sigh. I love this random inspiration. Enjoy, lovlies! I love beef and broccoli!

Hichichi's pov

I'm not a poet king. So I can't say I love you in pretty words.

I'm not a man king. So I can't understand what it is that I'm really feeling

I'm not important to you, king. So you can go on ignoring, never understanding the love hidden inside of me.

I'm not a poet king. But I'll write down what I feel anyway.

I love you in simple ways. Intense, easy to under stand.

I love you in complex ways. By your side, always.

I love you in sinful ways. Those things I wish to do with you.

I'm not something you expected, nor what you wanted.

But I'm here anyway.

Can't you turn and look at me?

I'm not a poet.

So I can't make you smile with these words.

I'm not a man, I can't understand.

I'm not important. I can't make you feel.

I'm but a servant, asking for his king's love.

Don't let me fall king.

Don't betray my trust.

These things I feel, the ways I love you.

I'm not a poet king. I can't get it all on paper.


mhm...what do you think? I was feeling a little bit...poetic and...I dunno. But I like it and that's all there is to it. Do you have any idea how amusing it is watching a letters move when it's in center? Hee hee, so much fun!