Chapter 19

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Chapter 19

Time seemed to stand still as Hillary stared in disbelief at the collapsing building. Tears were already streaming down her cheeks as she waited for any sign of her friends. She saw a bright white light reaching up into the sky from where the stadium must have been and then it stopped, it just disappeared into nothing and the sunlight seemed to be diminished without it.

"Max?" her voice was hollow as she quietly said his name. "MAX" her voice breaking, she fell to her knees not even acknowledging the pain she felt from hitting the floor so hard. "You promised Max Tate, you all promised." She was wracked with sobs, her body heaving with every breath she took.

"Hillary, look" Kenny's voice brought her head up quickly and she looked in the direction he was pointing. At first she could see only dust settling slowly but in the midst of the storm figures began to emerge. Bright red hair supporting brown, orange hair supporting grey and black hair supporting blond. Hillary flew to her feet and ran forward, blinking away the tears as she went. When she finally reached the dust covered group she didn't even hesitate and just threw herself towards Max who had to release himself from Rei to catch her.

"Max, I was so worried. I thought you were…" Hillary was cut off by a quick kiss from Max.

"Hill its ok, I'm here now. See not even a scratch." Hillary's eyes appraised him intently, making sure he wasn't lying and that he truly was unscathed. His words finally justified in her mind, she buried her face in his shoulder and cried, annoyed at herself for not believing he was alive.

"Guys, where's Kai? And where's Tyson?" Kenny had walked towards the group unnoticed while Hillary and Max had been having their moment. His question brought tears to Daichi and Max's eyes and the realisation sunk in for them all that somewhere in that collapsed building were the bodies of their friends.

"They…didn't make it chief." Rei said quietly to the brown haired teen.

"How do you know? You can't prove that. They could be trapped just waiting for someone to rescue them." Kenny surged forward toward the building heading for where he knew the stadium to be. When he reached the rubble he began dragging rocks away from the pile, determination etched on his face.

"Chief" called Rei running up behind him. "Nobody could have survived that. Somewhere inside you know that. None of us wants them to be gone but it's too late." Kenny fell to his knees and finally allowed the tears to come. He'd been so strong when making the plan, he'd stayed strong even after he knew the building was collapsing but he couldn't hold it in any longer. He'd been trying to be like Tyson and stay strong for his team but he knew that if it was Tyson out here and a friend in there then Tyson would be sobbing on his hands and knees now too.

Rei reached forward and helped Kenny to his feet; he placed his hand around his waist and forced back the tears that were threatening to fall freely down his cheeks like a waterfall. Slowly edging Kenny away from the rubble that had once been a beautiful old manor house he began walking them back to the truck. Passing his friends he saw the tears that just couldn't be stopped falling down their cheeks to create puddles on the grass. Rei knew that they all needed to grieve but they could do it when they were far away from this hate filled place, somewhere they all felt safe.

Leading each other back towards the black van, each lost in their own thoughts and memories, it came as a sudden shock when Mr Dickinson walked around the side and suddenly came into view. There were tear tracks down his cheeks but also an almost hopeful smile on his face. Confusion spread through Rei's body, surely the man had seen what had happened so how could he be smiling?

"Kenny, I think we need your expertise" Mr Dickinson said, hope tinting his words. Kenny made no move towards the man; the boy at Rei's side seemed broken and unresponsive.

"Sir, I don't think he's up to doing anything right now" Rei said, trying to convey to the man just how out of it Kenny was.

"I understand Rei but there is something only he can do." Mr Dickinson moved forward and approached the group. He stopped in front of Kenny and looked down to him placing his hand on Kenny's chin to force the boy to look up into his eyes. "Kenny, there is static coming over the communicators." The old man stopped and waited for any sign of recognition from the boy. "And it's not coming from any of these" he spread his arm out to indicate the group stood on the road.

Light seemed to finally dawn in Kenny's eyes and he pulled himself from Rei's arm and ran as fast as he could to the van. Throwing himself inside he brought up the static that Mr Dickinson had mentioned and began filtering out the background noise and anything else that would interfere with a voice.

"Kenny, what's going on?" Max asked through his tears. Seeing Kenny's reaction had brought everyone else running to the side of the van to look in, hoping they could understand what Kenny had obviously already figured out. There was no answer from the computer geek as his fingers moved as quick as lightning across the keyboard. Slowly a voice started to emerge from the static, a very recognisable voice.

"Ty…son I lo…ve you. Ty…son" Kai was alive. Somewhere under all that rubble Kai was still alive and talking. They still had no idea about the fate of Tyson, but Kai was alive.

"How do we get to him?" Brooklyn asked aloud.

"There's a locator in his headset. Mr Dickinson wanted one in all of them just in case…" Kenny's voiced trailed off, he didn't need to tell them why the locator was there, what was happening with Kai was why it was there. Rei smiled at the fact that Kenny seemed to be back, just knowing Kai was alive in there somewhere meant that the young brunette had something to focus on. Once they found Kai, then he could break down again with all his friends around breaking down with him. Until then there was work to do.

Kenny picked up Dizzy and unplugged her from the van, he walked over to the door and Rei and Max helped him down into the street.

"Dizzy can track the locator so we know where to dig." He explained to the waiting group. With nothing else needing to be said the group of bladers made there way back over to the rubble and followed Kenny as he and Dizzy began to locate their friend.

It wasn't long before Dizzy had told them they were close and as soon as she had a fixed position they all set about digging through the rubble. They wanted to work quickly, Brooklyn even suggesting that they get the bit beasts to help but Kenny had told him no so forcefully that nobody even tried to suggest it again. They had to work slowly so as not to force another collapse. Mr D was keeping them posted about Kai from the van, letting them know that he was still talking and trying his best to talk to Kai although they were unsure as to whether the older teen could even hear them.

Doctor Taylor was there helping as best he could, he'd been injured pretty badly from his flight across the corridor at the hands of Nick and Mike but just knowing that Kai would have immediate medical help when they found him was a comfort.

"Guys quiet a minute" Garland said holding up his hand to signal the others to stop.

"What is it?" Max asked, not really wanting to stop the search but trusting that Garland had a reason for his actions.

"Can you hear that?" asked the grey haired blader. Everyone stopped moving, not wanting to make a sound for fear of missing whatever it was that Garland could hear.

"Help me." The voice was quiet, barely more than a whisper but it was there and it was definitely Kai. They focused in on where the sound had originated from and concentrated their efforts on that one spot. The sound was getting louder and it made them want to move quicker but they knew that if they did they could be putting Kai at risk. Slowly they removed stone after stone, ignoring the fact that their muscles ached and their stomachs rebelled at the lack of food.

"I can see something" Daichi's voice split the tension that hung in the air, he was pointing frantically at something and Rei moved over quickly to see what it was. He saw the tip of a finger and then part of a blue glove and his heart stopped when he saw the finger move.

"Kai, can you hear me?" he screamed at the shape while he frantically pulled debris away.

"Get me out of here." The voice was rough and almost too quiet to hear. It was a miracle he was even conscious let alone making demands. When enough of the rubble had been removed they could see just how he had survived. Part of the roof had stayed intact and had created a kind of barrier that the rest of the rubble and debris just couldn't get past. Kai was trapped below that barrier and to get him out they were going to have to widen the gap that his hand was sticking through.

"Not long now Kai. Hillary go and get some water from the van, I've got a feeling he's gonna need it." Taking charge Rei organised the group into a line so they could pass the rubble down and away to try and get to Kai quicker. It wasn't long before the gap seemed wide enough for them to help pull Kai through and when Rei reached out to grab his arm Kai screamed in pain.

"Ok, let's not try that again" Max said removing his fingers from his ears slowly to make sure that the sound had gone. "How are we gonna get him out now?"

"I'll go in" everyone turned to look at the owner of the voice. "What? I'm small but I'm strong. I can push him from the other side and when he's far enough out you can pull him through."

"Daichi you can't" Hillary said, she had returned with the water and had heard what Daichi had proposed. She went to stand next to him, the big sister protecting the annoying little brother.

"Well do you have any better ideas?" the red head asked her, genuinely hoping she would say yes. He really didn't want to crawl into that hole but knew it would have to be him.

"Well, no but…"

"Fine, it's decided then" and before anyone could stop him he was already through the gap and out of reach.

"What are you doing in here?" Kai asked surprised at his sudden appearance.

"Helping you, why else would I be here? Now let's see what we can do about getting you out."

"Why would you help me?" Kai asked, his voice softening slightly.

"Because when we find Tyson he's gonna wanna see you and I'm not gonna be the one to tell him that you're stuck in a hole." Daichi had emphasised the when, he was not ready to admit that Tyson could be gone, after all they had found Kai and he was ok, that meant that Tyson would be too. Daichi looked up and saw Kai smiling at him and he froze. "Quit looking at me like that, it's kinda creepy."

Kai looked away but didn't stop smiling; the loyalty that Tyson was given by his friends was amazing. Daichi was here helping him even though they didn't really get along because it was what Tyson would want. Kenny had been so strong the last few days because it was what Tyson would do and Max had given up his sugar for a few days so he could focus on finding his best friend. 'How does Tyson gain this kind of trust?' Kai thought in amazement, 'What does he do to us that we are willing to risk our lives for him? How did he make me love him?' Kai was pulled from his thoughts when he felt Daichi at his side.

"Ok, I'm gonna have to push you from the back so be ready." Kai tensed when Daichi put his hands on his hips, they were slightly sore from the building collapsing on him but if it would get him out of this hole then he would put up with the pain. Slowly Daichi eased him upwards and through the gap far enough for the others to grab him under the arms and pull. Kai winced at the pain but didn't cry out and soon he was free and Hillary was giving him water. He saw Daichi crawl out of the hole and then his view was hindered by a man standing in front of him.

When he saw it was Doctor Taylor, he tensed slightly but that only seemed to make his bruises hurt more.

"Relax Kai, I just want to help." Kai forced his body to relax and allowed himself to be checked over. He looked up into the worried faces of his friends and smiled slightly to try and reassure them that he was ok. There was dried blood on his face from a cut on his forehead and his arms had numerous cuts and the beginnings of what would be bright purple bruises. It hurt to move his wrist and from the look on the docs face Kai figured that it was probably broken.

"Where are the people looking for Tyson?" nobody would look him in the eyes, not even Hillary and that worried Kai. Hillary was not one to shy away from anything and the fact that she couldn't meet his gaze spoke volumes.

"Hillary would you kindly see if you could find something in the van that I can use to splint Kai's wrist, he has a rather nasty break." Hillary was glad to escape and run the doctor's errands, anything to break away from Kai's cold stare. "Kai can you follow my finger for me?" Kai turned his head so he was watching the doctor and followed his finger with his eyes. "Good, there doesn't seem to be any problems other than your wrist and some cuts that may need stitches. We need to get you to the hospital right away and then we can…"

"I'm not going anywhere until we find Tyson" Kai cut the doctor off, he was going to stay right here until the bluenette was found.

"Kai" Rei spoke quietly to his friend, reaching down to place what he hoped was a comforting hand on his shoulder. Kai shrugged it off with a wince and an indrawn breath and glared up at Rei before turning his burning gaze on all of them.

"He is not dead Rei" Kai stated with as much force as he could manage, his throat was feeling better after the water but it still sounded raw and harsh. "I would know, I would feel it."

"Kai we have no idea where to start looking. We got lucky with you, you have a tracker in your headset, Tyson doesn't have that." Max sounded almost defeated, his head hung down and the tears were visible as they fell to the floor.

Hillary returned with two pieces of wood she had found in the van, she didn't know what they were for but figured it didn't really matter. Thinking ahead she had also brought some bandages from the first aid kit, it was about the only thing in the kit that seemed useful. She handed the things to Doctor Taylor and knelt by Kai's other side placing her hands on his arm. Leaning forward the doc gently lifted Kai's arm and placed the pieces of wood on either side and motioned for Hillary to hold them steady while he wrapped them. Kai tensed with the pain and almost passed out but he couldn't. If he did then the others would leave and take him to the hospital and Tyson would be alone and then he really wouldn't have a chance.

"He's here, I know he is." Kai spoke through gritted teeth, only just holding back the scream that was trying to force its way out of his throat.

"So how do we find him Kai? Can you tell me that? Do you really think I want to believe that he's gone? We all want to be able to find him, hurt but alive but that just isn't likely. It's a miracle that you survived and from what Daichi said I can guarantee that Tyson wasn't in the best of shape. Tell me how you think we're gonna find anything but a body?" Rei didn't mean his voice to sound so harsh and uncaring but saying the words had finally brought home the fact that one of his best friends was more than likely dead. Falling to his knees Rei let the tears come, the tears that he had held back when all the others had so easily let them out.

"I don't know Rei, I just can't…" tears began to fall down Kai's cheeks. Rei was right damn it, there was no way to know where Tyson was, there was no reason to assume he was still alive but the reality of it all hurt too much and he didn't want to let it in.

Hillary and the doc were finished with his arm and Kai allowed Brooklyn and Garland to lift him from the ground and carry him in a sort of chair to the van. A thought kept coming into his mind but he couldn't quite get it to form properly. Every time he tried to latch onto it the thought would recede to the back of his mind. They were almost to the van when the thought popped, fully bloomed into his head. He jumped from where he was sat in the chair formed by Garland and Brooklyn's hands and, wincing slightly, ran back towards the rubble.

"Kai what are you doing?" Hillary was shocked at Kai's actions but made no move to stop him. She knew that look he was wearing, it meant that he had a plan and if it brought Tyson home then she was all for letting him try. She grabbed Max's arm when he moved to follow Kai and Max looked at her in confusion.

"Hillary, we have to stop him." Hillary didn't let go of his arm, instead she stood her ground and gazed into Max's eyes.

"Let him try" was all she said, no explanation as to what it was she thought he was going to try.

"Try what?" Max's confusion was obvious but he stopped his attempts to follow the older teen. Rei and Kenny must have also seen the look on Kai's face as they had made no move to follow him and even stopped Garland and Brooklyn before they could get too far. The only one of the group to not understand was Daichi and he ran after the Russian trying to get him to stop.

"Kai, what are you doing?" Daichi was right beside him and tried to reach out to get him to stop. Kai shrugged him away and carried on until he was roughly where he thought Tyson had been when the roof had collapsed.

"I'm going to find him Daichi" Daichi looked at Kai and just when Kai thought he might argue the red head stepped aside to give Kai room. Kai smiled down at the young blader, the newest edition to their blading family, before taking Dranzer from his pocket.

'Dranzer, I need you buddy.' Kai looked at the chip in his blade as it glowed briefly sending a warm feeling through his body. 'Somewhere in there are our friends and I can't find them but I know you can'. There was no way he could launch his blade with a broken wrist but it seemed that he wouldn't have to. The red phoenix rose from the blade gracefully and hovered in the air before Kai and Daichi.

'This may not work master; it could cause more damage to the building'. Kai nodded to the bit beast, acknowledging the spirits words.

'True but we have to try; I have to know one way or the other. And…I can't leave him here.' Kai said sadly.

'I will do my best master'. And with that the phoenix disappeared into the ruins of the mansion. It was a long wait before things started happening and Kai thought that maybe Dranzer was trying to work out how to tell him the bad news. Suddenly the rocks and slate that used to be a roof started to shift and fall sideways away from where they had landed. Kai and Daichi moved backwards to avoid the worst of the landslide and watched in awe as enough rubble was moved for the phoenix to emerge carrying something in her claws.

Hanging from Dranzer's claws was an unmoving body covered in blood and dust. Kai sucked in a breath at the sight of his love, 'no, he can't be dead' he thought in horror. Dranzer came towards Kai and settled her burden on the ground carefully, and then bowing to her master she disappeared back inside his beyblade.

'Thank you old friend' Kai told her before kneeling down to check on Tyson. He was still breathing but it was shallow and strained. There was a piece of metal sticking out of his side and blood encrusted to his head and arms. Kai could hear his friends and team mates running up behind him shouting Tyson's name, he could sense Daichi stood beside him crying uncontrollably but nothing seemed to get through. His only thought was that Tyson was alive and they were together again.

"Kai let me see him." Kai was brought back to reality when Doctor Taylor came up beside him and placed a hand gently on his shoulder. He allowed Hillary to move him and watched in shocked silence as the doctor checked his love. "He's breathing but it's laboured. We need to get him to a hospital now." Kai could hear Mr Dickinson calling for an ambulance; he could hear his friends as they cried with happiness at the fact that Tyson was alive, he could feel Hillary's hand on his arm, could hear her telling him that it would be alright now, that they had found Tyson thanks to him. It all became a blur as he finally let the overwhelming feeling of tiredness that he had had since the collapse of the building overtake him and he let the darkness come.


Sounds began filtering in, sounds that seemed out of place for what he last remembered. He could hear footsteps, a constant slapping noise just on the edge of hearing. There was a lot of beeping and a sound like supermarket trolley's being pushed around. Groaning he slowly opened his eyes and was immediately assaulted by harsh fluorescent lights.

"Hey I think he's waking up"

"Kai, can you hear us?"

Moaning out what he hoped was an affirmative he forced his eyes to open fully so he could see who was talking to him. Hillary and Max stood looking down at him, smiles breaking out on their faces.

"Hey buddy" Max said quietly "we were a little worried about you for a second there." Kai coughed and Hillary immediately moved to grab him some water from the side table. Sucking on the straw carefully so as not to make himself choke he drank the life giving fluid and almost moaned in pleasure as it soothed his raw throat.

"Th…thanks" Kai said to Hillary making the girl smile even wider than before. "What…happened?"

"You passed out, we didn't know why but the doctors say that it was just exhaustion coupled with the pain from your wrist." Hillary placed her hand carefully on the cast covering Kai's wrist. Finally noticing it he grimaced as he saw the pink writing that adorned it. His friends had signed it while he was unconscious and lucky for them he had been, if he had seen them signing it in pink he might have hit them with it.

"Where's everyone…else?" Kai's words were barely audible his throat was that scratchy but Max seemed to have heard him.

"Daichi's in the next room sleeping. The doc says he'll be fine but Boris did drain a lot of his energy, he might still be feeling the effects for a few days or so. Mr Dickinson is working with the police to try and find Boris, the sneaky bastard got away right before the building started collapsing." At Kai's confused look Max explained further. "You've been out for a day Kai, they've already cleared the site and found all of Boris's men. Some are here in the hospital being treated for various injuries the rest were…the building did a pretty good job of getting rid of Boris's lackeys. Boris wasn't found, when Kenny checked the tapes he saw Boris leaving through a hidden door right before Tyson launched his final attack."

At the mention of Tyson's name Kai had tried to sit up in bed only succeeding in causing himself pain when he tried to use his injured arm.

"Careful Kai" Hillary admonished him. "You don't want to cause further damage to yourself."

"What about…Tyson?" Kai could see the almost lifeless body in his mind as Dranzer had lowered him to the ground. He could see the piece of metal sticking out of his stomach and he had to hold back the urge to be sick.

"Rei's with him" Max told him softly. "Kai he's…"

"He's what?"

"He's in pretty bad shape. They took him straight into the operating room when we got here and he didn't come out for 16 hours. The doctors that worked on him said that they lost him twice on the table." At these words Kai could feel the tears starting to fall and as he looked at both Max and Hillary in turn he could see fresh tears falling over already tear stained cheeks.

"He battled Kai" Hillary said, surprising both the boys. "The doctors told us that it was like he was battling to come back, like he was being called back each time. He wouldn't leave and I just…" Hillary finally broke down and Max was by her side comforting her as best he could.

"He has internal injuries" Max continued. "The surgeons don't know if they fixed it all but they're keeping a really close eye on him just in case. Some of the wounds from the tor…torture were infected and they're pumping him full of all kinds of drugs to help. Rei hasn't left his side since he came out of surgery. He said that you would never forgive him if he left Tyson alone. Kenny's been in and out too, he doesn't want to leave the hospital in case Tyson wakes up but the nurses were getting a little annoyed that Dizzy kept telling them how to do their jobs so they set him up in a room. Anything to get him out of their way."

"What about Brooklyn and Garland?" he didn't really want to ask but he felt like he needed to, after all they had risked their lives too it was the least he owed them.

"They're fine. They're dealing with the other teams who all want to know what's going on. The news broadcast it a few hours after we got to the hospital and now all the other teams want to come over to offer their support. Brooklyn and Garland have been great keeping them informed but also keeping them away. The only one who will be allowed in when she arrives is Mariah and that's only because we think Rei needs someone to lean on." Kai smiled at the thought that Rei would soon have that much needed shoulder to cry on. Mariah was a pink haired menace but she was good for Rei.

"When can I see Tyson?"

"As soon as the doc says it's alright to move you." Kai growled and made a move to get out of the bed only to have Hillary stop him with a single look.

"Don't you dare" she almost snarled at him and he looked at her with fear for the first time in their friendship. He couldn't make a sound he was that shocked, all he could manage was a slight nod of the head as he tried to merge with the bed to escape her fury.


Rei sat at Tyson's side, his hand perched on the edge of the bed. He wanted to hold Tyson's hand, to offer at least some comfort but he was so afraid that he would disrupt all the needles and wires that he didn't dare. Instead he offered comfort through a reassuring voice and he hoped that would be enough.

"How you doing buddy? I know I haven't been gone long but there could have been some change in the last five minutes." Rei's voice was hopeful but the only answer he received was the sound of the heart monitor beeping in a steady rhythm, 'it's better than nothing I suppose'.

"Kai's awake. Max just came to tell me, apparently he was all set to get up and come see you but he's not supposed to move until the doc sees him and Hillary's playing nurse so he's got no chance. Max said she scared Kai, can you believe it? Mr Stoic got scared of a girl. Ok so it was Hillary and she can be enough to scare even grown men but still…" Rei stopped talking, he kept leaving gaps in the conversation in the hope that Tyson would use them to answer him but it hadn't happened yet.

"The doc's on his way up to see Kai now so he should be here soon. I know he's why you were battling to stay with us Ty. We lost you twice but you came back for him. Mariah's on her way here. I've been feeling kinda lonely since I arrived and was thrown headfirst into this rescue mission. Everyone seemed to have someone to lean on or something to focus on and I just felt…lost. I didn't realise how much I needed her until I saw how hard Kai battled to get to you. It just hit me you know? Like a lightning bolt that if anything ever happened to her then I might be doing the same as Kai. Only I think I'd probably snap first, Kai never snapped. He was so determined to get to you that nothing else mattered. He even worked with Brooklyn and Garland and you know how he feels about them."

Rei sighed, this one sided conversation was really hard work. He was so used to not getting a word in at all when talking to Tyson that having to hold the conversation himself was strange. Also he was kinda running out of things to say, he really had covered everything over the last day. He'd even told Tyson his life story, all the journeys he'd had and the places he'd seen anything to give Tyson something to listen to. After all, didn't they say people in comas could hear you when you talked to them? It was supposed to help them remember and want to come back.

"I really wish you'd wake up Tyson, I've run out of things to say and I really don't want to have to sing."

"None of us wants that Rei" Rei spun in his chair at the sound of Kai's voice. Standing quickly he walked over to Kai and tentatively hugged him. He was a little surprised that Kai seemed to be returning the hug but that soon passed when they broke apart.

"I haven't taken my eyes off of him Kai" Rei told the Russian blader.

"Thank you my friend" Kai said with so much feeling that Rei almost fainted from shock.

"We'll leave you alone, just call us if you need us ok?" Rei started walking to the door but hesitated in the doorway, waiting for Kai's answer.

"I will. Don't worry, I'm fine". Once Rei had gone and the door was shut Kai sat in the newly vacated chair. Immediately he took Tyson's hand, making sure to be careful of the wires and needles but knowing that he had to do it. For what seemed like hours but was really just minutes Kai sat in silence, he ran his finger absently over the back of Tyson's hand while he thought of what to say.

"I never was good at this talking thing" not a brilliant opening line but it was true. "I never know what to say at the best of times and right now I'm completely lost. I'm the ever stoic Kai, nobody expects me to come up with conversation topics, that's what we've got you for. I'm not sure where to start but I have questions for you. Why did you run away from me that day at the BBA? I have an idea but it would be nice if you could tell me. Did you dream like I did? Did you know that they were real? I really need you to talk to me Tyson, I feel so lost and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it." Kai stopped for a minute; he had to gather his thoughts. His mind was in turmoil and he shook his head once to dislodge all the broken pieces of information he had.

"While you were…gone I had these dreams. At first they were confusing and…God I hate admitting this, frightening. You were there and that was always a good thing but then the darkness would come and the pain would start. I saw you being tortured but my brain wouldn't allow me to believe it. I spoke to Rei, actually it was more like he spoke to me and told me what I'd been feeling for months but wouldn't admit. You know, since you were taken I've been thrown off my footing more than once by our friends. They are too damn perceptive if you ask me, they need to learn how to ignore things more often." Kai abruptly shut his mouth, he had started to loose control and was ranting and he had to stop. Taking a deep breath he continued trying to reach Tyson.

"But that doesn't matter, what I was saying was that Rei helped me realise that the dreams might not be dreams. At first he didn't believe me but the more I talked about it I started to realise that I was right. We have a connection you and I, it's stronger than family and it's stronger than twins. Our souls are linked and our spirits too, when you feel pain so do I. You felt it right? At the last world championship when we were on that beach with the planets and the stars hanging above us, that was our connection. I thought it was just because of Dragoon and Dranzer but when I saw you in that stadium and I saw the power you unleashed in that final attack, oh Tyson you were beautiful. I have never seen anyone put so much of themselves on the line to save others and I was awed. I realised that it's your power that connects us, your power that connects all of us, our entire family." Kai stopped to work out how to word what he was going to say next.

"I got trapped beneath the rubble when the building collapsed and I had a lot of time to think before the others found me. I thought about you and how you make the people around you feel. I thought you hid your power, that what I was seeing was you finally letting it out but I know now that I was wrong. You always let your power shine only we don't always see it. It's in the way you talk to people and make them feel special just from a smile; it's how you invite everyone in no matter who they are. At one time I wanted to crush you because I couldn't be like you but nobody is like you Tyson and nobody could ever be like you. You have a goodness inside of you that just can't be emulated. When you smile it can be breathtaking. Right now even though you kinda look like shit, no offense, you still look ethereal and beautiful." Kai sighed and closed his eyes before continuing, it was now or never, he had to say what he had come here to say.

"In the dreams I told you something that I thought I would never be able to tell you in the real world. Granted I now know that the dreams were shared and technically I've already told you this although I don't think you understood about the dreams. Anyway, what I wanted to tell you…the reason I fought so hard to reach you is…" Kai stopped and blew his bangs out of his face, his eyes still closed he continued. "I sorta, kinda, might, maybe, definitely love you." He rushed the last three words, forcing them out of his mouth before his brain could stop him.

"Love…you…too…Kai" the sudden voice made Kai snap his eyes open and he whipped his head up to look into the eyes of the man he loved. Tyson was looking right back at him, a sort of lopsided grin on his face. "I…ran…away…because I…was…afraid".

"Hush love, don't talk you're still weak." Kai stood and leaned over Tyson, gently brushing the blue hair out of his eyes. He leaned down and kissed Tyson's forehead before pressing the button for the nurse.

"Have to…tell you".

"Tell me what? Whatever it is it can wait until you're well. You have to rest and get better."

"No. Have to…say it…now."

"What? What do you have to say that's more important than your health?"

"Thank you…my love." Kai smiled at the words but he was also confused, he didn't understand why Tyson was thanking him, he hadn't done anything that deserved thanks.

"You don't need to thank me Tyson, I was almost too late I nearly lost you."

"Rei…told me."

"Told you what?"

"What you…did. You…wouldn't give…up. Without you…I'd be…dead".

"Tyson, how could I ever give up on you?" Tyson was stopped from replying by the door opening and the nurse hurrying in. Kai was gently pushed back and told that he should return to his own room, he was all ready to argue when he saw Tyson's smile letting him know that he would be okay and that they could talk later. Giving Tyson one last smile he turned and began heading to his room where he knew the others would be waiting. He just hopped that he remembered to put his fingers in his ears when he told them about Tyson, Hillary's screams were bad enough but Kenny's could shatter glass.


Kenny had indeed screamed, in fact it had been so loud and shrill that several nurses had come running to see who was being murdered. After they had been assured that everyone was okay and could finally hear again, they had left muttering something about castration and nearly having heart attacks. Rei had been mortified that anyone, let alone a teenaged boy could scream like that and that he was associated with them. Even Mariah on one of her…off days didn't scream like that.

After everyone had calmed down and the news that Tyson was awake and talking had settled in, the group had taken it in turns to be with the three hospital bound patients. The doctors had been a little upset at all the comings and goings that the teens appeared to be doing but one call form Mr Dickinson had seen to it that they pretty much had free range of the hospital. Mr D hadn't been able to spend as much time there as he would have liked and he had told the hospital staff that his bladers needed watching in case anything were to happen and he trusted the boys there, and Hillary to make sure nothing bad happened to there friends.

The staff knew of course what had transpired and were being just as vigilant but they had conceded to the fact that they had other patients and couldn't keep a constant eye on their charges. Since this conversation the team had drawn up a rota to show who would be where and when and now was Rei's designated time to sleep. He was slowly trudging towards the room that the staff had set up especially for them, his feet not even lifting from the floor. Instead they were settled into a rhythm of sliding across it and very slowly he was edging closer and closer to his desired location.

A sudden noise caused him to falter and he would have tripped over his own feet had the person coming up behind him not caught him around the waist.

"Easy there buddy, we don't want you injured. Mariah would never forgive me. Ow, what was that for."

"Talking about me like I wasn't even here." Rei's eyes widened in recognition of the voices and pulling out of the vice like grip he was in he spun to face them.

"Lee, Mariah you guys made it. But I thought they were only going to let Mariah in, sorry Lee." Rei apologised to his White Tiger team mate but when he saw the look on Lee's face he paused.

"They weren't going to and I was fully prepared to wait at the dojo with everyone else but Mariah talked to the guys at the front desk and they let me in" Rei's look of utter confusion caused Lee to smirk.

"I told them that after what had happened to Tyson and Daichi they couldn't expect me, a harmless girl to walk around unescorted. That I needed Lee to come with me so that I'd feel safe." Mariah looked smugly at the two most important men in her life daring them to even hint of a snigger. Both boys looked suitably scared of her and she smiled at her ability to one minute frighten and the next cajole.

"I'm so glad you guys are here" Rei told his friends with as much feeling as he could muster. Mariah stepped forward and put her arms lovingly around the teen, giving him something to hold onto, a comfort that he had been in desperate need of since this whole thing had begun. Pulling away, a sudden thought occurred to him that brought back the confusion of a moment before. "Why are you staying at the dojo?"

"Grampa is back and he told Mr Dickinson that all of Tyson's friends can stay with him. He said he'd be glad of the company because without Tyson's overwhelming presence the dojo feels empty. Having us there almost makes it feel like Tyson's home again." Lee smiled at the remembered words, grampa had a point, Tyson did seem to take up a lot of room without really taking up hardly any. "He should be here by now, he wanted to wait to see Tyson, to let his friends who worked so hard to bring him home have some time. Plus I overheard him on the phone talking to Hiro and I guess he must have phoned Tyson's dad too."

"Guys, even though I would love to stand here and ask more questions I need to get some sleep. We've been keeping a round the clock vigil on Tyson, Kai and Daichi and I've just got back from a 4 hour stint with the red menace. I am not just physically exhausted but mentally drained too." Rei yawned as if to prove the point.

"No problem buddy, I was gonna head up and check on Kai anyway. If grampa is in with Tyson I don't want to disturb them."

"I think I'll walk Rei to his door" Mariah said a little quietly and Lee smiled, just how dumb did they think he was? Without even acknowledging that Lee was even still there, Mariah and Rei turned towards Rei's original destination and hands firmly held, their fingers entwined together they made there way to somewhere more private.


Almost a month had passed since 'the incident' and everything had been quiet. Boris hadn't been seen and the police department's special task force had no new leads on his whereabouts. Daichi had been released after a few days, his energy more than back; he had been demanding beybattles from everyone and anyone. It was clear he was still traumatised by what had happened, Max often heard him shouting in his sleep and when he went to check he could see Daichi tossing and turning as if trying to escape some unseen enemy.

Rei and Max had opted to stay close by for a while, at least until Tyson was back on his feet. They didn't want to leave for fear of something happening, with Boris still out there you just never knew. Hillary had been pleased by Max's decision; it meant they had more time together to explore their burgeoning relationship. They seemed inseparable and they complimented each other well, Max was quiet unless you gave him sugar and Hillary was loud but not overly so and the aww factor could not be overlooked. There were moments when they would just sit together saying nothing, their hands entwined and it was all the others could do to not say 'aww cute'.

Mariah, and by extension the rest of the White Tiger team, were still staying with grampa. Mariah hadn't wanted to leave Rei and the others were not willing to leave her behind so they had decided to stay on and help grampa in Tyson's place. They helped him with the dojo, being able to move quickly helped them to avoid his kendo stick. They also helped with the chores, Gary being very useful when it came to chopping wood and carrying rather heavy objects.

Kenny had had a slight breakdown after it was official that Tyson would be fine. He had finally let all his exhaustion and fear come crashing down on him and after a few weeks with his friends constantly being around he began to feel better. He wasn't one hundred percent yet but in time he would be fine. He kept himself busy inputting data into the BBA computer and working on new ways to speed up the team's beyblades. Sometimes, when he was feeling a little frightened, he would get Dizzy to search the databases for Boris, just to convince himself that the man was really gone and wasn't going to hurt them again anytime soon. The others tried to be with him at all times, after all Kenny was one of their own and he needed a little help right now to get back on his feet.

The other teams alternated between staying close by and living their lives. They knew that for the time being everything was calm and there were things to organise but they visited Tyson whenever they could. His most frequent visitors were Garland and Brooklyn, he had been told of how they had helped and had been grateful to them beyond words. He promised them both a beybattle when he was feeling better and they had told him to take his time, that they needed time to prepare if they wanted to have any hope of winning. This had made Tyson laugh, which in turn had made him cough which had gotten Garland and Brooklyn booted out by a rather militant nurse much to Tyson's amusement.

Mr Dickinson had personally seen to it that Doctor Taylor was recognised for his part in helping the boys. He was given a suspended sentence and ordered to do community service which he served at the local clinic, giving lessons on first aid to young teenagers. He had been overwhelmed at the support the teens and Mr D had given him, even after they had learned of his crime. Hillary had really surprised him when she had shouted at him to grow up, she had said that everyone makes mistakes and had then pointed out a number of Tyson's to make her point. The doc had been grateful to her in a way, it was a verbal kick in the backside and something he had desperately needed. He still visited Tyson to check on him and make sure his treatment was progressing okay. He also checked on Kai to make sure his arm was healing; after all if it didn't heal properly it was likely that he may never be able to blade again. Thankfully his arm was on the mend, it would take a while and a lot of physiotherapy but it would heal and then he could battle Tyson again.

Although Kai had been discharged from the hospital after two weeks, of which he had spent a grand total of five days in his own room, he was still a regular fixture there. The nurses had given up trying to throw him out and had even set him up a cot like bed against the wall. When Tyson had been moved from intensive care, after it was deemed that he was no longer in danger, the hospital had been sure to give him a private room with two beds. Kai had stopped harassing every hospital worker that entered Tyson's room and had instead settled for just glowering at them, as if daring them to try some funny business so he could show people what he did to those who messed with the man he loved.

Tyson had found it rather endearing at first but had rapidly become a little annoyed at Kai's behaviour. They had had their first fight, Tyson shouting as loud as his injuries would allow until he had broken down in a coughing fit. Kai had been by his side in an instant offering up apology after apology and kissing the bluenettes forehead. He had laughed when Tyson had commented that they would have to fight more often if this was the treatment he got afterward. They spent their days, when not being interrupted by friends and well wishers, talking. It was strange how much there was to still learn about each other, Kai had been sure he knew almost everything about Tyson but he had been amazed by how much his hopefully-soon-to-be-lover had kept hidden.

Tyson told him about his family, all the things Kai didn't know and Kai had returned the favour, telling Tyson all the things about Voltaire and his parents that he hadn't told him three years ago. It had helped them both somehow, as if just talking about these things was helping them to heal. Tyson had surprised even himself when after one conversation he had grabbed the front of Kai's shirt and pulled him down into a chaste kiss.

"It's nothing like the dream kisses" Tyson had said. Kai had frowned at him and had been about to ask if that was a bad thing when Tyson had continued. "This one's better." Smiling at each other like lovesick teenagers, which of course is what they were, Kai had leant back down over Tyson and kissed him again. This kiss was more forceful, but not too much after all, Tyson was still healing. This fact hadn't stopped Tyson from parting his lips to allow Kai entrance to explore which Kai had taken without needing to be told. The kiss had lasted for what seemed like an eternity and was only broken when both had needed to come up for air.

"Wow" that had been an understatement. Both bladers were breathing heavily, their eyes half lidded; Kai had leaned down and placed his forehead against Tyson's absently moving his hand up to run through the blue locks. "We have so got to do that again." Tyson could only nod, his cock twitching in anticipation.


The day had finally dawned when Tyson would be released, and it wasn't soon enough for the nursing staff who had finally reached the point of saturation. The blue haired teen had become a menace as his strength had returned and his boyfriend wasn't exactly easy to be around either. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other and there had been more than one occasion when a nurse had walked in to find them locked in a very passionate kiss. In fact, one time it had been so passionate that the nurse had promptly fainted. They had been warned after that to keep the 'lovestruckness' to a minimum or else. The militant nurse who had issued the warning was the only one that both teens feared; there was no way they were going up against her.

Kai pushed the wheelchair down the corridor as the doctor spoke animatedly to Tyson about the tablets he would need to take and giving him his appointment card for his physiotherapy.

"I don't see why I need Physio" Tyson grumbled.

"You were stuck in that bed for quite a while Mr Granger. You need time and help to get your muscles back up to what they were." The doctor was patient; he needed to be with Tyson. After all, this was only the third time he'd had to explain this to him; it should only take another two before it sank in.

"If I have to have Physio then so do you Tyson." Kai spoke up from behind him. Tyson turned his head to look at Kai and smiled warmly.

"Fine" was all he said, it wasn't really an agreement but then it wasn't a disagreement either. They had come to the double doors that led out of the hospital and as they passed through Tyson had to shield his eyes. He hadn't been out in the sun for quite a while and the warmth felt good on his bare arms. The limo that Mr D had sent for them was waiting and to Tyson it didn't look like a simple vehicle, it looked like freedom.

Kai pulled the wheelchair up beside the back door just as a man in a black suit open it for them. He recognised the man as working for Mr D and his shoulders visibly relaxed, 'when will I be able to walk down the street and not think one of Boris's henchmen is behind me?' Kai thought a little dismally. His mood soon lifted when he felt Tyson tug on his sleeve.

"Let's go home love" Tyson implored him. Moving around the chair Kai helped Tyson to his feet and then stood close by as the bluenette lowered himself into the limo. He thanked the doctor and quickly followed behind his dragon.


"Yes Tyson."

"Did you see that?"

"See what?"

"Never mind, it was probably nothing, the sun shining on something that's all."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, it's was nothing really." Tyson leaned into Kai and placed a light kiss on his lips before the driver shut the door and they were blocked from view.

The man watched as the limo pulled away from the curb, he had pulled back into the alley when Tyson had looked towards him. He had seen the kiss 'that was very interesting' he thought to himself. Chuckling darkly he turned and walked away, the sunlight shining off his purple hair.


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