Duchess – by BandGeek99

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So, I got this idea last weekend when my friend had a Christmas party. I looked for some movies to bring and I found the 1997 animated film "Anastasia". (We have it on VHS. Isn't that pathetic? WE STILL HAVE A VCR!!!!!) I decided that I'd write a story where Sora was the Grand Duchess of Russia. Muahahaha! I'm gonna have FUN with this… (grins evilly and rubs hands together like a maniac)

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Snow swirled around the gates of the Romanov palace on the cold December night of the Dowager Empress' ball. Carriages pulled by horses and motorcars dropped the elite at the door.

Inside the ballroom, though, the sight was unnoticed except for two children.

One, a girl, had long auburn hair and crimson eyes. She was wearing a blue and gold dress with large sleeves, a pearl necklace, and a tiara of sorts.

The other was a kitchen boy wearing a white shirt and black trousers with suspenders. He had chocolate brown eyes and brown hair that showed resemblance to a bush.

They were talking in fast Russian about the falling snow.

"Mama says that if Alexi is well enough he can come out and play in it with us!" the girl was saying excitedly.

"That's great! Alexi does love the snow," the boy replied, smiling gently at his friend.

"I know. And maybe, Tai, if it's alright, I'd really like it if, well, if you played outside with me, too," the girl added, now suddenly shy.

The boy, Tai, grinned. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


"Sora, I'm you're best friend, of course!"

Sora hugged her friend and smiled. "You're the best."

He grinned and shrugged. "I know."


The two children looked towards the other side of the ballroom where the head cook was standing, scanning the crowd for the kitchen boy.

"Uh-oh. I'd better go," he said, glancing at the cook.

"I'll see you tomorrow, though, right?" Sora asked, tugging at her friend's sleeve.

He grinned at her. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

She grinned back and let him run back off to the kitchen.

"Sora! Sora, darling, your grandmother is here!" the Tzar cried, searching the crowd for his daughter.

"Grandmamma!" she shouted with glee and ran towards the other end of the ballroom, towards the stairs.

A stately woman entered the room, dressed head to foot in a purple ball gown, topping the outfit off with white gloves, a pearl necklace, and a small tiara, marking her status as "Dowager Empress" of the Romanov family.

The old woman smiled and hugged the auburn haired girl. "Ah, my precious Sora."

"Grandmamma, I have something!" Sora said excitedly as she followed her grandmother to the royal family's seats.

"What is it, darling?"

Sora grinned and held out a picture. It was of her sister Marie on a bench in her mother's boudoir. "I drew a picture of Mashka."

The Dowager Empress smiled kindly and picked up the paper. "It's lovely, darling."

Sora beamed.

"I have something for you too," the Dowager said kindly.

"Really? What is it?" Sora asked excitedly, now bouncing up and down.

The Empress reached into her handbag and pulled out a small music box and a necklace.

"Oh…" Sora's eyes were wide with awe as she saw her grandmother open the music box with the golden gear on the necklace.

A model of her parents dancing came up and the lullaby her grandmother sang to her began to play.

"Now, when I leave for Paris, you can pretend it's me singing to you."

Sora looked up at her grandmother, eyes watering with tears of happiness. "Thank you so much, Grandmamma!" She ran up and hugged the elderly woman.

The Dowager smiled gently and stroked her granddaughter's long auburn hair. "You're welcome, sweetie. I'd do anything for you."


The party was going well when the doors flew open and a dark man in a cloak stormed in. His name was feared among the citizens, for he was the former Holy Man of the Romanov family. He had betrayed them, though, and was no longer liked in all of Russia.

Anyway, he stormed through the palace until he reached the ballroom. He flew down the stairs (and I mean, literally, FLEW, like, floated) and into the face of the Tzar.

"You're Highness," the man said with fake reverence. "So wonderful of you to invite me."

"NO ONE INVITED YOU, YOU BAD MAN!" Tai screamed from one end of the ballroom.

The dark man waved a hand in Tai's direction and the young boy was shoved against a table and knocked unconscious.

"Tai!" Sora yelled and ran through the retreating crowd towards her friend.

The dark man let out a bark of laughter and turned to face the Romanov man once again.

"Rasputin," the Tzar spat. "Get out of my house and away from St. Petersburg."

"Ah, Nicholas, Nicholas," Rasputin said, shaking his head.

"I said get OUT!" Nicholas yelled, giving Rasputin a shove.

Rasputin's face turned an angry red. "You…" he began, taking a few steps toward the Tzar. "I place a curse on your family. You all will be dead within a fortnight!"

The crowd gasped and Rasputin laughed evilly. He turned around and stormed out the door, leaving the other guests and the Romanovs in horror.



"Sora! Sora, darling, where are you?!" the Dowager yelled, pushing through the people running away from the building.

"Grandmamma!" Sora shouted back, thrusting herself into her grandmother's arms.

"This way," the empress said, taking Sora's hand and pulling her down hall after hall after hall until the soldiers were out in the corridors behind them.

The Dowager pulled the Duchess into a room at random and tried to open a window.

"Sora, you're Highness, go, through the servants' quarters!" someone cried.

The two women looked around and spotted Tai opening a door in the wall.

Sora opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by her grandmother, who was saying, "Thank you, young man."

As she passed though, she could have sworn Tai had given her a kiss on the cheek. She didn't notice, though, that her music box had fallen out of her pocket purse.

As soon as the door closed, soldiers kicked in the door and stormed inside.

"Hey!" Tai yelled, but was knocked against the wall, deeming him unconscious.


Sora was struggling to keep up with her grandmother as they ran towards the back exit of the palace.

Something caught her wrist and she tugged, trying to become free.

"Ha! You think you can be free from Rasputin?! You both will die, like the rest of them!" the former holy man laughed, yanking her towards him.

"Go away! Get off!" she grunted, kicking him in the stomach.

He stumbled backwards and fell through thin ice into freezing water, unable to swim or climb out of the water.

"Sora! Come, child!" the Dowager shouted and her granddaughter ran to keep up.

Once they reached the center of town, the Dowager jumped onto a train, but young Sora stumbled and wasn't able to stay on.

"Sora, take my hand!"

Sora reached out and grabbed it, struggling to keep up with the speed of the train. "Don't let go!"

The two could not stay like that for very long, however. Sora had to let go and fell back, knocking her head on the platform and falling unconscious.

They never saw each other again.


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