Logan and I have both been on edge since our semi-revelation. We've both been occupied with school and background checking. Tonight's practically his only "night off". It's Casey's bachelor party. A bit early, admittedly, but it's been adjusted to fit with Neptune's very busy social season. The wedding is actually in mid-June.

After a long stressful day, I call him up. "Ready for your night of debauchery?"

"Well…technically…it's really Casey's." He pauses "But, rest assured, my sweet, I'll be sure to squeeze in at least a little naughty fun." He teases.

"Ok, all I ask is that I not find stripper's underwear in your car or in the suite…" I jokingly trail off. "And oh, you know, the obvious…"

"That when I stick the $20 in her g-string that I only think of you?"

"Exactly." I giggle. "Of course, I'd prefer you not getting acquainted with Neptune's more erotic residents, but I guess I must accept that boys will be boys…" I sigh heavily.

"Right…" He chuckles. "Like you lovely ladies aren't paying a visit to a strip club for the bachelorette party?"

"Okay, admittedly, it's on the schedule, but for your sake, I promise not to enjoy it."

Feeling the utter and total need for BFF time, I sweep by Wallace's dorm to rouse him for a healthy breakfast in the cafeteria. I would typically call up Logan first, but he's more than likely nursing a heavy hangover. Besides, Wallace and I have had like zip quality time lately.

I knock at the door and after a few guttural moans, the door flies open and a very haggard Troy looks back at me yawning. "What's up, Veronica?"

"Where's Wallace?" I ask.

"Mmm, still in bed." He points lazily at Wallace, head under the covers, seemingly drowning out the world.

This is uncharacteristic of Wallace. Sure, on occasion, he might sleep in by accident if his alarm doesn't go off or he falls asleep studying…but never ever like this.

Then the scent hits my nostrils, the room is reeking of alcohol.

"What the hell is that putrid stench?" I pinch my nose and Troy laughs.

"Casey's bachelor party." He pauses "Eau de Stripper if you will."

"And assuredly a bunch of cheap vodka. You'd think you 09ers would at least go for the good stuff. Grey Goose perhaps?"

"What we lack in quality, we make up in quantity." He jokes suggestively and I hit him in the arm.

"So is Logan completely trashed?" I ask nervously, rubbing Wallace's tiny curls, trying to rouse him from his endless sleep.

"Oh, I thought he went to your place last night…uh no, he actually had only one drink and left pretty early. Like eleven maybe?" Troy seems a little stunned.

"Really?" I furrow my brow and Wallace finally shakes awake, Troy quickly takes a sip off his water bottle, chilling in the desk chair.


"No, Sleeping Beauty. It's not your mom, but believe me, if it were Alicia, you'd so be on house arrest right now."

"I need…I need a trashcan." He dry heaves for a moment to my disgust. I quickly grab for one and place it next to his bed, but luckily it isn't needed. Thank God. Logan's got a pretty good tolerance due to years of "training", so the last time I had to deal with that kind of puking, it was Duncan…ugh.

"C'mon. You need fresh air and lots of toast. Maybe a gallon of water too."

"Okay." He replies slurringly. "Give me like 10 minutes and I'll be fresh as a daisy, at least smell-wise…"

"Perfect." I reply, going out in the hall. What a great opportunity to call Logan.

It rings and rings for what seems a century then suddenly turns off without voicemail. I can't believe it! He freaking ignored my call!

Finally I try again and he answers.


"Dude, you so ignored my call. So where are you? My sources say you left early last night…"

"Your sources? What, you had someone spy on me?"

"Okay, suspicious girlfriend is so last year. This is…Curious Veronica. I was talking to Troy a few minutes ago and he said you left early…which is weird, oh and apparently went to my place which I definitely do not remember… I'm just wondering."


"So will you tell me where you are? If you don't, I'll so activate the GPS in the Rover." I tease nervously.

"What happened to suspicious girlfriend being so last year?" He asks accusingly.

"I. Was. Kidding." I pause and then add, concerned, "Really, Logan, I'm worried."

"Fine." He huffs. "I'm surveying Braddick's apartment." He admits grudgingly.

"Logan." I sigh. "You're going to get yourself killed."

"Like Gena did? Veronica-"

"Okay, bad choice of words. Sorry. Are you at least being safe? Costume, shades, an alleyway for cover? Anything?"

"I've got tint on the windows. Nobody can see anything. As far as they know, I'm some random upstart celebrity who's visiting."

"Logan…" I pause and try to formulate a plan. "At least wait for me before you make a move."

"Veronica, you're not getting yourself hurt…"

"Neither are you." I add firmly. "I'm coming…I'll just tell Wallace that we can't do breakfast and Troy'll be his rehabilitation buddy."

"He certainly has the expertise." Logan scoffs. "Okay, I'll wait, bring lunch though?"

"Sure. Love you."

"Love you too, bye."

Wallace coincidentally strides out the door at the same time as I hang up and frown.

"What? Do I still smell like The Seventh Veil?"

"No. I'm sorry. But Logan and I have some recon work to do. He's in LA. I have to go make sure he's okay…once this whole ordeal is over we're definitely going to have a week away chock-full of BFF time. I promise." I hold up the Girl Scout sign.

"Be careful."

"Of course. It's like you think I'm a novice." I offer up a crooked grin and give him a hug.

Truth is, Wallace does still smell like the Seventh Veil, but for the sake of his self-confidence, I don't say a word.

Pressing a Blimpie bag to the window, the door unlocks and I slide in. Logan looks haggard, like he hasn't slept in days…

"How long have you been awake?" I hand him the bag and he immediately scrambles to get it open.

"I drove straight here last night and have literally been awake the entire time." He yawns.


"Don't. Veronica, just don't. I couldn't have fun last night knowing Gena's killer was still out there. God, she'll never have a bachelorette party, never have kids, a family…I'm sure you would have done this for Lilly."

I sigh. He's right. "Just don't drive yourself crazy over this, Logan. We're so close, so close to finding out what happened, it's a waiting game. Waiting for the right opportunity."

He doesn't reply, choosing to munch on his sub instead.

"Has he left yet?"

"About ten minutes ago."

"We should go then." I reply simply and he's already out the door.

After the trek to the complex, I stop in the front office.

"Hello? Hello?"

"Yes?" An elderly woman comes to the desk.

"Hi, I'm Milo Braddick's sister. Melissa. We're twins, isn't that neat?"

"Very." She says, utterly unenthused. "How can I help you?"

"Ok, he gave me a key to his apartment but my lunkhead of a boyfriend, Drew threw it away…" I point back at Logan shaking my head. "I just haven't told him because I knew he'd be pissed. Anyway, he told me he left something in his apartment for me, like a late birthday gift or something…I so have to get in there." I insist sweetly.

"Fine." She huffs, not even attempting to check I.D., which is okay by me. Sure, I'd carefully made a fake I.D. for such an occasion, but given the opportunity, I'd rather not have to show it.

She fishes through a drawer at the desk and comes up successfully with a key. "I'll be needing this back. Only've got one key specific to his apartment." She nods and places it carefully in my hand.

"Thank you." I smile back and take Logan by the hand down the hall. Soon, we're in the elevator on our way up.

As I press the button for the floor, I feel his hot breath on my ear. "Did that manipulation come from Veronica circa 2002? You're just so sweet…how can anybody say no?" He smirks.

"Nobody suspects the blonde."

"Bow down to the master of scams." He offers up a weak smile and I carefully take his hand to find it sweating. He's always been a pro at hiding his discomfort, fear even. I guess acting does run in the family, after all.

I segue. "Logan, you have to remain objective with this. I Gena was…Gena, but you can't get all emotional or involved, we've got to remain focused."

He nods, gulping, as if to focus completely on the task the hand.

Putting on bright, enthusiastic smiles, we both get off the elevator and stride straight to Milo's apartment. Almost apprehensively, I slip the key in the lock, twisting it with ease. The door opens to reveal a slightly messy, somewhat ordinary guy pad.

We immediately close the door and Logan whispers "Divide and conquer?"

I nod and quickly make my way to the room directly across from Gena's apartment. There's miscellaneous newspaper clippings on a table near the window, detailing the Echolls family drama from the past few years, as well as a television with a video camera propped directly in the direction of Gena's connected it. Nervously, I slip latex gloves on to turn the television on. I press "play" on the camera, and wait as the fuzz clears. What I see makes me gasp in shock.

"Veronica, what is it?" Logan panics and runs in, just in time for me to replay the clip.

It's Spencer, a simple nudge was all it took for Gena to plummet to her death. The most obvious suspect, Spencer, was indeed the killer, even accidentally. Logan finally spots something on the table, with a note attached. "Send into Celebrity Source".

"Put it in." I say hoarsely as he takes a tape out of the manilla envelope and slips it in.

What we see is even more shocking, so much so that Logan almost loses his grounding, having to lean on a desk chair for his balance.

Talking to Gena on her balcony, nearly hidden in the shade is someone we would never, ever expect.

It's Lynn. Alive.


Finally updated, but honestly, it feels like such a weak update. And I did go there with the whole Lynn thing, despite my previous ideas for the story. I will explain and correlate Gena's murder with Lynn's appearance in the next chapter, as well as going into while the heck Milo Braddick's so important. Thanks guys and so so so sorry for the delay :(