Épilogue : Trois Mois Plus Tard…

"Jethro, have you seen Liam's green sweater? It's chilly outside today." Abby yelled from the bedroom.

"Did you look in the closet?" Gibbs yelled back from the kitchen where he was making breakfast. Izzy, who was sitting in her booster seat at the table giggled.

"It's not here!" Abby yelled back.

"Izzy, do you know something about this?" Gibbs asked her, a smile on his face. He could tell she was hiding something.

"No daddy." She said in her perfect princess voice. Then she giggled.

Izzy had started calling Gibbs and Abby daddy and mommy not long before their wedding. The adoption papers had gone through, and Izzy and Liam were officially theirs the day after the wedding, which was a month and a half ago. Gibbs was thrilled when she first called him daddy. He had told her she didn't have to call him daddy if she didn't want to, but that she was welcome to.

It took a while for her to adjust to living in a new house with a new family, but not near as long as Gibbs thought it was going to take. It was a good adjustment for her; she no longer had to be afraid of being hurt in the night. She had no reason to be afraid anymore at all.

Gibbs and Abby had taken Izzy in to see a paediatrician the day after Ducky suggested it. He had given them a prescription for Flunitrazepam, like Ducky assumed he would. They had bi-weekly check ups to make sure everything was ok for the past three months. Izzy is completely off of the Flunitrazepam now, and is happy and healthy.

She's gained weight too, weighing in at almost thirty pounds.

She seemed happy in her new home. Gibbs and Abby went back to her old home and hauled a bunch of stuff over, including her bed and Liam's crib. They painted her room and carpeted it.

Abby and Gibbs went on a short honeymoon right after the wedding, lasting only about half a week. During that time, the kids stayed with Tony, with lots of help from the team.

"Found it!" Abby yelled again, coming out of the bedroom. "It was hiding underneath his crib."

Izzy giggled.

"Izzy, did you put it there?"

She nodded.

"You shouldn't hide things like that." Abby said sternly, but when Izzy looked at her with her pout-y-I'm-sorry face, she couldn't help but laugh.

"Are you almost ready to go Izzy?" Gibbs asked her.

"Almost. Mommy? Will you do my hair like yours again?" She asked.

Abby smiled, "Of course I will, come here."

Finally, what seemed like hours later to Gibbs, they were out the door.

"Why do you and mommy have to work so much, daddy?" Izzy asked in the car.

"Because, sweetie, we need to make money so that we can buy you food and clothes."

"Oh." She said, slightly sad.

"What's wrong, darling?" Abby asked her.

"My friend Kendra from playschool, she said that her mommy and daddy take her to the park almost everyday. We hardly ever go to the park."

Gibbs turned to look at Abby and Abby looked at him. They smiled at each other, and nodded.

Gibbs pulled out his cell phone and dialled Jenny's number.

"Hello, Director Shepard speaking." She answered.

"Hey Jen, it's me."

"Jethro? Why aren't you here yet?"

"Well, we had trouble getting the kids ready to go this morning." He laughed. "Do we have a case yet?"

"Nope, it's still dead around here."

"Would you mind if Abby and I came in a bit late today?"

"No, as long as you have your cell phone in case I need to get a hold of you. Why?"

"We want to take the kids over to the playground." He said with a smile.

"Yay!" Izzy cheered.

Gibbs and Abby both laughed.


It was a beautiful autumn day; the leaves on the trees were beautiful shades of yellow and orange. The ground was covered in crunchy brown leaves and Isabelle was crunching them and giggling.

Abby was pushing Liam in his stroller and Gibbs was holding Izzy's hand as she crunched through the leaves.

Gibbs set his fee hand on top of Abby's and smiled at her. She smiled back.

"I want to go on the swings!" Izzy yelled, dropping Gibbs' hand and running towards the swing set.

Gibbs laughed and ran after her.

"Will you push me daddy?" She asked.

He smiled and gave her a little push.

"Harder daddy!" She giggled. Gibbs laughed and pushed her further up into the air. Izzy giggled.

Abby came towards him, Liam in her arms. He smiled at her and put his arm around her waist. He pulled her in for a quick kiss.

When they separated, he looked around him at his loving family. He kept his arm around Abby's waist. She was holding Liam in one arm and he was pushing Isabelle on the swing with his free hand. He smiled. After what happened to Shannon and Kelly, he never thought he would be happy again. He was wrong.


La Fin