I sat watching my captor in the corner of the tent. Achilles. Greatest of all the Greek warriors, a tyrant in his own right. I had heard all the stories about him killing hundreds of men without even lifting his sword. I had heard that he himself was invulnerable, unable to be hurt in battle by any man. His men, the Myrmidons were well known among the other warriors as the fiercest in battle and the most loyal to their leader. They had been the ones to take me from the temple, from my home to this tent. I expected to be raped and thrown aside by this man, but he did not. He simply asked for my name. Before I even told him my name, he knew I was royalty. Then he was called away by Agamemnon and two soldiers came and took me away from his tent and brought me to the high king's tent to be his slave. Achilles almost killed two men to protect me, but I would not allow any more bloodshed. I barely remember the next few days other than Agamemnon taunting me, saying he would take away my virtue and make me his whore. However, within a week the Greeks had lost a major battle and I was thrown to the men as their "amusement" and morale booster. I was tossed around and tried to fight back so I would not be branded and raped, but was slapped in the face. Before the men could brand me, Achilles came and fought them off. He took me to his tent once more and tried to tend my wounds, but I had had enough of men. I pushed him away. He and I began a conversation where he insulted the gods. However, he seemed to know so much about them that I had not even begun to realize. His words made me think and rethink all that I had been taught my entire life. He had succeeded in shaking my faith and making me realize that I had no idea what was real anymore. Yet, when I gazed at him asleep, he seemed so different than the killer I had known about previously. He looked like a god.

Quietly, I found a small knife from the dish of fruit we had eaten off of earlier in the evening and drew closer to him as he slept. Before I knew it, I had the knife at his throat and was about to take the life of the greatest Greek hero ever known. As I prepared to end his life, a voice startled me into reality. It was his.

"Do it." He taunted with his eyes still shut. I froze, unsure of what to do. "Nothing is easier. Do it." His piercing blue eyes opened and met my own.

"Aren't you afraid?" I try to hide my own fear in my voice.

"Everyone dies whether it is today or fifty years from now. What does it matter?" His voice was fearless and provoking.

"You'll kill more men if I don't kill you?"


I hesitated again, unable to move at all. He reached up and touched my shoulders, almost pulling the blade himself. Without warning, he flipped me over and I was under him. He began to pull the hem of my dress up. It slid past my thighs and over my hips easily, exposing my body. I did not notice because his lips had found mine and crushed them in a powerful, but gentle kiss. Never before had I kissed a man, so I had no experience and felt inadequate. I dropped the blade and it clanked against the floor. He didn't seem to notice and neither did I. His kisses were intoxicating and I felt my body urge for something more. A few minutes later, he stopped kissing me and looked at me. For the first time, I 

notice that in his eyes was a longing. It was the same longing I had seen many times with my cousins for Andromache and Helen. It was the look of devoted love and adoration. This kind of love I had not ever known nor did I ever expect to find it in such a man. Achilles was a warrior, a killer trained to fight and kill the enemy; my people. Now here I was in his tent, entangled in passionate kisses with him. Yet, there was no guilt. This time, this place-it was all right. As we gazed at one another, he smiled for the very first time I had ever seen.

"I will not force you to do anything you do not wish to." He brushed a curl from my face with his hand.

"Will it hurt?" I tentatively asked.

"I cannot say. I have never taken a virgin before, but I promise to not go any faster than is comfortable for you. You have my word."

With those words, I knew I was safe with him. I nodded at him to give my answer. Slowly, he pulled the rest of my dress over me and discarded it on the floor by the bed. I was completely nude and slightly embarrassed. All the blood in my body rushed to my face in a matter of seconds and I felt my cheeks grow hot. Without a word, he resumed kissing my lips and moved down my jaw-line to my neck and shoulders. Shivers ran up and down my body as I experienced all these new sensations. His hand traced across my bare stomach and sent even more sensations throughout my body. A few minutes later, he settled himself between my legs and gently pushed them open. I was trembling so much that I could barely focus my vision. He drew my lips back into a kiss, distracting me from my anxiety. While kissing me, he pushed into me slowly. The pain was not as I anticipated until he pushed all the way in. I gasped, breaking our kiss, but he quickly reclaimed my lips to distract me from the pain I felt. For several minutes, he just remained still inside of me so that I could recover. Once my breathing returned to normalcy, he pulled out almost all the way and pushed back in, sending a wave of pleasure through my entire body. This was like nothing I had ever felt before in my life. Over and over, he slowly pushed in and pulled out of my body, causing more and more pleasure to engulf me. I moaned and whined with every move he made. His hands roamed all over my body and pulled my inexperienced hips in time with his as he kept thrusting in and out of me. Passion overtook our minds as we let our bodies take control. I had never felt such pleasure in all my life and did not want it to stop. It kept building inside of me with every thrust. My breathing quickened, as did his. He kept going, faster and faster until he thrust one last time and I felt him pour himself into me.

For the dark warrior he was, he was an extremely gentle lover. As we came down from the heights of our love making, he kissed my wrists where the ropes had bound me to a post when I first arrived to the Greek camp. From there, he kissed every cut and bruise on my body that was left by the Greeks. I felt like a goddess with all the attention I was receiving from him. He always returned to my lips, which were eager to kiss him back. After, we lay in the bed together, covered by a thin sheet. For the first time, I notice that his eyes are a different color blue, a lighter shade that was laminated in the night. He brushed back my curls from my forehead and kissed it. Without a word, he fell asleep with his hand on my waist, keeping me protected. I remained awake, full of curiosity and thoughts running through my mind. This man was the greatest warrior, ruthless and spiteful. Yet, he was so tender and loving towards me. It made no sense to me and I could not figure it out. As I continued to lay there, I came to realize that I had broken my vow to Apollo and was therefore no longer a Priestess. Not only had I broke my vow, I had broken it with the enemy of my country. Therefore, in one action, I had betrayed my country, my family, and Apollo. Strangely, I felt no shame in what I had done. Achilles had shown me more than anyone had ever before. I found that he was my equal, my match. He was the only one who had ever challenged my beliefs in the gods, the only one to show me respect without degrading himself, and the only man who had ever dared to take a chance with me. As I stayed awake a while longer, I looked at him with the utmost care. He was still asleep and looked like a god himself. Deep within my heart, I felt it stirring and knew that something was there.

A few hours later I woke to find Achilles sitting on a stool, staring at me. I was still completely nude, but still covered by the thin blanket. When I sat up, I kept the blanket wrapped around me to cover myself. I blushed slightly at him seeing me like this, though I knew he had seen more than enough the previous night. He smiled back at me and handed me a dark blue tunic, one of his, to wear. I slipped it over my head. It smelled like him and it was comforting. Once I had it on, he looked at me and smiled as he came over and kissed me.

"It's a little big, but it looks good on you." He interrupted our kiss.

"Thank you." I smiled back at him

"Last night…" he began, but paused to look at me.

"I wanted to." I blushed again.

He smiled at me once again and resumed the kiss he had begun a few moments before. I gladly returned the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. Within minutes, the tunic I had put on for modesty was gone and we had found our way back to the bed. This time I eagerly anticipated making love with Achilles as I knew what was to come. I was not disappointed.

The rest of the morning was spent walking along the beach with Achilles. His men were not fighting among the other Greeks as his personal grudge with Agamemnon had grown with the king's treatment of me. He had vowed that one day he would look upon the king's body and smile, a vow he intended to keep. Yet, we did not talk of that. We just walked along the water's edge, allowing the water to lap over our feet. I giggled because it was so cold and he laughed at me, picking me up and swinging in a circle while I was securely in his arms. This was not the Achilles I had heard about from every Trojan warrior. He was merely a man today as he smiled at me. For the first time in a long while, I was actually happy. As we walked along in the sand, we talked of our childhoods. I told him of my parents' deaths and my journey to Troy when I was no more than five years old. I spoke of growing up with Paris and Hector, the troubles we would get into, and how they were like brothers to me. When it came his turn to share, he picked up a seashell and looked at it for a moment.

"My mother used to make me seashell necklaces when I was a boy. The one Patroclus wears is one she made for him." He held the shell in his hand for me to inspect.

"You seem so close to Patroclus." I touched the shell, which was pearl in color and smooth to the touch, and looked at him with curiosity. "He is your cousin?"

"Yes. His parents died when he was an infant, so he was brought to my mother to raise. I am ten years older than he, so he is like a younger brother to me. I have taught him everything he knows with a sword." Achilles seemed proud of Patroclus's abilities.

We walked further down the shore before I said anything else. "Do you have other family in your homeland? What about a wife?"

"No. Just my mother. I never took a wife because of the life I lead." He paused for a second. "No woman has ever been able to tempt me before, yet you seem to astound me at every turn Briseis."

"And you are unlike any other warrior I have known in my life. You don't say it, but I see in your eyes that you want something more than this life."

He said nothing in reply, but kept walking down the shore beside me. However, I did not need a reply for everything I needed to know was in his eyes. Those ocean-blue orbs that could keep me captivated for hours. I still had no idea why he mystified me so much. When I was taken captive from the Temple of Apollo, I did not honestly expect to fall in love with the greatest Greek warrior known to mankind. No...it could not be love, not so quickly. Could it? That was a battle I debated with myself the entire walk back to the camp from the beach. When we returned, it was nearly nightfall so Achilles and I retired to his tent for the night.

Later, I lay in his arms, comfortable and content. He was looking into my eyes with such sincerity and love, or so I thought it was. Though he treated me with such gentleness, I could not mistake that for love because he had not declared that he loved me. Yet, it seemed to go unspoken that I loved him and that he returned those feelings by the way he looked and touched me. I was curious to what I was now.

"Am I still your captive?" I asked, my voice tentative and unsure.

"No, you're my guest." His voice was soft.

"In Troy, guests can leave whenever they want."

"Then you should leave."

I paused for a moment, unsure of what to say. I certainly was not his slave for sure, which brought some relief to my mind and some uncertainty. "Would you leave all this behind?"

"Would you leave Troy?" He was willing to forsake war if I would come with him and leave my home.

I rested my head close to his chest for I did not have to give him my answer. We both knew it right away. I could leave Troy for Achilles. In this warrior, I had found everything my heart never knew it wanted. He was not the man he portrayed himself to be. True, he was a great warrior, but he wanted something else for his life, something of his choosing. As I lay in his arms, he kissed my forehead. I felt at ease with 

everything I was doing. This was something I chose for the first time in my life that was not dictated by the fact that I was royalty. This choice was of my heart.

He sat up from the bed and turned towards me. "I shall return in a while. I need to discuss something with my men."

As he pulled on a tunic, I sat up and pulled the blanket around me. "May I ask what you will discuss?"

"I no longer wish to fight for Agamemnon. He is a filthy pig that I can no longer stand. My men have always hated him, but only followed me into battle. Your King Priam is a much better man." With those words, he left the tent and left me to my own thoughts.

He wished to fight for Troy-for my home. Now I knew without a doubt that he did feel something for me. I wrapped the blanket around me and laid back down on the bed, expecting to fall asleep as I was already exhausted from making love earlier. Unfortunately, sleep did not come and I lay awake for several hours. I heard the tent flaps move and Achilles came back in at nearly dawn. He pulled back the blanket and climbed in bed with me. I rolled over to look at him and he seemed shocked that I was still awake. He pulled my lips to his in an innocent, loving kiss. Under the blankets, he hands found their way around my waist. They were warm and comforting to my bare skin.

"I thought you would be asleep by now." He kissed my forehead.

"So did I, but I could not find sleep at all." I paused, afraid to say what I was going to next. "I did not feel right without you next to me."

"Well, now I'm here so you can sleep well." He kissed me again. "When night falls again, we are to sneak into Troy. I have already sent one of my men to alert King Priam."

"How? There is no way inside Troy."

"There is one way-a small hole on the east wall near the stables. I've known about it for a while, but said nothing to Agamemnon."

Achilles spoke the truth. I remembered that hole well because Hector, Paris, and I would sneak out of it as children to escape our nurses and go play in the ocean. I nodded in reply, but felt myself falling asleep in his arms. He kissed my forehead one more time before I fell into a peaceful sleep, not knowing what the future would hold for either of us. All I knew in that moment was that I was safe.

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