Hello, everyone! This is Umbra the Hedgehog signing in! Back in 2008, I decided to make a story about Sonic the Hedgehog as my first piece of writing on the site. Eventually, the concept evolved into a mega crossover involving several other characters, mostly because I was so fond of them and wanted to see if I could portray them as well, either because they were popular and beloved by many, or because they were not very well-known and I wanted to give them a little more exposure. While the original concept was nice and simple, my inexperience as a first-time writer showed, and I felt an idea like this could use a proper execution. Well, the time has finally come to get started. To any readers who decided to check this out, both old and new, I hope you'll enjoy this.

Description: Sonic the Hedgehog will face two big challenges in this adventure: he has to team up with several heroes to save all of existence… and he has to figure out his own conflicting emotions.


-I do not own any of the characters featured in this chapter.

Multi-Dimensional Melee!

Station Square.

You could easily call it "the city of adventure"… but you could just as easily call it "the unluckiest place on the entire planet". They both have merit, really. It's an exciting place to be or even live in, to be sure, but that's because the city seems to be a magnet for big, dangerous events, like the return of a powerful, 4000-year-old water creature.

That must be why Sonic the Hedgehog likes to visit so often.

Yes, even though there are several different cities that he could be visiting, the world-renowned hero seems to have a particular fondness for Station Square. No one could really guess why; there hasn't been any real excitement recently that could draw him towards the place. Sure, the place might be well-known because of the attack of a giant monster, but the reconstruction efforts that followed aren't exactly a draw for a free-spirited adventurer. Even to this day, they still haven't managed a complete recovery.

And yet, there he is once again, relaxing on the roof of a building.

"Oh, yeah… nothing like a good roof to help you chill out." Sonic said to no one in particular, before he took a bite off a chili dog.

The blue hedgehog had decided to just take things easy for a while. His energetic resolve was something that would never leave, but when your last adventure involves a fire creature from another dimension that can control your mind, he figured anyone would leap at the chance for some rest and relaxation. Besides, with his genius arch-enemy Dr. Eggman still out there somewhere, he just knew there would be plenty of chances for excitement.

He stretched his legs a little before helping himself to more of his tasty snack. "I love my life."

After taking a few moments to finish it, along with a second one he had on standby, he quickly got up and took a deep breath. Now that he had taken the time to just rest and have something to eat, he had decided it was time to get moving again. After all, you don't stay in top shape just by loafing around.

"Okay, here we go!"

Sonic immediately followed up on this statement by jumping off the building, pulling off the same kind of landing he's used to after foiling one of Eggman's evil plots. He examined the immediate area, looking for a good spot that could give him plenty of room to do his thing.

Before he could start running, though, he felt something colliding against his side.

"Whoa, hey!"

It wasn't too hard, so he was perfectly able to stay upright, but whatever happened to run into him made a sound. More specifically, it grunted, along with a thud. Turning around, Sonic found a bag and a number of items on the floor, and what seemed to be someone right under the bag.

"Yo, you alright?" He asked as he approached this person who just so happened to stumble upon him. "You gotta watch where you're going, especially around here."

The hedgehog immediately set out to help, and once he was able to move the bag away and prepared himself to ask something else, he was met by a surprising sight.

"What the…? Amy?"

Yes, the owner of the bags was none other than Amy Rose, a fellow hedgehog and one of his best friends.

She shook her head, and then she noticed who she had run into.

"Oh… hi, Sonic." She greeted him as well. "Sorry… I guess I really didn't see where I was going."

Normally, this would give Sonic an instant urge to run away. While he finds her to be likable, her advances are usually quite repellent. Many times over, she has made it no secret that she is in love with him, declaring herself to be his girlfriend and pursuing him very aggressively, as well as going to extreme lengths in order to win his affection. Given her occasionally fiery temper, the results can be pretty scary.

This time, however, he was… very accepting of her presence.

The normally energetic and high-spirited Amy seemed very even-tempered today, and while he may be clueless sometimes, Sonic isn't stupid, so this caught his attention right away.

"What are you doing over here?" He asked as he helped her up. "I never see you around when I'm visiting."

Right away, she started to pick up every single thing that had fallen to the ground.

"Yeah, ever since I moved to Central City, I haven't come here very often." She looked at him. "I used to live here, remember?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I remember."

"Well, my old house got destroyed when Chaos transformed into that giant lizard monster." She put all of her things together on the floor. "I moved into the apartment at Central City so I didn't have to go through too much trouble while the reconstruction started, but I was told that I should expect a call about my house at some point."

"That's why you're here?" Sonic asked her, surprisingly invested. "What's up with that stuff then?"

As though in answer, she started to put the items back inside the bag.

"They're all the things they found in the wreckage." Amy stopped for a moment to look at him. "A lot of my old stuff… didn't survive the flood, but they found these, and they wanted me to have them again." Then she went back to her bag.

Right at that moment, it hit him. These weren't just things that you bought at the dollar store, or random stuff that was on discount at the mall... these were important to her. Probably about as much as she has claimed to love him on so many occasions, if he were to guess.

They were the very last pieces of what used to be her home.

Sonic had a house of his own, but he didn't usually spend his time there. Since he traveled a lot, he was used to finding himself a place that was comfortable enough to spend the night or, if he happened to be close by, he stayed with Tails at his house, since his best friend always had a couch available and enjoyed his company. However, that didn't mean he didn't care about it. It was a cozy little place, and he did spend time there when he just wanted a break or wasn't feeling completely well. He also cherished all of the things he usually left there, like his sofa, his old telescope or the picture of himself and Tails that they took when they finished their very first adventure together. He even had the memory of meeting another friend right at his living room, which was immediately followed by another adventure that he remembered fondly.

The idea of losing all of that had never occurred to him before, but now that he thought about it…

"…I'm sorry, Amy." He finally spoke again, after much consideration.

In response, the pink hedgehog turned around. "Don't be. It wasn't even your fault anyway." She smiled at him. "Blame Eggman; he's the one who thought releasing Chaos would work out well for him."

"I know, I know. I just felt like I needed to get that out there." Then he walked over to her and put the rest of her belongings inside the bag. "So, gonna stick around for a while?"

"Not really. I was just going to head back to my apartment over at Central City."

Upon hearing that, he just smirked at her. "Well, I have a plane, you know. Want a lift?"

"You'd do that?" Amy asked, surprised by the offer. "I thought you were here because you wanted to stay for a while."

"Hey, I can always fly back here." Sonic just shrugged. "Besides, Tails asked me to test out the Tornado 2 after he did… uh, something or other to it. I can't remember." He started stretching his arms. "I'm gonna have to go back and tell him how it turned out either way, so hey, might as well go two-for-one, right?"

Before he had a chance to react, Amy surprised him with one of her trademark hugs.

"Oh, thank you, Sonic! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're the best!"

This is usually the part where he is uneasy and creeped out and he tries to run away… except this time, he merely found himself returning the gesture, very gently embracing his pink friend.

"No prob."

Amy let go of him and walked over to her bag, but before she could pick it up, she noticed that she had been beaten to the task. She was pretty surprised by the sight of Sonic just carrying the bag that was giving her trouble a couple minutes ago.

"It's cool. I got it."

Some time later…

Emerald Town.

At first glance, it's not exactly an unremarkable sight, but not really a household name or a hot tourist destination either. It's a relatively simple town, practically interchangeable when compared to other, more notable towns. However, that's not to say there's an overly high amount of available vacancies or anything; it simply doesn't have the same kind of staying power as Central City, which isn't too far away from it.

Despite this, one particular individual had his home set up near one of Sonic's favorite places: his best friend, Miles Prower, a yellow fox who was more commonly known as Tails, thanks to him somehow being born with two tails instead of one. His house, which, quite amusingly, looked a lot like his own head, was located in Emerald Town, and was only a few minutes away from Emerald Beach.

Normally, Tails would spend most of his days just tinkering at his workshop, which was actually on the way over to Emerald Beach. After all, he had plenty of ideas in his mind almost every day about things he could invent or fix, and one of his favorite things to do was working on his plane, regardless of whether it was a routine checkup, some kind of upgrade, or just building a new model.

And he was heading there, in fact, when he noticed something over at Emerald Beach.

"Huh? What's that?"

His curiosity taking over, he turned away from his workshop and decided to fly over there first, using his tails as a propeller.

Now, Tails has seen a lot of strange things both before and after meeting Sonic. An armada of birds looking to conquer the world with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, an old witch who travelled around an island in a rail cart, an ancient robot designed to copy any and all fighting moves just by watching them, and aliens who wanted to colonize Earth and use humans as nothing more than food, just to name a few. But nothing could have prepared him for what he saw once he finally got close enough…

…Sonic getting off his plane, with Amy as a passenger, not running away, and actually helping her out, without a single objection being given.

"Here we go. Emerald Beach, just as cool as always." He said with a laugh, holding her bag in his arms. "Want me to take this to your apartment?"

Amy couldn't stop herself from chuckling at that. "That's alright, Sonic. I… I think I want to take it there myself." She looked away, stroking one of her arms as she did. "I know it probably sounds silly, but it's… kind of important."

"Pfft, not at all." He put it down. "Suit yourself."

With that comment, she was all ready to get out of the passenger seat. However, as she did, she accidentally took a wrong step, losing her balance and falling out of the Tornado 2.

Fortunately for her, Sonic still has the world's fastest reflexes, so he was able to run in and catch her before she hit the ground. She had shut her eyes in preparation for the impact, but when it never came, she opened them up, and she quickly took notice of how close he was to her.

"That was close."

Amy felt her face heating up almost immediately. Right away, she had an urge to shower him with her usual brand of affection: lots of hugging, and praising, and maybe a kiss on top of everything…

No… wait… She suddenly thought. Whenever I do that, he just runs away. But this… this is the first time he hasn't been against spending time with me. He brought me here, and he offered to carry my things. I…

Then she looked at his face.

He was smiling at her, and it wasn't even that old cocky smirk of his that made her heart flutter every time she saw it. It was just… a really genuine kind of smile. It wasn't out of place for him, but she was so used to his usual expression that it actually caught her unawares.

No, I can't do that to him. Not after he's been so nice, for a change. Every time he saves me from something, I just do something that makes him run away. Try to be more appreciative this time, Amy.

"Yo! Earth to Amy! Still with us?" She was snapped out of it when she heard Sonic's voice again. "You sure you don't need help?"

Once she remembered that she was still in his arms, she just tried to get down on her own. With her feet back on the ground, she felt comfortable enough to speak again.

"Yeah… yeah, I'm sure." She replied, her mind now made up. "Don't worry about me, Sonic. I'm just fine."

Sonic was thrown off by this. Surely, this should have been the part where Amy would do something silly or lovey-dovey… but no, she was acting surprisingly mature, and that just confused him.

He was determined to not let it show, though.

"Okay, fine." He did his best to come off as neutral as he could before turning to the nearby streets. "Hey, let's go get you a cab. No idea why you like 'em, but hey, with all that stuff, it's gonna be a long trip to Central City on foot. Even you can't be into something that boring."

Amy could feel a smile growing on her face. The fact that he just kept on acting like he usually does was a good sign, and the offer was amazingly considerate.

"Sure, let's go."

As she picked up her bag, she could hear Sonic zipping away. She made her way over to the sidewalk, walking slowly and staying in a straight line, and she could hear him saying something in the distance. She really only managed to make it out after walking a little more.

"So, d'you lend that trunk to your passengers?" There was a brief pause. "Sweet, 'cause I got someone here with a big bag o' stuff that needs a ride." Another one. "Speaking of, here she comes. Hey, Amy, you can drop that thing now."

Once she put it down, she was impressed. She thought that maybe Sonic was just teasing her, since she didn't hear anyone else, but the sight of a taxi that had pulled over proved her wrong.

"Wow. That was fast."

He chuckled for a bit. "Faster than the speed of sound. That's how I roll."

The two heard a noise coming from the car, and a quick look from Sonic confirmed that the trunk was now unlocked. After Amy picked up the bag and put it in there, he closed it again.

"Well, there it is." He gave her a thumbs-up. "Looks like you're good to go, Amy."

She couldn't help but smile, still finding his demeanor as charming as she did on the day they first met.

"Yeah, I guess."

Right at that moment, she felt an incredible urge to hug him again, but with her previous thoughts still fresh in her mind, she did her best to hold back.

This didn't stop her from showing her appreciation. Unlike her other displays of affection, however, this was very subdued on her part. No yelling, no chasing, no forceful gestures, no aggressive pursuing… she just walked up to him and planted a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks for all the help, Sonic."

That was it. That was the point where he could no longer try to shrug it off.

With all that had happened, Sonic expected Amy to just go nuts on him and ask for nine dates or something. This one small, simple gesture, so very unlike her, was enough for his "cool guy" act to crack, being replaced by a baffled expression on his face.

Words could not describe how grateful he was when he noticed that she was distracted by something.

"Hi, Tails!"

Turning to the same direction that she was looking at, he was beyond relieved at the sight of his buddy, who was walking towards them.

"Hey, Sonic. Hey, Amy." He waved at the two. "What's going on?"

"Oh, I was just at Station Square picking up a few things. I don't know how, but some of my possessions survived the destruction of the city by Chaos, and I want to take them back to my apartment."

Tails started scratching his head. "And Sonic's… helping you?"

"I know! Isn't he just the sweetest?"

That left the young fox stumped. Before he could ask any more questions, however, he noticed that Amy was boarding the taxi.

"Well, I should get going before it goes dark. Bye, Tails." She turned to the blue hedgehog. "Bye, Sonic. Thanks again." Then she shut the door, and that was the last they heard of her before the car left.

Sonic just shook his head and approached his friend.

"Hey, Tails." He chuckled, doing his best to recover from what had just happened. "Couldn't even wait 'til I got to your house before checking on the old plane, huh?"

Tails was baffled at how casual he was being.

"Uh… yeah." Then he looked over at the Tornado 2. "How did the adjustments turn out? Is she faster? Does she turn okay? Did you test the high speed mode?"

"You did it again, little bro. She flies like a dream." Sonic surprised him with a headlock and a noogie. "Is there anything you can't get right?"

Tails couldn't hold his laughter in, both because of the noogie and the compliment.

"That's great to know." Looking at his friend for a moment, he decided to ask him right away. "Hey, uh… Sonic? Can I ask you something?"

He grinned in response. "Fire away."

"Well, um…" He got a little shaky, turning his eyes away. "I was on my way to the workshop to do some work and wait for you, but… I, uh… I saw you."

"I am hard to miss, y'know."

"No, no, I mean…" Tails turned his eyes to look at Sonic again. "…I saw you with Amy. You were helping her out, and… you weren't complaining. You flew her here, you helped her with her belongings, and you even got her a taxi."

"Well, it's not like she was going to carry that big thing all the way to Central City, right?"

"No, no! It's just…" Then he straightened himself up. "You were spending time with her. You never do that! I know we're friends and all, but you always run away from her! Always!"

Sonic just shrugged. "Yeah, but… I didn't this time."

"That's my point! Why didn't you run?"

"She wasn't chasing me. She just wanted a hand with her stuff. No big deal."

Tails was at a loss for words, confused by Sonic's casual attitude towards the whole situation. Nothing about what he witnessed and heard made any sense at all, no matter how he tried to rationalize it… until one particular thought entered his mind right then and there.

"Sonic, are you… in love with Amy all of a sudden?"

Upon hearing this, his eyes widened.

"You're kidding, right?" He stayed like that for a moment before letting out some laughs. "Because that has gotta be the funniest thing you've ever said, pal! You really had me going for a moment there."

"So, you're not?"

"Pfft, 'course not!" He stretched his legs. "I just don't do marriage, Tails. I'll take running over being tied down to one place any day!"

This didn't help Tails' confusion at all.

"Alright, just… forget I asked anything." He turned to his plane again. "I'm going to test the Tornado 2 myself for a while before I take it back to the hangar. I'd still like to run some more tests." He gave Sonic another look. "Do you want to come?"

Sonic, on the other hand, just decided to lay on the sand, his hands behind his head. "Nah, I think I'm gonna relax for a while. Catch up to you later?"

"Okay, that's fine. See you later."

As he closed his eyes, he could hear the plane's engines coming back on, followed by the front propeller's spins. The sounds eventually started to become more and more distant, until he couldn't even hear anything but the crashing waves and the wind blowing around him. Just the way he liked it.

Nothing beats a day on the beach, even if it's a lazy day. He chuckled for a moment. Heh, that Tails… always the jokester. "Are you in love with Amy?" Yeah, right. That'd never happen.

He took a deep breath, got comfortable, and allowed himself to relax and let his mind be filled with nice thoughts.

The next time Eggman unveiled some kind of ridiculous scheme for world domination, he'd laugh at whatever power he thought he could wield turning on him, smash it in seconds, stomp on the doc's head just for fun, and then go for a jog. Then he could follow it with a trip to Tails' house just to let him know about it, drop by the fast food joint for a full plate of chili dogs, and unexpectedly head on over to Amy's place.

Wait, what?

Sonic's eyes snapped wide open when he realized what had just crossed his mind.

Nah, no way. That last chili dog was probably spoiled or something. I mean, that'd never happen… right?

Well, there we go.

Once again, I've decided to keep the first chapter focused on touching only one half of the subjects given on the synopsis. This time, however, I feel like this captures the characters' friendly interactions and the concept of unexpected, potentially conflicted emotions much better than a chapter which ended up with less than two thousand words because I thought I was limited to a certain amount before people lost interest, not to mention the fact that I didn't quite have a grasp on writing this sort of thing yet.

I just hope you feel like the alterations made on this chapter have been worthwhile. Review, if you please, and let me know what you think. I welcome any and all feedback, good or bad, so long as you keep it civil.

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