Title: Isabelle

Author: Absolutely Abby

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Child abuse (not graphic (just scene at the beginning)), spousal abuse (again, not graphic (scene at the beginning)), rape (not graphic, just mentioned.)

Characters: Gibbs, Abby, McGee, Tony, Ziva, Jen, Ducky, Isabelle and Liam.

Pairing: Abby/Gibbs

Spoilers: maybe a bit from season four. (Kelly and Shannon mentioned.)

Word Count: 11, 319

Chapters: Prologue, six chapters and an epilogue.

Summary: A child abuse case leaves Gibbs with a four year old girl and a four month old boy. Will he catch the murder? Will he find a home for the kids?

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS. I do not own Abby. (Unfortunately). And I do not own Gibbs. Don't sue. It would be a waste of your time, I have no money. (Also don't own Full House, just so you know)

Authors Note: Ok, so this is my second faction I'm actually posting online. My ships change constantly, lol, and this is my first real Gabby fic. (Besides the Secret Santa one ) So I'm sorry if they seem out of character. This is also my first faction (ever) that is based around a case (and has some sort of plot… :P) rather then a ship. The chapter titles are in French, I'm not crazy, I was just in a French mood. :P So I hope you guys like it  Also the random Full House mentioning at the end… lol I'm not crazy I'm just on a Full House kick:P


Prologue: Une Petite Fille

A young girl, only three years old, sat huddled under her pink, canopy bed. Her dark, curly hair was in tangles and tears ran from her bright blue eyes. Her tiny hands are wrapped around her legs; she is barely breathing, afraid of making the tiniest sound.

Not ten seconds later, a tall, dark haired man, obviously drunk, came stumbling into the room.

"Isabelle! Where are you, sweetheart? I have a surprise for you!" The man yelled.

Isabelle shut her eyes tight, praying he wouldn't find her.

Things are silent for a couple of seconds, so she slowly opened one eye.

On his hands and knees, the man looked under Isabelle's bed. He grinned, but his dark brown eyes don't show the smile at all. His teeth are rotted and brown and his breath is hot on her face and smells horrible. His eyes showed nothing but pure evil. He snarled, "I found you!" He laughs his evil laugh and pulls Isabelle out from under the bed by her hair.

Isabelle screams and a woman came running into the room. She looks just like an older version of Isabelle, except her hair wasn't quite as curly.

"Leave her alone!" She screamed at the man.

"Get out of here!" He yelled back at her, pulling a knife out from behind his back.

The woman screamed and Isabelle cried.

It all happened within seconds. The woman was lying on the floor, knife in her chest, no longer breathing. Isabelle kneeled beside her and cries. Panicked, the man fled.

Isabelle is left by herself with her lifeless mother lying on the floor beside her.