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'ello! Name is Kiminaru. I just have a little contest in mind for anyone who would like to participate in it.

So pretty much like the summary said, this story will be about Light's return as a shinigami. I have a story in mind, but to make this more interesting, I thought that any DeathNote fanfic writers out there who would like to give it a try, would take this prologue, and come up with a story of their own.

If you decide to participate, please tell me, just so I can read your stories, as I'm sure it will be very interesting. Just make sure you put this prologue as your first page.

That's pretty much it. Hope a lot of people will give this a try.


The two shinigami stood facing each other in the barren wasteland known as the shinigami world. One of them laughed to themselves, a sound that was more like a wounded animal then actual laughter. He was short with wirery black and purple hair, which would stick out in every which way. His body was covered in old bandages, and wherever it wasn't covered, visible patched of rotting skin could be seen peeling of the bones. His hollow eyes stared back at the other shinigami.

"You're special now. Very, very special" It said before breaking into another fit of laughter. It raised a bony hand and pointed to the still silent shinigami standing before him.

"Take care of that note book now. You're the first. You're special" A slight grin appeared on the lips of the silent shinigami.

"I usually am and I have something wonderful in mind" The shinigami, with its eyes now a blazed, threw his head back shouting to the world.

"Lord Kira has returned!"