The two watched as women slung around on poles and did strip teases. House's eyes were on a dusty blonde, while Wilson was look at a bright red-head. They were both considering throwing a few bills out when Wilson looked at House with a smile.

"Want a lap dance?" Wilson asked.

"Sure. Are you paying?"

"As always."

They got up and went to the back where a few couches and tables were strewn about. House went to a dark corner and sat down.

"There's no one back here but us, Wilson. Who's going to dance for me?"

Wilson grinned. "Me."

"Say that again."

"I am. We can't go dancing because of your leg, and you certainly won't give me a lap dance, so I'll do it for you."

House quirked a brow. "Why couldn't we do this at home?"

"I needed-" Wilson said unbuttoning his shirt,"- the right setting."

"This isn't like you."

Wilson stopped unzipping his pants and sighed. "What's tomorrow, House?"

House looked up for a minute. "Our...Third anniversary?"

"Right, and I wanted to give you a gift that was...special."

House spread his legs apart and patted his legs. "Then hop to it...bitch." He grinned.

"Oh, the things I do for you. You know I've never done this before, right?"

"Yeah. I've had worse."

Wilson straddled House's good leg and rubbed House's crotch with his knee. "I love you."

House rolled his eyes. "Don't make it sappy. Come on, you promised me a lap dance, and unlike those whores out there you know my favorite moves."

"Excuse me?"

House and Wilson looked behind the to find a couple of strippers on break staring at them.

"He's my bitch, and much better than you anyway. You two can hardly dance." House and Wilson got up and House put an arm around his guy. "Watch the swinging blondie, or you'll fall."

Wilson laughed and whispered in House's ear,"Want to finish this at home?"

"Sure, but will there be free drinks?"

"As always."

Author's Note: Written for the 25fluffyfics challenge at LiveJournal.