1 year after Fidelity. Obviously.

"Hey, happy anniversary, Vala!" Sam called brightly as the door to her lab closed behind her. Vala paused at the end of the hall, waiting, and she jogged to catch up.

"Thanks," her friend replied quickly. Too quickly. Sam frowned.

"Okay," she said knowingly. "What happened this time?"

"Nothing," Vala assured her, starting up the hall again with a shake of her head.

"Vala, c'mon. People don't sound like that on their first anniversary without a reason," Sam sighed.

Vala paused again, her hand moving to her forehead. "There is a reason," she confessed, sweeping her hand through her long hair with a sigh of her own. "But not what you think. We're not arguing."

"Okay, then what's going on?" Sam asked, taking Vala's arm. She walked over to the water cooler, leaning casually against the wall on one side of it. Vala shrugged, not speaking for a moment, and stared up at the half-filled, bluish plastic cylinder of Poland Spring .

"I love Daniel, Sam," she said, very softly, almost whispering.

"Yeah…and that's a problem…?" Sam frowned again.

"Love's like water," Vala shook her head, moving to cup her hand under the spout. She leaned in, pressing the button with her other hand, and let the cold stream splash down into her palm, spilling over her fingers to form a tiny puddle by the toes of her boots. "You try to hold it…but sooner or later it just runs through your fingers…"

She trailed off at the sound of an opening door behind her, and turned to see Daniel exiting the General's office. He looked up from the file-folder he was carrying, a startled expression crossing his face at the sight of her. Then his eyebrow rose, and he slowly walked across the hall, staring down at her hand and the growing pool of water. Shrugging, he reached around her, grabbed a paper cup from the stack, and wrapped her fingers around it.



As a final note: this fic does have multiple sequels set later in Daniel and Vala's marriage. They were written as sequels because I fully intended to stop this AU here, but readers asked for more, and challenge prompts gave me the necessary inspiration.

They will be posted in the upcoming future. I am not sure when. If you enjoyed Fire and Water, feel free to add me to your Author Alerts subscription. DON'T subscribe to a story alert for this fic; you won't get update notices because the story itself is complete.

In chronological order, the sequels to this story are:

-Interlude ( a loosely interconnected collection of fics set in the same universe as Fire and Water. They were written after the series itself, so I don't include them as part of it. )

-Rediscovered Hearts (a 46 chapter epic set in the third year of Daniel and Vala's marriage, involves the birth of their first child and an exploration of Vala's past.)

-In The Moment (a loosely interconnected collection of fics similar to the Interlude set. They were written shortly after I wrote Rediscovered Hearts, but take place before Beyond Breaking.

-The Promise of Thorns (an SGA fic set in the same verse. It's the SGA equivalent to Fire and Water, kicking off a crossover sequel called Beyond Breaking.)

-A Rediscovered Christmas ( a Christmas series set in the RH universe. Hijinx abound when Vala's Santa Trap actually works. Just silly, but I had lots of fun writing it.)

-Beyond Breaking ( the planned followup to RH and Promise. I and some of the RH readers on LJ readers were speculating about season 10 and what might happen if the Ori returned in the RH AU somewhat later than they did in canon. About six chapters have been written, but the end of SG-1 s10 and SGA s3 really blew the fic out of the water. It will be done eventually, just don't know when.)

-Idyll Days (the final collection of short interconnected fics in this AU, set after the resolution of the Ori conflict)