Fandom: Queer as Folk

Fandom: Queer as Folk

Title: Father, Mother, Brother, Lover

Pairing: Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor

Rating: Mature

Disclaimer: I do now own QAF, I just wish I did!

Plot: Justin is Michael's little half brother who turns up out of the blue from NYC.


The door bell rang and Debbie let the first of the guests in, yelling at Michael to fix them a drink as Justin was paraded past them, a smile plastered on his face as he was hugged, kissed, and petted by various fags and dykes. All very nice, Justin especially liked Linds who had a kind and genuine smile, and her partner Mel was nice too although Justin thought she was a little scary and soon his opinion of her lowered a little when he saw how bitchy she was to Brian.

But all in all, the guest were nice and Justin was just glad to be out of New York and back in his mother house – his real mom's house and not that stuck up WASP of a cunt Jennifer Taylor.

Everything was going great – he was talking to Lindsay about his art and drinking a glass of wine that Vic had sneaked him – that was until David turned up.

"Hey look, it's the good Doctor!" Brian's voice from half the room away alerted everybody to the appearance of a tall (old) man with dark brown hair and a bunch of flowers in his arms. "For your mother." David told Michael who broke his (slightly) passionate embrace to take the carnations and put them in some water. Besides them, the giant daisies that Justin had brought with what had been left over from the money he had had looked pathetic. It dulled his smile slightly but he was with others and kept up the appearance of being happy and not bothered by anything, after all he had grown up in the house of WASPs; he could fake it like a pro.

Debbie hugged David and went to get him some wine – something she hadn't done for anyone else, allowing them to get their own or leaving the role of hottest to Michael and Vic. Brian started spending a lot of time in that corner with 'the happy couple', Debbie soon joining them, leaving Justin feeling left out of his family's life. Linds, sensing his mood, tried extra hard to talk to him but soon gave up and went to find Mel who was talking business with Ted. And by the food was Vic and Emmett.

With no idea who to talk to and not really feeling up to being the sparkling conservationist he could be, Justin made his way to the stairs. A voice stopped him before he made it.

"Hey! Jus, come and meet my boyfriend." The voice of a happy Michael. Justin let his happiness that Michael was happy fill him, and he smiled a true sunshine smile as he made his way over to his brother and mother. "Justin, this is Dr David Cameron. David, this is my kid brother, Justin Taylor."

Justin turned to beam in David's direction but lost his smile within seconds. He saw the look David was giving him, looking him up and down – taking in his baggy jeans, the t-shirt he wore which had once belonged to Michael – and in David's eyes Justin could see that he thought he was better than Justin, that he didn't like Justin, but that he didn't intend on ,making this an issue – so, like most other men with money he was judging and then dismissing. It was like he was still in New York. And he hated it.

"Justin. Pleased to meet you." David held out his hand.

Justin shook David's hand, his grip firmer than Justin had anticipated and he was forced to hide a wince. "Charmed." Justin replied shortly, before making his excuses and going upstairs, the sound of laugher and music followed him.

Once upstairs he curled up on Michael's old bed, grabbed his sketch book and started drawing.

An hour later Debbie was calling for everyone to come and sit down for dinner. When all but Justin arrived at the table Brian volunteered to find the young man – after Michael refused to leave David in order to locate his little brother.

Debbie's house was fairly small, so it took only a few minutes before Brian found Justin lying on Michael's old bed, asleep, his hand clutched around a pencil and a sheet of paper lying on the ground. Bending over to pick it up Brian noticed that it was an excellent drawing of himself, signed by J. Taylor. Smirking at the material he now had to tease Justin with he shook the young blond awake. "Justin… oh Justin… oi, Boy wonder, wake up!"

"Wha-?" Justin woke suddenly, nearly falling of the single bed, only stopped by Brian's arms.

"Brian?" Justin's said, his mind still clouded with sleep. He smiled – radient sunshine – and leaned in to clumsily take Brian's lips with his own, youthful passion taking control of him as he kissed a started Brain/

"Wow! What the Hell was that." Brian exclaimed, jumping back from the bed. Justin was only sixteen, for crying out loud! Just a kid – a kid with a bad case of hero worship gone wrong, he wasn't even gay! At least, that was what Brian thought.

"Oh God!" Justin groaned, now fully awake. "Brian, I didn't – I don't – Oh god I'm sorry!"

"Don't ever do that again." Brian said, cold and calm now. "Get your butt down stairs and pretend like everything is normal. Go."

And Justin ran downstairs, the thought running through his head that if someone had told him yesterday that he would be running away from Brian Kinney, he would have told them to get themselves checked out at the hospital.


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