh, OW! Takeru!" Daisuke whined, backing up against the wall. At the sound of his voice, Takeru seemed to calm a little bit. Daisuke went back to looking at his friend… er, boyfriend. The boy had resumed lying on his back, a small smile fleeting on his lips.

Daisuke saw that some of Takeru's hair had fallen in his face and he reached out to brush it out of his eyes. He trailed his hand softly down Takeru's smooth face, resting in on the boy's slowly rising chest. He looks so happy… So innocent… Wow. That's, like, the third cliché thing I've said in 12 hours. I must really be falling for him. Daisuke smiled a small smirk and started to lean down, desiring to capture the blonde's lips again.

"Ya know, you lost me 20 bucks." Said a voice from the doorway. Daisuke froze just centimeters above the boy's lips.

"Huh..? Yamato?" Daisuke looked up and saw another blond boy, this one much taller, standing in the doorway.

"You… Lost… Me… Twenty… Dollars." Repeated Yamato, moving into the room and sitting on the base of the bed.

"How did I lose you 20 bucks?" asked Daisuke innocently, sitting up under the sheets.

"God you really are thick…" Yamato muttered.


"Taichi and I had a bet on when you two would stop being idiots and realize you were meant to be together. I had junior prom. Taichi had junior homecoming. Looks like Tai got it right." He said, like it was obvious.


"So." Said Yamato, reaching out his hand like he was expecting something.

"Thanks?" stated Daisuke, giving the older boy a high five.

"No you idiot. 20 bucks." He said, shaking his hand for emphasis.

"Huh? I'm not giving you any money!" yelled Daisuke, backing up on the bed, knocking into the sleeping boy.

"Oh yes you a-"

"Huh...? Yamato? Daisuke? What's going on?" asked a recently woken up Takeru.

The blond rubbed his eyes sleepily, getting up on his arms. "What's going on Yamato?"

"Nothing 'Keru. I'm just talking with Daisuke here. Right Daisuke?" Yamato said, giving a convincing smile.

"You're not scaring him are you Yamato? He's not scaring you right?" Asked Takeru, looking over at the boy on the bed next to him. "Yamato! Be nice to him!" Takeru said in response to Daisuke's silence. "For me?" pleaded Takeru, pulling the innocent little brother act… again.

"Fine. Mom sent me to tell you two that breakfast is ready when you are." Said Yamato getting off the bed. "See you down there in a few minutes." It sounded more like a command than a suggestion, or question. Once Yamato left, Daisuke let out an audible sigh.

"Sorry about that." Takeru said, looking down embarrassed.

"It's okay…" said Daisuke

"He's just really protective. Of me. If he ever bothers you. About, um… well you know. Just tell me." He said, talking more to the blankets than to Daisuke.

"About what?" Asked Daisuke. He really was dense this morning.

"Well… ya know. About, um, well, us." He said, blushing and continuing to pick furiously at the blanket in his hands.

Sensing Takeru's nervousness, Daisuke made his first smart move all morning. "Of course I let you know." He said as he put his arm around Takeru's shoulder, pulling him closer. "But I think deep down he's really happy that about us. I know I am." And with that he gave Takeru a soft kiss on the lips.

"Wow… What's with all the cliché statements lately Dai?" He said, giggling.

"I don't know, I realized that too." Dai said laughing at the fact that he had NEVER been this sappy before in his life. "I think it means I'm really falling for someone." He said with a smile.

"Dai… that's so sweet." Takeru said, leaning in to kiss the befuddled boy. A sweet soft kiss passed between the two boys. "Sappy… but sweet." He said pulling back from the kiss and smiling.

"You two better stop making out and come down to breakfast before Yamato and I eat it all." Said a shirtless Taichi as he passed by the room. Both boy's started laughing at the sight of Taichi attempting to put on a shirt as he walked down the hallway.

"Don't worry." Said Takeru, "you'll get used to seeing Taichi in varying stated of nakedness."

"Or… we could just start staying at my house instead…my room… my bed…at night… alone…" Said Daisuke getting up out of the bed.

"Dai! Is sex all you think about!?" Takeru exclaimed getting out of bed as well.

"Maybe…" Daisuke began to rummage through the pile of clothes he kept at Takeru's house. Of course he had clothes there, what did you expect.

"Well I guess they're not kidding when they say every six seconds a guy is thinking about sex." Takeru joked as he started to change out of his dress clothes.

Suddenly Daisuke got that far off look that meant he was thinking about something. After a few seconds, "Nope." He said, "definitely less than 6 seconds." Takeru began laughing.

"Come on let's go get breakfast. Taichi and Yamato really will eat it all if we don't hurry." He said, still giggling. He grabbed Daisuke's hand and pulled him through the house to the dining room, where a breakfast feast was set out for them.

Daisuke didn't even think about what had woken him up that morning, all he knew was that at the moment, he was really, really happy.

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