Just a little idea I had when I watched the second movie for the second time. Yes I saw National Treasure 2 twice in the theater, is that bad:). I still can't believe I don't have the first one, I've rented it enough times I really do need to buy it by now lol.

Oh and Mitch Booth doesn't have the letter from the Queen in this fic so he doesn't have the next clue, only Ben does

Abigail and Riley hurried down below the Library of Congress while Ben stayed behind quickly snapping the picture of page 47 as well as shoving the book back in it's secretive place.

"We're so going to jail, we're so going to jail." Riley muttered. "Kidnapping the President of the United States, what were we thinking?"

"Riley well you shut up?" Abigail demanded and scanned the downstaires. There were two doors. She pointed to the one at the far end.

"You go that way and I'll go to the other door. Once Ben and I get into the car we'll come get you. You'll be less noticable if you're on foot and seperated from the rest of us."

Riley glanced at the doors.

"Good idea." He nodded to her and they hurried off into a seperate situation. As he hurried into the streets of Washington D.C and headed towards a corner he all of a sudden felt a gun against his back. He froze as he heard an unfortunatily familiar voice.

"Hello Mr. Poole." Mitch's voice spoke clearly, softly, and calmly. "Going somewhere?"

Ben ran in front of the car as Abi started it causing her to scream.

"It's all right, it's just me. Just me." Ben answered breathlessly as he got in and looked around. "Where's Riley?"

"We took seperate doors, he's on the other side waiting for us." Abigail answered quickly and he nodded.

"Then I suggest we pick him up and get out of here as fast as we can."

Abigail sped around the Library to the other side where Riley had been waiting for them before he got snatched up by Mitch.

"Where is he?!" Cried Abigail. "He better not be going back to take another look at that book." She added. Something inside of Ben didn't feel quiet right though. He knew something wasn't right, he just couldn't place it.

He grabbed his cell phone and quickly dialed Riley's number.

"Pick up Riley, pick up." He muttered.

Suddenly someone did pick it up but not someone he expected.

"Hello Benjamine." Mitch's voice answered. "I believe you have something I want and I have something you want."

Ben froze in the car and stared at Abigail. Things were about to go into a drastically different situation, one he wasn't prepared for at all...

Sorry for such a short chapter but I'll try to update quickly like I'm doing with my other National Treasure movie.